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    Vehicle auctions and sales have no place in the game, all vehicles are already cheap enough.

    There seems to be a back and forth between players wanting realism but then wanting things affordable, if we go with realism then you'll be surprised how the vehicle prices change and it would actually price people out of playing parts for quite some time.

    I do like the idea of a storage facility though so that you can keep vehicles that are no longer required however you could easily do this yourself by building another station at an existing site and calling it "Storage", with that in mind I don't see it being implemented.

    The QOL was clearly mentioned and talked about on the forums so you must have just missed it, it will be a pinned thread if you can find it, no dramas if you can't because it has already been submitted.

    Quick question, with the critical Care, when a patient requires critical care, can that be provided by any unit deployed with critical care personal, such as in an OTL or does it have to be in an ambulance/RRV?

    Critical care requirement is for the training and not vehicle, therefore Ambulance, Rapid Response Vehicle or Helicopter will suffice.

    I have not tested OTL or Ambulance Officer as I have not seen a need to.

    This is for the UK version so how its done in Chicago is irrelevant.

    Apologies thought this was on UK section but yes hospitals will allow up to 40 patients as I mentioned.

    Forgot to mention clinic's also generate transfer missions to help clarify with what ChiefBoden61 said about transfers.

    Clinics do take all patients, they just don't have access to all Expansions like the hospitals.

    what is the difference between a clinic and a hospital?

    A hospital allows for extensions and up to 40 patients whereas a clinic can take up to 10 patients however can have space for 2 x vehicles.

    HEMS can be used to transport coastal patients. With the limited amount of Coastal Helicopters per station, HEMS can be an alternative transport. Note the HEMS will not count as a coastal helicopter, only transport. Both helicopters will transport the patients directly to a Hospital rather than to a coastal rescue station needing additional ground transportation to a hospital.

    Wrong section of the forum, this is related to UK

    Decided to switch my critical care back on and I was reminded of what used to annoy me.

    When you send an ambulance to a call and it requires critical care, apart from the colour of the call changing and a little bit of text that you need to be looking at the call to see.. you don't get anything?

    I think it would be great for a "Request Critical Care" notification to appear on the radio similar to the transport requests.

    I'm going to add this to my list of things to be put forward.

    Just thought I'd add it here to see if anyone had thoughts on this?

    Please do feel free to DM me with any other ambulance suggestions.

    Think of a transfer mission as an individual person who got an appointment at a clinic but due to some circumstances they have no chance to get there by themselfes. That could be because they are in a wheelchair etc.

    The transfer is not an emergency situation but more a planned one, requested by the individual that will be shown as the patient.

    => Choosing the destination and having a critical care change doesn't make sense for these types of transfer missions in my eyes.

    However, your ideas do fit for a type of transfer that takes a patient from one clinic to another where time could play an important role (e.g. a patient needs to be transferred to a special clinic).

    I think you've misunderstood, the address for patient transfers is where the clinic is placed and instead of using the name the player gives the clinic is provides the street address.. which technically is how they could be given to the crews so not wrong.

    I like the idea of the mission address actually saying the clinic name, I will add this to the list for Ambulance however may not come quickly due to the updates we're trying to get out.

    I also believe I have put forward already for some inter-hospital transfers however I'm not considering Hospital to home yet.

    That's fair, it just generally makes it useless in the game haha. I personally thought it was better when patients required HEMS treatment, but that was removed.

    It was changed as PTs require critical care treatment, this is provided by HEMS either by air or road.

    I have an idea of another way we could put it towards the DEVs at some point, I'll submit it with my next round of missions.

    Closing thread to avoid unnecessary replies.

    Suggestion has been made, we've tried it before and we will put it forward again but not right now due to the battle for Ambulance stand down fix and other pending updates the community is waiting on.

    PRV, SRV, OTL are all fine.

    Ambulances leave when there's not enough patients (eg 4 patients, 5 ambulances, one ambulance leaves), so works as intended

    The debatable one is, RRVs leave after patients are treated. Would be nice if we could get that changed, or made a toggle, so that we could keep them on scene of alliance missions for credits.

    Whilst I agree that it would make sense, I feel that we've waited so long for it to be fixed that we should be happy it's done.

    I'm not sure if it's doable, I'm sure it is but we've wanted it fixed for a long time, to then just go and ask for it to be changed again surely won't help with relations with the DEVs?

    It's great to see all the support, TACRfan you continue to do incredible and its evident, even though content is coming out slow for MCUK it is the quality we're all seeing.

    It would be worth clarifying with the DEVs as they mention the UK SAR Framework however coastguard is an emergency service dispatched through their own control rooms so should fit the DEVs criteria.

    I think it would also be worth asking where they think their audience is to suggest the forms is the minority.

    Their Facebook posts don't get close to the interaction we see on here or that of the numbers within the unofficial group I set up on Facebook.

    Keep up the great work.

    I have already put forward IFT, the suggested reward is too much in my opinion.

    Some calls IRL will require more than 2 PRV, 2 SRV, 1 ATV, 1 Welfare.

    I myself have been involved with some calls where 2 full HART teams have been deployed so it does happen.

    Granted I'm not sure why the requirement has been changed for the mission used as an example, I think the DEVs done this part without consulting as I certainly haven't been made aware as the CA for the service.

    We'll get this sorted.

    Been having a think on this update and would like to know more.

    The one thing I am interested in is education for it.

    Will it be standalone schools for it or added to existing.

    I have submitted for standalone schools.

    I've also set it up so that the update will be affordable for all and able to be used straight away without needing to train staff first.

    Obviously training required for certain units before using.