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    As the title suggests, can we get the Follow-up units get a "sort by mission" button or maybe a better variant would be to be able to use the search function to search for a mission (rather than only for units). I think it would be very useful, especially for players that respond to many missions at a time. My eyes started hurting yesterday night when I tried to search for units specifically in one mission (as some of them haven't arrived yet and are shown in between other units).

    Please don't say "you can type in the vehicle name in the search and it will make the list way shorter", because when I need a FE+PT for a mission I've gotta search 3 times to make sure I have a quint, and if I don't i have to search individually for FE and then PT. The process becomes very long and my eyes struggle at night EVEN WITH the dark theme enabled!

    I was wondering if it's bannable because as soon as I joined my current alliance I started building in NY. I'm sitting at 30 stations and I've wanted to keep expanding there but also make a second account to play in my country, which is in Europe and join an EU clan. I know I can just make a second dispatcher in there but the stations start getting more expensive and it's not really cool. Maybe if I'm not using the referral code it shouldn't be a problem but I don't want to find out the hard way.

    Hey, I was just wondering why aren't missions spawning when we are offline? When I'm on my PC it's easy leaving the tab open, but when I'm on my phone I have to leave the app open, when all I want is just to open the app and send all of my units to calls and keep doing what I do outside of the game. Would that ever be added? I don't think that this will have anything to do with the mission spawn speed because they would still spawn at the same rate. The 20 second premium feature won't become obsolete, because it's for people that want to make lots of missions as fast as possible, while the offline variant isn't for that

    For example, my stations are currently setup so close to each other in the heart of NY that there's no way to expand outside of the city. I have to spend 180 coins to just move them elsewhere. I prefer paying for premium to get many more features than spend it just on that. Plus that's one more reason to buy premium, not for everyone, but some people need that.

    Can someone please send me a link or write down all of the benefits of having a premium account, I've tried searching on the forum and in the wiki, but found only about the mission speed, the dispatcher recruitment, dark mode and the ads.

    I know the game needs to be funded one way or another, but for the people who can't afford to spend money on the game and still need that staff I feel like it would be helpful if we could buy them. Maybe make them cost a lot of credits or maybe (the better version) pay credits to reduce the time it takes to hire new staff members (for example pay 7.5K credits to reduce the hiring time from 24 hours to 12, or pay 100K one-time fee to always hire faster for one station only).