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    Please liaise with the AU content team.

    We're all working together for a Quality of Life pack to be issued to the UK server and for parts to be issued to other servers.

    We have CA's for a reason and this is to create realistic content for each server but also act as a voice for the community they represent.

    Please see various threads in the forum where this has been suggested and also discussed.

    There is a comprehensive SAR content team in place and working on bringing all aspects of SAR onto MissionChief UK.

    We are working on Coastguard, Lifeboats, SAR (both mountain and general).

    The use of names such as "HM Coastguard" or "RNLI" are prohibited as these are their genuine names and are not associated with MCUK.

    I am closing this thread as its a repetition.

    The problem with hems transfers is the way hems works in the uk game it must be acompanied by a ambulance so if a hems transfer was added you'd have to send 1x DCA ontop of the helicopter. I wish it could be changed but its okay i guess

    In game yes however IRL incorrect.

    As I've said above, we will see if the generic mission put forward and then we will go from there.

    I am now locking this thread, a suggestion has been made together with it being taken on board for future proposal.

    Inter-hospital transfers are on the list of missions I submitted a short while back so fingers crossed!

    Obviously it's down to the DEVs if they implement it.

    If it does get put into action I'll then push for HEMS transfers too.

    I've not known of a HEMS transfer from MIU to Acute hospital however I have been involved myself with HEMS/SAR Aircraft transfers for various medical/trauma calls.

    MTCs were put forward and the DEVs decided to not go with it however we will keep pushing for an improvement to the hospitals.

    Would be great given that the DEVs won't increase capacity at the hospitals to have a new building.. "Major Hospital".

    Cost 400,000? Twice as many beds as the current Hospital however utilising the departments differently.

    I don't know about anyone else but I do not use the departments, I see no incentive to use them.

    In my opinion it would be amazing if when you buy the department Expansions that each department had their own beds?

    So you have for example a 30 bed hospital, you purchase the trauma expansion which unlocks 10 trauma beds bringing the hospital to 40 capacity.

    The trauma beds only accepting trauma patients and once filled the next trauma patient conveyed goes to the standard 30 beds.

    This could be done for all departments, increasing capacity but also giving a reason to use the Expansions.

    I know we get a small increase in earnings for the correct department but in my view its not a good enough reward when you have a large setup.

    If the Coast Guard is "completed" and I have all the required personnel, equipment, stations and training for each why are mission not being generated?

    On another thread we were told that there is a bug/problem and that is why missions are not spawning. So it would not be speculation.

    This thread is for the UK version.

    If you are having issues with the update please highlight these in the US forum.

    To be clear about what I've previously said.

    I have completed the coastguard content and am working on the missions to go with.

    When appropriate it will be submitted to the DEVs.

    We have as a team made it clear that first we want to have a quality of life update released before any content packs.

    This mission had others that were similar that could have been grouped together for release.

    I had put together a list of 19 purely medical missions as was requested of the team. In this group of 19 there were another 5 x sets of similar missions that could also be grouped.

    We can not control what the DEVs do with the content we put forward to them or how they release it.

    If you feel you can create better medical missions (Ambulance only) then please feel free to send me them in private message on here or discord, I will cross reference with ones I have already created and put them forward if suitable.

    As a team we mix up the missions put forward to vary for service, requirements and reward.

    I'm sorry if you do not like the Ambulance mission this week, it was one I put forward out of a long list I have worked on.

    I do not agree with your choice of words suggesting it is "rubbish", the mission is new and realistic with a high chance of requiring critical care.

    If the community share your view then I'll begin work on another list, this time for unrealistic missions.

    As for the hospitals, we keep bringing them up and have tried previously to acquire higher capacity but the DEVs did not go for it.

    I agree with TACRfan that most gold work is control room based.

    I have not seen a control unit as part of any PDA for major incidents.

    I know of a few still floating round in the area I'm based however these are used for large events to take the workload away from control allowing them to focus on BAU.

