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    Only issue is see with this is some countries, like the UK, do not have firefighting helicopters, and instead rely on military aircraft to sling buckets under them. So an option to disable the need for Fire helicopters in areas where the Fire organisation do not own any, for example myself in Suffolk, UK, where there are no helicopters could be useful. Could be put under the dispatch center settings?

    Me and 3 others have built the 5 boroughs of New york, I got queens, Mike has Staten, and then got bored so did both JFK and La Guardia, then got bored again so made Bayonne and Jersey City. Nico has Manhattan and the Bronx and Fred has Brooklyn.

    Also I havent seen any of these on here yet, so may aswell put them here. I made building icons for the FDNY, FDNY SOC (Rescue, Squad, Hazmat and marine houses), FDNY EMS and NYPD .

    Next up is Suffolk's Unimog
    Now For Norfolk, first the Scania engines and the MAN 4x4 engines . Now for the Scania ALP and finally the Scania Heavy rescue units

    Not sure if this is the place but I have some vehicles I have made for East Anglian Services. First up is Suffolk's New 2016 onwards Volvo FL's , Then the Volvo Compact appliances . Next is Suffolk's Water carrier and their Operational Support Unit . Finally is the CARP from Bury St Edmunds
    Feel Free to use these and contact me If anyone wants any more East Anglian based units.