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    Be more of a compliment to your alliance rules if someone has copied them. To be fair most alliance rules are pretty similar as everyone pretty much has the same goals.

    Just use the mobile browser on your phone. I gave up on the app a long time ago. The browser is quicker and you get the benefit of all of the animated graphics working properly too.

    I might give that a go. To be fair when the game runs smoothly it’s absolutely fine on my iPhone. I have a samsung tablet which is a lot slower but good for setting up stations and staff etc.

    Thank you guys. And I do understand as much as it’s annoying. Kieron just needs to have an attitude check, I’m sure it’s not the first time there has been ‘rude’ comments on my threads from him.

    Please send screenshots of the issues you are having. I’ll pass them on. As with all updates, there is a chance that it will break something else, the features in this update have been some highly requested ones.

    Thank you TACRfan for a more respectable reply. Unfortunately for some reason I cannot post images on this forum which seems weird so apologies for not being able to show proof.
    the issues I’m having is that at the bottom of the screen where the tabs for the Map/Missions/Buildings etc have disappeared, and the area is left grey. Vehicles aren’t appearing on the map along with training buildings. When move the map onscreen, if you press over any mission or building it go’s straight into the mission or building so it proves hard to move the map around. It’s just annoying that every time an update is put up there are bugs to go with it. And when you pump real money into something it becomes annoying when issues are a regular occurrence.
    thank you

    Wow fella you are pretty rude. For someone who shows a ‘professional’ account. I myself have probably spend hundreds of pounds too. That’s why I’m annoyed with the issues. I play the game daily and as a result I’m currently ranking 6th in the server. In my mind the medical update was brilliant. And with that side I’m pretty much on track with training staff etc so that’s not an issue. The update I’m talking about was put on over the weekend. Since that update I’ve had the issue with the grey area at the bottom of the screen which means I can’t see the Map/a missions/building tabs Etc. Plus things like some building and vehicles don’t appear on the map, and when using fingers to move the screen if you press over a building or mission it goes straight into it where as before it would bring up the tab with the building or mission description instead of going straight onto it.
    I’ve played MC UK since September last year and throughout this time there have been multiple times where I’ve bought coins and they were credited to the account, which I did submit to the Devs and they took a week on all occasions to respond. Multiple times the game has lagged, failed etc which happens every time an update is put up. So saying things like being ‘unappreciative’ is out of order because how do you expect people to react? If you can’t have a civil reply Ingore my thread and DO NOT COMMENT PLEASE.

    What the hell is going on with this game! Everytime there is a new update it seems to incorporate more bugs. Sounds like more people are having the same issue. Things not showing on the map and the bottom of the screen is a blank grey area where I no longer have the Map/missions tab. This is becoming ridiculous now. There are players that are dedicated to this game like myself and that have actually spend real money on the game. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but the amount of issues just isn’t right. With the area at the bottom of the screen being blank I can’t even send a report to the Devs. Bloody sort it out!!!!!!!! :cursing: ?( X(

    Seem to be having issues with my app too. Tried all the usual things but nothing. It doesn’t have the tabs at the bottom where you can go between buildings, Missions etc. Only a grey area at the bottom of the screen. Also no. Vehicles are showing on the map and once to press a missions or building on the map it goes straight onto its page which is annoying when trying to move around the map.
    there always seems to be bug after new updates.

    I don’t think it’s possible for the missions to be 100% realistic with locations. The world is a big place and would be impossible for the devs to mark down locations of every single thing in the world. Baring in mind MC is not just UK based.

    Thanks guys for clearing these up for me. Makes more sense now. The training building seems to be unlocked for my personal account now so I’ve built one plus additional classrooms as well as an alliance one so my team can get on the training.

    Thank you for the reply. I’m not too sure then it just says I have 20 patients each with the critical care needed on them. I’m not able to send 1 there to find out yet until the buildings done. If it is the case of 1 per incident then what you said would be my plan of action.
    Also what does the joint response vehicle do? Haven’t had any requirements yet.

    Always good to see updates but this one has been a nightmare today. Re adjusting everything I have. Multiple missions require the team leader.
    My question is how do people recommend setting up the training for critical care? I’ve already got a mission that needs 20 :/. Do we aim to train all ambulance staff baring in mind I have nearly 450 ambulance staff. Then the training building being an alliance one it has to be made fair to my alliance members. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also I have turned it off for now until I can train staff.