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    I'm just writing to see if there are any plans to add "Firearms Personnel" to the AAR List as the ARV line only selects ARVs, not the Armed Traffic cars. So having the AAR Select any firearms staffed vehicle instead would be useful.

    I came to realize I had missed out some details on the Suffolk X5, which made it look rather odd, here is the fixed version, and I updated the original post to avoid confusion on whats new and old.

    Fixed BMW X5:    

    So I've Decided i want to delve into police in my setup, so here is a few Suffolk & Norfolk Constabulary Vehicles.

    Vauxhall Astra IRV:    

    Skoda Octavia DSU:    

    BMW X5 F15 ARV:     

    More to come soon, all graphics are uploaded to my drive that can be found on the first post to this thread.

    Essex Fire & Rescue Service
    Mercedes Sprinters -




    Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service
    Mercedes Sprinter -


    Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service

    Mercedes Sprinter -


    I feel this is a little annoying, as in counties such as Suffolk, Engines get sent on Co responder calls as we dont have the funding for a car, nor the need. As all our engines come with defibs and a med bag.
    If it could be changed to allow co responder trained people to respond to those calls it would be greatly beneficial

    The new EEAST ones are the Taller Sprinters, I too thought it looked odd but seems they went with the Tallest roof option.

    The grey thing is an Awning that pulls down, also notice the welfare sprinter on the left is the only one equipped with the nightowl light mast.

    Time for a slight change in graphics from Fire, to Ambulance. All of East Anglia is covered by EEAST, so therefore i have the current Mercedes Sprinter DCA, new Fiat Ducato Box DCA and the new Skoda Octavia RRV. More from the EAST Fleet, Including Landrover Freelanders, Discoverys and Ford Mondeos.

    Sprinter DCA:
    Ducato DCA:
    Octavia RRV:

    I Feel that this can be a good system, However make it so that these variations can have different attributes, but can all be classified into the 3 core types. Water, Air and Hazmat. For example the DIM, EPU, MDD/MDR all can handle hazmat, and for each type they can be used for different types of calls, Such as the Hazmat ability can be required at an unknown chemical leak. Sending the DIM would allow for a faster completion time as they specialize in Identifying the types of chemical. However Any unit with Hazmat properties can be sent to complete the mission, at a slower speed.

    This can be applied to things such as the BASU which can deal with the Air requirements, but also OSU/ISU's which can handle both Hazmat and Mobile air, but handle the Hazmat calls at a slower rate as they aren't as specialized as the Dedicated MDD/MDRs.

    Onto the Water carrying side, both Bowsers and Foam units can be available to cover their separate needs and complete tasks at their own rate, but slower fore the opposite's needs, such as a water Bowser at a foam incident. But when using the Combined Foam and water carrier, The time required to complete the Mission will be completed at a standard time.

    This will continue to allow the core mechanics that we are all used to with the 3 main specialties in the fire side, whilst adding in the new layers of individual unit specific "perks" to sending the "ideal" unit of that type to each call.

    *Side Note* - Adding on to this the ability to add in layers to standard engines further than the normal WrL/L4P. Adding in Compact WrLs which can deal with full WrL calls at a slower rate, and moving the L4P to a brush style requirement, similar to the US wildfire unit version. Tho this is just an idea for further down the line.

    Hi all, Its been some time and after getting burnt out, I'm back with Hertfordshire's Fire fleet.

    First up is the Newest Scania P1 WrLs:
    Then the P1 WrLs with the 135:
    Then the P2 WrLs Minus the 135:
    Next is the Scania RSU From St Albans:
    And lastly is the 42M Scania ALP:

    I'm currently covering the East Anglia region with Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.


    Fire Station70
    Ambulance Station13
    Police Station0
    Medical Helicopter Station3
    Police Aviation0



    Water Rescue Ladder 56

    Rescue Pump22
    Light 4X4 Pump (L4P)1
    Fire Officer26
    Water Carrier4
    HazMat Unit4
    Aerial (Platform/CARP)6
    Rescue Support Unit (RSU)2

    HEMS 3
    Ambulance OTL4