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    Personally I would stick to fire for a bit, then ambulance then police. There are a lot of missions that just need fire engines or fire engines and a platform truck

    That’s the way I did it.

    I’m sure other players will give different advice though as everybody is different.

    I've been running into this too, particularly on the mobile web version of the game. I can generally get it fixed by refreshing my page. If this keeps occurring, I'll send this up to be reviewed.

    I generally only play on the mobile version, refreshing doesn’t seem to make much difference to me.


    Precisely the issue, I have an ARR set up for either 1 IRV which it then sends a dog unit when i know it will ask for transport or it sends an ARV which i don't want however the ARR has ARV, IRV, and DSU separate so I don't know why this is an issue.

    The best way round this would be to give each of your vehicle types a custom name, and tell them to only dispatch to that selection. You will need to create an AAR for each though.

    I know of a few stations in the north east of England operated by both Durham & Darlington Fire Service and Tyne & Wear Fire Service that also have police sharing the building.

    I think it would be a good idea.

    ok im lost- what is a lss mananger, and what can it do for the game?

    LSS Manager is an add on that you can run through your web browser using TamperMonkey which allows you to have certain additional features

    My ARR for major calls will send whatever is the nearest as even though I’ve created a custom type, my ‘light’ pumps can still be sent as a fire engine in the ARR. the only split is for a separate list I have for initial dispatch which separates them out so that I can make sure a call that needs, two heavy rescue units and two fire engines, gets two rescue engines, not a rescue engine and a light pump.

    Hope this helps.

    The screenshot below shows my initial screen, the letters apply to my three fire brigades.

    I've probably over complicated things, but that would be me all over.

    I only have ALS ambulances so that was easy, however, as I have tried to recreate my fire stations as close as possible to real life, some have full size engines (currently all rescue engines) and some also have type 2 engines which are normally just a 4x4 or equivalent.

    As i'm using rescue engines throughout, I don't have to worry about the firetruck/heavy rescue issue but to allow me to send a type 2 whenever I didn't need the heavy rescue capability, brush fire, wildfire, etc. I gave the type 2 engines their own type of 'Light' and created a separate AAR for them.

    This way, if I just need a fire truck, I can send one, but if I need a heavy rescue I can send a full size engine.

    I have done the same with K9 and patrols.

    It adds extra to the AAR but using the time to incident option, I can also see what is closest.

    Hope this helps.

    The only way i could see this being added is the same way the CARP or Quint was done by making it a reward otherwise you would have to make everything such as OSU( Operational support unit) which carries BA tanks but also environmental things.

    Why would you? We already have an Air unit in the US game which I use as an OSU on my setup in that game. There’s a difference between asking for something simple such as a Pump being a rescue unit too and having every single variation of unit available.

    Is there any movement on this? Most UK fire services combine rescue and fire fighting into one vehicle, some, like Hereford & Worcester have heavy or ultra-heavy variants but they are all fire engines to a point.

    Rather than having new missions can we have realistic vehicles to do the missions with. If we are going to get this as a standard vehicle, can some mechanism be put place in to retrofit existing fleets to make it fair on members who’ve already grown on the UK version.

    Just a simple suggestion for a rescue pump style vehicle to be added to the UK version of MissionChief. This is mainly because not all areas cover the use of sole-purpose Major Rescue Vehicles in the UK (e.g. where I operate). Any further suggestions to this idea please reply!

    Great idea

    My only issue is that I already have two full fire authorities plus the start of a third running on the US version, added to a huge chunk of the associated ambulance and police services. I don’t really want to have to start again just to play a UK variant. I’ll happily fudge along with the US variants until I can up and move my existing setup, or copy my existing setup so I can continue in both.

    I think it could be implemented like the timed missions but with a short time, like 5/10 minutes depending from the A-E code. If I don't get to the patient the mission could give the same text we get when we don't send the right units to the timed missions...

    This penalises players who might allow missions to build then clear some down when they get a chance. I don’t have the opportunity to play all the time, so I let the game build my missions, send units when I get a break at work or when I get chance on an evening, and repeat the exercise.

    If medical missions were timed on when you responded to them, I would fail nearly all of them.