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    I also just got this call for the first time in an area I do not have police set up closest pd is 2.5 hours away. I do have the box checked in dispatch to allow allow the calls I have units for.

    Call signs like I tell my members you do what you can remember and what makes it easiest for you it's your set up.

    Some cities I have all the units of the station the same number. Like chicago battalion 110 or something like that. Others I kept it real.

    Same with pd. I kept my of simple. Lakeville PD-1, Lakeville K9-1, Lakeville Swat or bearcat 1. Easy for me.

    Type: (Patient or Prisoner) prisoner lakeville police department

    Building Link: (Web link to the building, you can obtain it by long pressing on the building name via the browser version)

    I cannot figure out how to do the link for the prison. I submitted a support ticket a week ago. Received a response 4 days ago asking if the person was still stuck. I replied and have heard nothing since.

    Not a major deal but. I just completed all of the tasks on my task list except for one. the last one remaining is complete 20 tasks? not sure how this one is possible when there were only 10 tasks to complete?

    We are now in miami Fl, Tampa Fl and seattle washington

    Soon to be in Portland Oregon, and the boston, Baltimore area.

    We are not the most active alliance in the game but we have fun, our main area is Minnesota. But build where it makes you happy. As long as your stations are in the correct location. There is no rule on how much you need to log in. I remind my members this is a game and should come last in the totem pole in life.

    These are the states we currently have fire/police/ems stations in










    North Dakota


    South Dakota



    Yes there are several Members that have posted this same thing. First I would like to recommend. the Moderators Created one topic for this. People stuck in Jail or Hospitals, and same as the Mission suggestion you only comment if you have someone stuck in one of these.

    anyway I have someone stuck for atleast 2 days now in one of my jails. I just noticed it. so could be longer forsure.

    I wouldnt mind State patrol and get rid of Federal Police.

    State Patrol could be required for any of the vehicle crash Missions, the Pursuit, Driving complaint, and Drunk Driver. also for the timed mission the ALPR checkpoint.

    State Patrol units do have K9's, Swat, Crash Investigation, Mobile command, Chopper in my state atleast.

    When in a call on mobile it used to say how many calls you have responded too. And how many you have in pending status. Not sure if it's a bug but the latest update this appears to be gone.

    I use this as I usually like to respond to about 50 calls at a time and let those clear while I do POI's or something else in game. Would like to see it back

    I attached a photo also.

    Pardon me as I am sending this from my phone.

    Just curious if we will get the dark theme back for the forum. My eyes are very sensitive to light and that worked well for me.

    The application for alliances are there going to be additional updates to that will we be able to add it custom requirements? Right now it's just rank and registered user?

    Not sure if this is a glitch or if it was due to double credits for the new daily rewards I received 5,000, then the next day 8,000, then back to 5,000.

    New forum looks good. Just gonna take some time getting used to that's forsure.

    An option you can try, which may not spawn as many missions. is in your dispatch center, click EDIT, right below where you type in the name of the dispatch center you can Check the box in there. that should only send vehicles you have assigned to that dispatch center. now I say Should. It worked for me for some of the sherriff missions. I did not get as many calls for them.