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    Casper. I am not apart of 3 alliances. I was saying there are 3 in the state I have my alliance in and just checked with the others if they wanted to all merge into one.

    I will just admit I did do this as the state I currently operate in has 3 different alliances. I was just checking with the admins of the other alliances to see if they wanted to combine into one.

    I apologize for this I will not in the future I did not think it would be the end of the world

    One of my Mass casualty units for EMS has been transporting for 3 solid days now. And it is unable to locate it on a map. The unit has a status of 7. And will not respond to calls while they are apparently lost. Uhm kind of need this unit and don't really want to have to purchase another one.

    It also will not allow me to delete this unit since it's not in station

    I would also like to see this happen. I have Fire/EMS Stations spread over an approximately 300 Mile area. If I create a Police Station in the southern part of my district it starts to spawn police calls all over your entire area. It would be nice to be able to turn off an agency until it is built up some. with trainer personal.

    aka turn off police until you have several staffed stations.

    I am still having trouble figuring out how to upload my graphics Pack. I Use MS Paint and am trying to get some Line art Trucks uploaded. I am either or on the lights. What size do the photos need to be? what am I doing wrong?

    a Pumper/Tanker in the United States is a Duel Purpose Engine and Tanker, Sometimes hold a Crew of 2/3 all the way up to 8 I have seen. they usually carry 1500-3000 Gallons of water. and depending on the location of the incident and when the rig is due in, it can act as a Engine or a Tanker. usually the crew jumps off the rig and is a suppression crew while the drive can either run tanker shuttles or set up a drop tank off the rig.

    Great for areas with bad Fire hydrants, no Fire Hydrants, or areas where M/A or really rural Situations where your backup will not be there for a while.

    I suggested a while back Pumper/Tanker combos. Basically the same thing as what Rescue Engines. And Quints do. Can act as either company.

    Not sure if anything has been looked at for that option.

    not sure where this should be posted so this is where i decided to go.

    Anyway i am looking at doing police stations, i have tried this once and could not figure out all the patrol routes. Anyway my question can i do police and not have them patrol basically just keep them at the station until they have a call?

    not sure if this is a bug or what the deal is. How come it allows you to move some buildings for free others it costs 10 coins. Before i moved one of my hospitals i clicked on a couple others to try and move them first it cost 10 coins. Clicked back on the first one it was free? Just curious i have had this with a couple of my hospitals now.

    I have 4 arff trucks at one of my airport stations.

    Crash 50 51 52 53.

    For the alarm regulations if i put in requires 4 arff trucks it says i do not have 4. It also never sends crash 52 on calls. Unless i click on it in addition to the other 3.

    Now i know there is no calls or atleast i havnt seen any that require 4 arff rigs. But just curious if this a glitch am i doing something wrong?

    Yes the memebers assinged to that truck are arff certified.

    And again if i click on it seprately it will send the truck.

    Do i have to build another airport station to see if it will allow me to send it?

    is there a way to change the time zone. I have noticed for our alliance funds members contibute the time seems to reset around 7pm or so every night. Not a huge deal.

    And i dont want to say we compete for the most alliance funds donated in a day but we like to keep track forsure.