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    Background: I have two groups of stations, both on different sides of the country. Each has their own dispatch center, both set to "Create your own coverage area". One dispatch center has police helicopters, and the other doesn't have any.

    The past week or two, I have had two missions requiring helicopters spawn at the dispatch center that doesn't own any helicopters. I have never had this happen before in the last 18 months, and now twice recently. The two missions were generated by different police stations.

    Here is what I have double and triple checked:

    -The missions were generated by police stations, and those police stations were assigned to my non-helicopter dispatch center.

    -The dispatch center, under statistics->buildings, says: "Police aviation: 0" (and has never had helicopters ever).

    -The dispatch center, under edit station, has "Create your own coverage area" selected.

    -The missions (I think both were "possible cannabis farm") list "min. police helicopter stations: 1" in the requirements.

    -On the "possible missions" page, on the non-helicopter dispatch center tab, the "possible cannabis farm" mission is not highlighted in green.

    Luckily I can just share it with my alliance or have one of my helos make the 8 hour flight but I do believe this is a bug.

    Windows 10/ Google Chrome

    I agree that this should be included in the standard game.

    One option for you is that in LSSM-V.4, under "Extended Alarm Window", you can edit what vehicles show up in each tab, and you can add the type 3 engine to the "Firetruck" tab yourself.

    Game wardens enforce wildlife and conservation laws, dealing with hunting, fishing, littering, forestry, endangered species, protected lands, etc. They're often seen in state/national parks.

    For the "Little field fire", "Large field fire", "brush pile", and "little wildfire" missions (and others), only the type 3 (or another firetruck) will count, because those missions existed before the wildland update.

    In the mission details it will say "Required Wildland fire engines: (number)" for missions where the types 3-7 are needed.

    I think if this gets implemented as currently described not a single player outside maybe the top 5 players will bother to build one because it is way too expensive to be useful. There is no way I would spend 20+ million for this. That is several weeks of income even for most late game players who are active daily. I am honestly baffled that it is even being considered to be developed with these requirements. In the nicest way possible, is the person in charge of gameplay balance familiar in the slightest with how the game is played?

    To buy wildland engines you need to have fire stations with the forestry expansion. (Fire department -> expansion tab -> forestry expansion). This can not be a small fire station, it has to be a full fire station.
    Once the expansion is finished, there are new vehicles available in that station's vehicle market: Type 3,4,5,6, and 7 engines, and a Dozer trailer.
    Type 3-7 engines are all considered wildland engines with the following characteristics:
    Type 3: 19,000 credits, 500 gallons of water, also counts as a type 1/2 engine.
    Type 4: 10,000 credits, 750 gallons of water
    Type 5: 8,000 credits, 400 gallons of water
    Type 6: 5,000 credits, 150 gallons of water
    Type 7: 5,000 credits, 50 gallons of water
    Dozer trailer: 20,000 credits, requires special training (heavy machinery operating), and a crew cab semi to haul it. It is not currently used in any missions.

    Soon, wildland missions will start spawning. They require a certain number of wildland engines as well as a certain amount of water. Pumper tankers and water tankers are also often required and can bring large amounts of water.
    The more stations with forestry expansions you have, the larger missions that will spawn.

    You can also buy a firefighting plane station, which will unlock new wildland missions that require firefighting planes, of which there are three:
    Water drop helicopter: 300,000 credits, 2,000 gallons
    Air tanker: 1,000,000 credits, 7,200 gallons
    Heavy air tanker: 1,500,000 credits, 12,000 gallons
    Any of these vehicles can be used to meet the "firefighting plane" requirement in missions and can be used interchangeably, the only difference is the amount of water they can carry. All of these require airborne firefighting training.

    Many of the wildland missions spawn on the "forest" POI so I recommend having plenty of those placed around your stations.

    Hopefully this helps!

    To delete a POI, first show them on the map (click the map filter on the top right corner of the map, then turn POIs on), then you can click on any of them and a delete confirmation appears.

    Someone created a large scale alliance mission that I sent over 200 units to. This person then deleted their account(I think), deleting the mission, and now all 200+ of my units that were at the mission are stuck at status 4, unable to respond to anything, with "current mission" blank.
    I can go and cancel them individually from the mission one by one but that will be a pain.

    If I see this correctly, sheriff units are needed at 3 police stations with the mission "warrant enforcement". Does this mean new players are expected to have purchased a 500,000 credit police academy to train sheriffs before they build their third police station?

    It has similar requirements to

    Passenger train derailment (Large)

    Average credits11000
    Required Fire Stations15
    Required Ambulance Stations25
    Requirement of Police Stations4
    PlaceRail Crossing
    Generated byFire station


    Required Firetrucks10
    Required Battalion Chief Vehicles2
    Required Heavy Rescue Vehicles4
    Required HazMat Vehicles1
    Required Police Cars4


    Max. Patients40
    Probability that a patient has to be transported50
    Patient SpecializationsTraumatology

    However, large train derailment has the following cost breakdown:
    Minimum patients = 0: payout = 11000
    Maximum patients = 40: transport % = 50% so 20 patients treated and 20 patients transported, 11000 + (20*500) + (20*250) = 26000

    This mission earns approximately double the amount of credits as major earthquakes. This mission requires 21 vehicles while major earthquake requires 24 (not including ambulances).
    As with everyone else, in my opinion the rewards for treating the patients is not nearly enough to justify such a monumentally low base payout.