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    Or maybe just add a Prisoner Transport van that has the ability to auto-transport, since some missions especially with large brawls and FBI/DEA calls get decent prisoner counts.

    I just recently bought some Police Patrol Boats, but I noticed they actually take the same time and pathing as land units, opposed to other boats navigation pathing using no road pathing & air/sea timing levels. It just doesn't make sense to have police boats using vehicle pathing when the fire boats don't.

    for the "This would stop you from sending a vehicle from the transport police to something non-transport related and so on" maybe just set a custom unit for Transport Police?

    Thats why I was wondering if they would just make it available to every one

    No, that's why it will never be available to everyone. If they take the ONE reason people buy premium, they will have no way to pay for any servers. I know for a fact I'd cancel my subscription.

    I think that EMS Chief should be a unit that can treat someone before a Ambulance arrives, not sure if it's meant to be like this already and it doesn't, but it's more realistic since they are still trained to treat.

    #1, You will get Sheriff calls anyways, even if you don't have a Academy. You need to join a Alliance and use their Training Courses to get Sheriff Units trained. Just because you don't have one doesn't mean you won't get calls that require training.

    #2, Refer to #1, You don't need to have a academy to get those missions. Those units are REQUIRED after 1 or 3 Police Stations are built.

    as for Fare Dodgers, that mission can spawn at a Bus stop, a Tram stop, and at a Train Station.

    In short, join a alliance, ask them to host a training course for your guys, or get a academy and do it yourself.

    I think I understand what you're asking, basically you want a way to send vehicles in a task force to a call, like all the engines, ladders, etc.

    I think a way to do this would be to create it's own Vehicle Category and set the Vehicle Category to something like FEMA-TF1 or Strike 1 and then create a AAR Option.

    Air Drop helicopters and the air tankers have a huge price difference but yet the do the exact same thing and if responding from the same station they have the same response time. Why is that? I would suggest that the the air tankers should have a faster response time instead of having the same time as the helicopter? Plus planes do have a higher average speed than the helicopters in real life. IMO this would convince me to spend the extra 700 K or the extra 1.2 mil. What do you guys think?

    I believe this is due to the fact the game uses regular distance calculation as you would in a normal car going on a trip. This is in the end hard-coded from the map system from what I understand. Speeding up specific vehicles has been suggested many times, and this has always been the response.

    I don't think it refunds coins, I think it only refunds credits, no matter the payment method you used to buy it. If click the amount of credits you currently have, it'll bring up your income and expenses. Does it say anything on there about a refund?

    I play in quite a rural area (Wales) so some of my DGH are 80km away from ambulance stations and speciality hospitsl such as MTC’s can be cross border in england or 150km drive.

    my hospitals are always at capacity which force me to make long jounrey and basicslly unable to play properly for hours... would love to have more hospital beds or for them to empty at more than 1 an hour

    Yeah, the only way it would work even if they did increase bed count is if they increase how they release patients. Because even though you're increasing bed count, your release rate is still the same. So right now I think Hospitals have 25ish as the maximum capacity, so it'd take a day to clear it all out. Whereas if you increase the amount of beds, lets say you get a maximum of 100 beds, right there is about 4 days to empty it.

    I think I know what you mean now, in order to allow SOC Support to respond as both SOC Support and a Ladder unit, you have to make sure "Only dispatch vehicle as own class" is not enabled. If it's not enabled, it'll dispatch it if you press Ladder or if you press SOC Support.

    So you want them to only respond when you press a button for SOC Ladder Support correct? If so, when you edit that specific vehicle/quint, you can put "SOC Support" or whatever you please in that name field, making a specific vehicle category for that unit that you can actually go into the Alarm & Response menu and add yourself. I actually have all of my K9 units set on "K9" category because when you request a patrol car, and a K9 unit is closest, it will select that unit. If you select "Only dispatch vehicle as" then it will NOT respond to ANY calls where your Alarm & Response asks for a "Ladder", it will pull the closest unit that isn't SOC Support.

    I want realistic staffing of 6 on a Ladder. More staff on a rig the faster a mission goes. Like I've said I am trying to be as realistic as I can be

    We get that, but you are already able to do this, you just have to follow the instructions provided from the above replies. That is why we have this ability in-game

    I think the issue with this could be if it's increased too much then the hospitals will barely be emptied, since they only release/transfer 1 per hour per hospital. A consistent player who plays everyday and gets a decent amount of medical transports would still have the issue of hospitals being packed, since hospital beds doesn't increase patient release timing.