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    Hello,I have a question.I've build 7 small police stations (on Operatore 112,Italian Versione of Missionchief) but it keeps spawning missions like(medium violent protest) that asks for 2 UOPI Suv and at least on UOPI VAN when this type mission should appears only when I have 8 police stations.I've also counted 7 stations ,manually and by the Dispatch Center.It's a sort of bug,I've I did something wrong? If do you have any Idea,please reply :)^^

    Hi,I'm Co-admin in an italian alleance but I can't build alleance buildings because it does not appear the button build as an 'alleance building'.Does it appear near the buttons 'build a building' and 'set a POI',right? What can I do? :)


    To see where are located ambulances to me was reccomanded to use do know how exactly to use it) or to watch some gameplays like this: firefighters you have to go on comando provinciale vigili del fuoco *name of the city*and then on dislocazione sul territorio(that shows you every distaccamento that that Fire headquarter has) for vehicles go on youtube or search for local news if not presents in fiammeblu(some times it's not updated).Usually fire headquarters has two rescue engines(only few only one but because they have a lot of fire staions located in the city,some also 3 but only two are with personnel( 5 persons) the third is usally used if the engine is too big and they needs to go in narrow streets). 1 or 2 ladder trucks 2 ABP,1 AG,2 Hazmat (big fire staions situated in big cities also more).For police searchs about squadra volante to see which vehicles the uses in Questura(some Volanti are also located in commissariato,but better if u watch online).About Polizia Municipale and Locale I think they are basically the same things.
    To see vehichles you can also subscribe to Fiammeblu group on facebook

    This is not an answer but a help to the foreigns players who wants to play at this version of the game.Here is a list of fire apparatus(some may contains explanation about the role because I want to explain well) :)
    APS(Rescue Engine)
    ABP(Pumper/Tanker) it can exstinguish fires
    AS (Ladder Truck)
    AV/FNZ(Fire officer's car)[in Italy the funzionario(fire officer) has the role to coordinate units in big interventions such as factory fires)
    AF/POLI(a sort of heavy rescue unit)
    AF/ARIA(Mobile air unit)
    KILO(water tender)
    AF/UCL(Mobile Command Unit)
    AG(Crane truck)
    Most common brands for very category of vehicles(to find them use google images or go to,,sicurezzaesoccorso)
    APS:Iveco Eurofire,Cityeurofire,Stralis,MaxiCity,190(som of them are old so in use only in some fire headquarters and distaccamento) Mercedes-Benz Actros.Volvo FL280 and FL290
    ABP:Iveco 190.Eurocargo 180E30(or also called BULL),Mercedes:Atego,MAN TGS 18.320
    AS:Iveco Eurofire 1 serie and 2 serie,Eurocargo III and IV serie A/TRID(platform truck) Iveco Eurocargo III and Iv
    AV/FNZ FIAT Grande Punto and Jeep Renegade
    AF/POLI:Iveco VM90 but also Land Rover Defender 90,110 and 130(the ones with the blac shett behind usually)
    AF/ARIA:Iveco Daily(for example Rome),Mercedes Vario,Renault B110
    KILO:Iveco 175-25-Iveco 330
    Some link in here:…=267548#top_display_media/…han=&keywords=on&type=AND

    Hi,I'm a player of the italian version(Operatore 112).I've created a courses and I checked off the box that says public courses and selected 1 hour.Now the game told me that there aren't active courses but I had selected one of my characters and I also can see it .How can I let it be a public course?Hope I explained my self well :) :D