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    just build a small station then.
    All for standby points that allow each service at them.
    Or have a system where you can set it like a patrol

    Why spend 50/100k for a small station when you could have an option of a 10k standby point?

    SWAST in Central Gloucester (Glos, Chelt & Tewkes) have 3 ambulance stations but have approx 20 standby points (can't be certain until I'm in work).

    I work happily pay 10k a standby where I can move vehicles around to better the response times.

    I don't believe we should be building stations to represent standby points.

    Name/Type of Mission: Cliff Rescue

    Units Required: 2 Water Ladder, 3 RSU, 2 Fire Officer.

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Cliff.

    Patients: 1-4.

    Prisoners: 0.

    Credit Reward: 3,500.


    Name/Type of Mission: Missing Person.

    Units Required: 5 IRV, 2 x DSU, 1 NPAS.

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None.

    Patients: 1.

    Prisoners: 0.

    Credit Reward: 2,800.


    Name/Type of Mission: Cave Rescue.

    Units Required: 1 Water Ladder, 4 RSU, 2 Fire Officer, 2 HAZMAT.

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Cave.

    Patients: 1-8.


    Credit Reward: 4,200.

    It would be great if when placing a POI you could tap areas to select multiple POIs before saving.

    When covering 2 county's there are loads. It gets very time consuming and boring putting 1 POI in at a time, it would be much quicker to have the ability of adding multiple POIs at a time.

    Name/Type of Mission: Medical Evacuation

    Units Required: 2 x Water Ladders.

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None.

    Patients: 1.

    Prisoners: 0.

    Credit Reward: 800.

    Are you able to turn these into HQ icons like you have for West Midlands services please?

    For SWAST could you do a EOC one instead of HQ?

    Would really appreciate it if you could if not no bother.

    Thanks in advance


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    • ASP.png
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    • SWAS.png

    @Charlieaa yeah I'm aware of all of that.

    We operate cat 1-5 however every call receives a code.

    For example on the US version a cardiac arrest is 09E01 which is the same for the UK and would generate a CAT 1 response.

    If being moved on the UK side the codes will be needed as it tells you more about the job, if they can implement the coding aswell then amazing but the MPDS codes will tell those that know the category. I appreciate not all would.

    I just don't see how the coding could be implemented as the police calls don't have a grading system so currently on the game a person with a weapon is the same as a shoplifter etc.

    The police grading isn't even on the US version so I'm not sure if that shows its not possible at this time?

    Would be great if someone could shed a light if a grading system could be done?
    Maybe give higher priority calls a timer and give them higher rewards if hit?

    Would certainly make you think more when playing about diverting units etc

    Triage codes? If you're referring to the A, B, C, D, E system on the patients then its very much wrong.

    I can assure you it's not wrong.

    I'm a Dispatcher for the ambulance service and previous call taker (still do bank shifts) and they are the same.

    If you're referring to pathways then yes it's different.
    In the interest of making the transfer more simple then copying the US version is the way.
    US used MPDS and so do most of the UK ambulance services. The codes are the same.

    I've only just noticed and started thinking if it's a bug or the game mixing it up so it keeps you on your toes.

    The unknown tanker spill mission for me sometimes needs 1 x HAZMAT and sometimes 2.

    I have enough staff on each vehicle so I know it's not that.

    Just found it odd.

    Is it a bug? Or is it meant to change?

    I've made adjustments on my US version for CG but I was offering assistance if they were to introduce HMCG into the game properly

    Would be great to see the graphics you use though

    On the US version I had HEMS cars and MRUs.. I just used RRVs and changed names/graphics and worked a dream.

    The US medical stuff could easily be transferred to UK version as all the triage codes are accurate.

    Is there anyway you could put me forward to assist if needed?
    I understand there will be persons advising on different services etc but as there are no boats on the UK version and no Coastguard on any version it makes me think there won't be an advisor for that side of things?

    I could be wrong and if I am apologies.

    I'd be very happy to help if needed.