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    The Valentine event was good and the 2x credits at the end were even better. Looking forward to more holidays. :love: On a side note, looking at the mission payouts at 2x, makes me think the US server and perhaps all the servers could use a tweek when it comes to payouts. Perhaps 25%? Just a thought, thanks again!

    The lack of civility does seem to creep into the internet far too often. Part of the problem, it's hard to tell sometimes if a person is being sarcastic or really offended. Nothing like a face-to-face or a phone call. I finally did get fondue poisoning, thankfully it was near a major city so I had the coverage for it. I think this was a pretty good holiday run. Thanks, guys!

    I am sure what made it confusing to the Dev's was the different jobs a sheriff can have. As some have pointed out the Sheriff and his deputies are the law for the county, and in some situations, they are the law for towns that don't have established police. (Waldo Fl was handled by the county for a period of time) In the case of Duval county/city of Jacksonville, the county, and the city are the same enity and as such the top cop is the Sheriff who would also be considered the chief of police. On the JSO cruisers, the words sheriff and police are on the cars. When I lived in CT, the Sheriff worked for the courts and were not considered law enforcement like we do in the game. The state police assigned a trooper to be the chief of police for the villages and very small towns. Lets face it, law enforcement in the US can be really confusing.

    I have the fire investigation extension firefighters trained as peace officers and even the vehicle required and yet I still have not received. a single mission.

    Go to the extension tab at the station and make sure the investigation extension is active, it defaults to out of service

    Having come from UK to US version the tiny credit rewards for missions, particularly resource intensive one's, is crazy

    This was brought up in August of this year and I have seen random comments on the US forums about this. Are there any plans to bring the US server in line with the UK server?

    Does anyone know how to expand the mission’s radius? I have try messing around the settings but it doesn’t seem like it’s working. All the calls I get are with in like 4-5miles of the station. Not really realistic. Especially medical calls can be anywhere out farther then 5miles.

    I would feel lucky if I got calls that close to a station. In the rural counties, they are up to 30 miles from a station.

    They are not a good credit source when you consider how little it is. All the calls on the US server are underpaid compared to the UK server. Why? In my mind your argument does not justify the low payments. I have hundreds of stations and when I run missions maybe a third are ambo calls, and maybe 5 - 10 simple transport calls. Increasing that income would be a Godsend to the pittance I get now.

    You spoke of balance, what exactly is balanced? The cost to transport could be increased randomly for the transport calls. It could be anywhere from the 400 we get now to a high of 1000 for the extreme transport like Orlando charges. As far as the treat and transport from mission calls, those could be random for the severity of the patient.

    Looking at my game this morning I realized we are not really getting anything close to what we should be getting for ambulance services. I did an easy search for user fees charged by counties here in FL.

    Pasco County (just north of Clearwater)

    Transport Fees (effective 10/1/2021)

    Service TypeRate
    ALS Level 1 Transport Services (A0426) (ALS Unit and Assessment/Scheduled Transport)$1,277.76
    ALS Level 1 Emergency Services (A0427) (ALS Unit and Assessment and/or 1 or more ALS Interventions)$1,277.76
    ALS Level 2 Emergency Services (A0433) (ALS Unit and Assessment/3 Medications/Minimum of 1 ALS intervention)$1,490.72
    Mileage (Per Mile)$15.71
    Wait Time (Per 1/2 hour increments)$60.00
    Rescue/Home Assistance (Patient refused transport)$75.00

    Special Events

    Service TypeRate
    Dedicated ALS Standby (1 ALS Ambulance, 1 Paramedic, 1 EMT, 3 Hour Minimum$180.00
    Dedicated BLS Standby (1 BLS Ambulance, 2 EMTs, 3 Hour Minimum$130.00
    Dedicated Paramedic Standby (1 Paramedic, 3 Hour Minimum)$90.00
    Dedicated Supervisory Standby (As Required, includes operating costs of supervisory vehicle)$90.00

    City of Orlando is not so bad:

    BLS 500.00 Non-emergency

    550.00 emergency

    ALS 1 600.00 Non-emergency

    650.00 emergency

    ALS 2 800.00


    I really believe a review of how much money is paid for the missions on the US server is warranted.


    This is a wonderful addition for airport fires, industrial, factory, etc. My question/suggestion is there any consideration to either retrofitting the existing AARF equipment to include foam once you activate the extension? Otherwise, how about being able to sell them (even if at a loss) or even trade them for the upgraded foam AARF? I am not as concerned about the type 1 or type 2 upgrades, it would be a plus but the AARF vehicles are better suited and required for airports.

    Is there any hope that the US missions will see an increase in payout? Kind of frustrating to play for several hours and not make enough to buy another station or upgrade an existing one. Add in the cost of equipment, it can mean a negative balance at the end of the shift.