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    NameOperational Support Unit (OSU)
    Purpose-Combined Hazmat, BASU, Welfare and additional equipment.
    How many personel requried-Min. 1 Max 2
    Building expansionN/A
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsN/A

    In the Uk many services don't have a dedicated Hazmat or BASU unit. Instead they have an OSU which is a multirole vehicle, either a box truck or curtain sided lorry with a forklift to access the different pallets inside. This would be beneficial ingame for many players in counties with only one OSU, so they can have both hazmat and BASU capabilities without needing mutual aid, or having to "duplicate" the vehicle by having both types of truck with the same callsign for example.

    So here it is, the first installment with what I deem ingame to be the 3 most used types from this group of vehicles.
    I present the New Dimension Scheme Prime Movers.




    More Pods will be made in due time, such as the Dump buckets with the bobcat, shoring equipment and timber etc, HVHL, Bowser and BASU Pods.

    Been gone for a while, but here are a few new vehicles Ive made whilst gone.

    Port of Felixstowe Mercedes Atego WrL:

    Norfolk's Econic EPU:

    I do have something that alot of people will want as i have yet to see a new graphic of these since over a year ago, and with how graphics have come forward in quality since then, Im looking forward to showing you guys what I have coming soon.

    If im being honest. The whole Police building system needs a redo, its been a problem for a while. Small stations can only have 6 units, Where many policing bases without cells have many more than this.
    On the other hand a full size station, Doesnt come with cells as standard... So you buy it, and cannot arrest ANY Criminals for 7 days while you build ONE Cell. A weeks wait to arrest and book 1 prisoner, for every station. I feel an overhaul of 3 types of station is needed.

    Small Station. Upto 10 cars and no cells
    Policing Base. 20 Cars, Access to Specialist cars such as dogs, firearms and TSG Style units.
    Regional Base. 30 Units, 3 to 5 Cells as Standard with More to be built over time.

    Then an additional Extension for Fire stations to allow upto 5 Standard patrol cars to be based there with no cells or specialist units. This is for those with rural setups where counties have merged buildings to save costs.

    Of course values Etc can be tweaked but this proportionally makes sense, and would be much better suited than the current system which I personally feel is difficult to start out as you cant book anyone into custody for a week, therefore making nearly nothing from calls.

    I've mentioned this before on the US side before i swapped to the UK version, But i feel now is a good time to bring it up again.
    A police expansion for fire stations. It would contain no cells, but allow say 3 or 4 patrol cars to be based out of it. This is now becoming a very common thing in the UK, with Suffolk now having 13 Combined fire and police stations for safer neighborhood teams being based in office space in retained fire stations. Suffolk is now planning to Renovate Princes St station which is whole-time to merge with the towns police station, where it will act as a response hub.
    This would greatly help players in rural counties where Services are beginning to share buildings to cut costs IRL, can also cut costs in game by merging the 2 buildings into one expansion.

    Here is a list of Suffolk & Norfolk Police Stations, (as the 2 forces are now partnered up) It is accurate as of March last year (2019)…list_of_stations_peos.pdf

    Here is EEAST's station list, and then their fleet list which isnt as recent, maybe 2017-18ish, but is a good benchmark of how many ambulances are at each station.…ml/2/FOI%208216.xlsx.html

    Hope it helps.

    And finally for the more specialised vehicles. Suffolk Fire and Rescue's Magirus CARP, Their Hyundai Tuscon Officer Car and Essex Fire and Rescue's Pinzgauer L4P.

    SFRS Volvo CARP:
    SFRS Hyundai Tuscon:
    ECFRS Pinzgauer:

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but it comes around as I have switched from the .com version to the version, but I still have 200 odd coins left which I wont be able to use as Ii no longer play on that version. I'm wondering about the phesability of a way to transfer coins as "gifts" to other accounts. This is done on many platforms such as steam, or on other mobile games such as 8 ball pool. It would be very beneficial and can also be used in a positive way, such as helping out friends who are just starting out, or Bday/Xxmas presents to your mates.