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    Name/Type of Mission: Violent Subject

    Units Required: 2 police cars

    1 Ambulance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 1-2

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 500-750

    Hospital Expansion Required: Behavioral Health

    I am having a different issue with the same mission. As you can see, it is marked green as if enough units are on scene to start the mission, but there are no units assigned to the mission. It just spawned that way. *Update* I waited out the timer just to see what would happen, it proceeded like it would with a unit assigned, completed, and I got paid, all without a unit ever having been sent.

    I do not see a problem also the k-9 acts as a patrol car that cant transport. And the standard K-9 is perfectly fine for the job plus the sherrif can transport so where would the dog go? In the back with the prisoner? I dont think so.

    Obviously then a Sheriff K9 would not be able to transport. Just like any other K9. I really don't understand what your concern is here. I'm simply saying there should be a Sheriff K9 that does both K9 and Sheriff work. So it really would do the jobs of a regular patrol car, K9, and Sheriff unit. It just can't transport.

    In some jurisdictions, yes they do court paperwork (evictions, warrants, notification service, etc). In others, like the one I'm in, they are the entire dept. Standard law enforcement, K9's, court work, everything.

    What on earth do you mean? The K9 goes in the same place it goes in any standard police cruiser. In the kennel in the back. Whether it's a Sheriff or a regular police unit doesn't affect that. The vehicle doesn't change just because it's a sheriff deputy vs a police officer. The only thing that changes is that a K9 vehicle can't transport prisoners.

    There should be a combination Sheriff/K9 unit, or the ability for K9 units with Sheriffs training, or Sheriffs units with K9 training, to function in both roles. The county that I live in, the Sheriff's Office is the primary police dept and they have K9's. In the game, one unit can't perform both roles since you can't have a Sheriff Unit K9.

    I have a prisoner stuck in jail. The prisoner has been there for over a day now and will not release. And trying to use coins to release the prisoner does not work either. Clicking the coin button just opens up another MC screen.

    I would like to see a nursing home or assisted living, or both, POI created. These POI's would be incredibly flexible for the calls they could produce. Obviously, any EMS call could spawn there, but also fire calls, which would open up the possibility of a mass casualty incident. Police calls can also spawn there, from alarms, to accidents, to fights. These would be great POI's to have to spawn a lot of calls in a jurisdiction.

    The panic attack and injured free runner missions both do not generate a patient code. Also, it would be helpful if EMS units could differentiate ALS and BLS patients. All to often I have a call with 1 ALS patient and 3 BLS patients, and the ALS units will transport a BLS patient and leave the ALS patient on scene, and now I have to send more units to that call. It would be helpful if these things could be corrected.

    Thank you

    I have several patrol cars where the personnel are SWAT trained. Before today, they were counted towards the "needed SWAT personnel" count. Now, all of the sudden, today the game isn't counting them anymore. I failed an Assassination Threat mission and I can't use them on regular calls as SWAT personnel. Again, before today, this was not an issue.

    Can we get the mobile communications unit as a unit for both Fire and Police? I know of police departments all across the country that use a mobile comms unit just as much as, if not more then, fire departments.