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    Also may i state that missionchief says "You are only allowed to publish a graphic pack, if you have the rights to ALL pictures of the graphic pack."

    And i have made this graphics from scatch that has took time and have the Photoshop files to prove that it was made by myself. :)

    I do have the proof that these graphics that i have made over night are from scratch and i have templates to show that and they were mine. I hope this can come to peace between ourselves.

    Also im going to make some adjustments to mine by putting my logo on there and changing a few things to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    The reason your graphics pack has been deactivated is due to you copying my original graphics pack from MC US nearly 2 years ago. After several attempts to ask you to either take down or credit my graphics were unsuccessful, I turned to the game staff for help with this issue. After I, and other members of my alliance provided sufficient evidence that I was the original creator of the graphics pack, both of your graphic packs that you copied from me have been deactivated.

    Hope this clears things up, Ben

    I made the graphics from scratch bud took me time to make them i havent copied you, i did this on photoshop on my own it just might be a co-hincidence that we have had the same idea.

    I use my crit care units like APP yes but i call the FRU (Fast Response Unit) as that is what they call them but ye they are like crital care units and you dont have to have them in cars you can have them in ambos at times or hems cars etc

    I have followed the steps with putting my image on and i can't do it, it says please fill the space or something like that and i have no idea why its doing it because i have the picture under 96x96 and also done it at 192x192

    Any Help????

    I have decided to make a boarder for each department here they are:

    Single Departments

    Air Ambulance





    Joint Response Units

    Ambulance & Police

    Fire & Ambulance

    Fire & Police

    Any more you would like let me know :)

    MY London Service Setup

    London Fire Brigade

    London Ambulance Service

    London Air Ambulance (HEMS)

    London Metropolitan Police

    999 Control Room

    More can be done just request a fleet package and i will do them for you.

    NHS Logo 1
    NHS Logo 2 (NHS England)
    Nottinghamshire Police Service
    Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
    NPAS (National Police Aviation Service)
    North West Ambulance Service
    St John Ambulance Service
    South Yorkshire Fire Rescue Service Logo 1
    South Yorkshire Fire Rescue Service Logo 2 (I Use it for Training Centre Logo)
    South Yorkshire Police

    Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service
    Highways Agency (Highways England)
    HART ( Hazadous Area Response Team
    Humerside Police Service
    Humberside Fire And Rescue
    Joint Response Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service & North West Ambulance Service
    Joint Response County Durham Fire Rescue Service & North East Ambulance Service
    Joint Response Lancashire Fire Rescue & North West Ambulance Service

    Avon & Somerset Police
    British Red Cross
    British Transport Police Logo 1
    British Transport Police Logo 2
    British Transport Police Logo 3
    Central Motorway Policing Group
    Derbyshire Fire Rescue Service
    Dorest & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue
    East Midlands Ambulance Service
    999 Force Control

    EMAS Logo done
    Lancs Fire & NWAS Joint done
    about the training unfortunately cant find a logo that would be used for it but if you need anything please do reply and ill respond soon


    • EMAS.png
    • LFS & NWAS Joint.png