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    I had a member join our alliance. He asked for training classes then left the alliance a short time later. The member departed the alliance, I attempted to cancel the training class. It gives me an error message saying there is a stranger in this class, the class cannot be cancelled.

    I'm not a fan of being used like that just for education then run off and start your own alliance. Which is why I was trying to cancel on this member. Wondering if this can be looked at and changed. A head admin should be able to cancel any class regardless who is in it for what ever reason they want.

    Smoke investigation calls should require a platform. It could be smoke investigation possibly where roof access is needed, yeah most engines carry a TIC on them but so do truck companies. It doesn't state if it's smoke from a building or smoke from a bonfire.

    I know alot of people play real life with units but I operate all rescue engines, quints and pumper tankers. I call my Rescue/Engines a rescue or an engine and so on. Pumper tankers same thing I call engine 1(PT) easy as that

    I just looked again. I have a reply from the devs who must be close to a glue factory with the windows wide open..... Send a video?

    "Hello, we are sorry for the delay in responding. If the problem persists, please send us a video and a detailed description of the problem so that we can forward it to our technicians.

    Best regards"

    Devs I am not sure if you read the forum or not but really a video? I sent screen shots and all details of each hospital?

    Are we waiting for the patience insurance cards to come back or getting a credit score for each of em?

    It's been over a week now. I used the support app via mobile. I have 4 hospitals now with patients stuck in them won't release.

    Now it's not taking every bed but it's annoying.

    All are 4 patients or under that won't release.

    I am on mobile I do not see how to do that via mobile. If someone is online and able to assist if you go to the alliance leaderboard and the second one to the bottom.

    At the time of this posting it has grown 4 members it is now at 1,736. Applications are closed to the alliance so not sure how that's possible.

    This is on the us version.

    If you can afford it aka if you Can budget it. I do this. and only when I have additional funds every now and then. I purchase coins with Money (when they are on sale) I used those funds ONLY TO BUILD FIRE STATIONS. Because yes I agree the prices just continue to rise. I Build the building itself with coins then I use Credits to expand and add rigs to the station. I usually build 10-20 Buildings at a time. then it takes a few weeks sometimes sooner sometime longer to expand it to where i want them.


    Lets get started the proper way I am a millennial spelling and grammar are not my specialty.

    Thanks for checking this out. We just recently grew our alliance admin team. as well as our membership to where I am pleased to say this is going to be a great alliance to have fun in.

    If you want daily alliance missions, want to be an admin in the first 10 minutes after joining, don't have a registered account, or Have stations in the incorrect location as real life. Please do not apply.

    That is a basic run down of our main rules. This is just a game and we really believe that. I tell all of my members I want them to have family time, Work time, and Personal time come before this, play only if your bored sitting in your cube at work or in your free time on a rainy/snowy day.

    We currently operate in 43 States and Washington DC, We also operate in 5 Provinces in Canada. Our bank account for alliance funds is quite nice right now and can accommodate assistance for hospitals, Prisons or schools. (we still ASK you open one of your own as well)

    We operate multiple schools and can assist with getting members educated.

    Come check us out. feel free to message any of the admin team with questions or comments.
























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    New Jersey

    New Mexico

    New York

    North Carolina

    North Dakota





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