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    Quick question on the above and to refresh my memory. Will a Pumper Tanker cover the requirement for both a firetruck and a water tanker if sent?

    Also, I seem to recall that a quint would cover a firetruck and aerial appliance and a mobile command would also cover a battalion chief, or are my brain cells deteriorating?


    I’ve been away over a year. Thanks for all this, looks like I’ve got a bit of work on my hands.

    After having had a bit of a break I’m back to playing and noticed a few changes. Can someone give me some advice on the three new fire units that have appeared, Pumper Tanker, Crew Carrier & Crew cab semi. What do they do and are they worth having?

    Also what does all the new EMS stuff do? Do I need them or am I good with my ALS Ambulances & EMS Chiefs.

    I’ve already discovered I need some Sheriffs and presumably there’s missions available if I build a federal station and get FBI?

    Thanks in advance.

    So for my simple brain ,the pumper tanker will act as a fire engine or a tanker, or both of a mission requires both?

    It’s been a long few weeks.

    Same here... even the Forum is lagging i needed 3 Attemts to post this comment...
    i cant even finish my ******** Large scale Mission because all Units are on Scene but the Game sayes that there dont....

    Seriously now - I get that everybody is entitled to an opinion but this is becoming repetitive. Rescuenut93 has already made it clear that the issues are being investigated so why keep bringing it up?

    And TBH, there a lot more important issues in the world at the moment than whether the game has lag and server issues, like people dying.

    I suggest you report this through the App help channels so the game developers see your complaints rather than venting in here. We’re all suffering from the same problems but we have no control over things and I’m not aware the developers use the forum that much.

    I think this would be a great idea

    If I don’t get any more credits I won’t mess about recruiting another 70 staff for the 70 fire engines I’ve got then.

    thanks all.

    Sorry if this has been asked before but is it possible to have a time as well as distance in the hospital list for transporting patients. With the area I play in, the shorter distance isn’t always the quickest and ev3n though I’ve got a pretty good idea, it would be better if it showed on the list.

    yes, more crew makes the mission finish faster

    Does it make any difference to the payout?

    I’m currently running all my fire engines with 5 crew, like most UK fire brigades but if putting 6 on will get more money then I’ll get more staff.

    Does it make any difference to the outcome of a mission dependent on how many crew are on board a unit?

    Mission address are generated in relation to the data on OSM. If no data has been submitted, it

    does that mean that OSM have had an update then possibly or has something happened to the way the game imports the data as it’s never been this bad before

    I seem to be getting lots of missions without addresses showing. Whilst maybe not an issue to some players it’s causing me problems as I always try and send the right fire brigade out of my three different ones to the mission.

    It’s not something that’s happened before.

    Just invested in my second station! EMS is definitely my second favourite to get into but it's a bit of a stretch until I can afford a hospital lol.
    In the meantime it'd be pretty helpful to join an alliance. I'm based in Southampton UK.

    Are you playing the US or UK version? If you’re playing the US version, come and join our alliance, UK Incident Response Group