    Maybe the ACU could be factored into timed events?

    Okay, first of all, to all admin, sorry but I might have been posting some things in the UK form, some of those if I was should be in the US form, though some and most of the stuff in the UK form should also be in the US form. Some say it doesn’t take long to read all the suggestions, yeah 47 pages for suggestions and improvements in the US area, and 7 pages in the UK area, totally didn’t realize that until to late, it does kind of take a long time to read them. No wonder admin and others seems to be getting mad at me a lot lately, made it a bit confusing. Again sorry!

    Not asking you to read every page, you can search phrases in the forums.

    And I disagree, not everything on the UK version should be in the US version.

    The versions need to be different to reflect how each country is.

    This thread is a good reminder to check the forum before posting, as gorilla has rightly said.. this has been suggested before and I'd like to say more than once.

    Doesn't take long to check the forums, it helps keep it clear and easier for us to manage.

    Please help us get to suggestions more easily by reacting to threads instead of duplicating.

    to address the needing of 2 helicopters hangers for 1 helicopter missions i think i might know why.
    here the Australian military has a requirement that if a aircraft flying over water(non military action, i.e. training Civ SAR ECT.) a second aircraft is required to provide SAR incase that aircraft crashes.

    so for example i live near a Naval Air Station so when the Seahawks go out for training they either provide mutual SAR in the use of multiple aircraft doing training or if going out alone a private contractor has to provide SAR in a AW-139.

    I don't believe that an Australian Military policy would play a part in a US content update but we'll see.. we have listened to the community and are looking into why it requires 2 hangars but 1 Helicopter

    That's answered brilliantly cheers

    No problem.

    I'd also like to clarify, as I know some members may get mixed up/confused (not you).

    Coastguard & RNLI/Independent Lifeboats are different and the future content for MCUK will reflect this.

    Coastguard will be it's own update as will the Lifeboats.

    Included in the SAR updates will also be LSAR and MREW.. Now all these updates will take time as we're asking the DEVs to introduce 4 entirely new services.

    Out of interest is there any possibility of knowing how response vehicles will be set out in a CG update? Would we just see a simple general CG rescue vehicle or will it be more in-depth with officers & operational support vehicles as set out in the HMCG's 2019 public fleet list?

    Or is it a secret haha

    I plan for the units to be more in-depth than just simply a rescue unit.

    You will hopefully see a standard rescue vehicle, rope/mud variants together with officers and additional support/trailer units all in line with the current coastguard fleet.

    I say hopefully as this may change once it's been passed to the DEVs - we have seen this with past updates.

    I don't want to say anymore as I can not control what the DEVs do so I don't want to get everyone's hopes high!

    Hope that helps?

    I've completed the UK Coastguard Content and just finalising the missions to go with the pack before submitting.

    There may be a few similarities however please remember the two services are entirely different.

    I have priced it so its affordable and practical for all members, hopefully when implemented the prices stay the same :)

    Hey all,

    Great suggestions, keep them coming!

    The deadline is End of this friday PCT / Saturday 8am UK time.

    When the deadline has been reached the thread will be locked and as a team we will go through all suggestions made on here/Facebook group.

    Please can we ask that you refrain from responding to other posts in the thread, this just increases the time it will take us volunteers to sort through the thread.

    Any posts that are responding to others or are duplicates will be deleted if not already.

    To show you agree or disagree with a suggestion please remember you can use the "react" option.

    The DEVs are aware that this content pack is being created and the plan for it to be next hence the deadline.

    Any issues please get in touch with a member of the team :thumbup:

    As a team we do our best to bring the content that the community wants, unfortunately this also means the suggestions for improvements get pushed aside by the DEVs to cater for the new packs.

    For the next update we want to push a "quality of life" content pack to the DEVs in the hope we can finally get all the things asked for including the improvements with ARRs and more.

    In order to help us put together this pack we're asking the community to highlight all requests on this thread below.

    Please do not duplicate posts.

    Put your requests below (for any part of the game).