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    How many personel are required1
    Training-Negotiator Training
    Building expansionPolice Public Order

    NameUSAR Pickup
    How many personel are required2
    Building expansionTechnical Rescue

    NameUSAR Minibus
    How many personel are required2 - 10
    Building expansionTechnical Rescue

    NameUSAR Support Unit
    How many personel are required6
    Building expansionTechnical Rescue

    Realistic Scottish player here and I can confirm, that it is 100% possible to have a realistic set up.

    Having used FOI's and such to gain fleet lists and built as close to it as the game will allow, it is a lot of fun. It gets tricky with HazMat, water tanks and heavy rescue as SFRS have Incident Suport units and Major incident support units that act as all 3 along with prime movers and PODS but is it still very much possible.

    Likewise with SORT, our SRV and CBRN vehicles are one in the same and our ambulance officers normally make up the crew in a PRV/ACU and our OTLS being found in ambulances but its all fun and games.

    I would love to see the next update going to fire as they have been neglected for some time. perhaps water rescue, foam units, airports, forest fire units, divers, boats, drones or fire dogs could be included?


    Search and Rescue:
    Building: Mountain Rescue Base, Search and rescue Helicopter station
    Vehicles: 4x4 Rescue, 4x4 Ambulance, Search and rescue control, Search and rescue k-9
    Missing person, injured hill climber, fallen rock climber, cave collapse, Mountain biker fallen, Mountain biker injured,

    Vehicles: Diver transporter, Boat unit.
    Missions: car fallen off a brige, car sinking in water, people trapped in flood. River burst it's banks (Not many units but will take a long time to complete), search for body, brige jumper

    Buildings: Airport police Station (Could be an expansion), Train Station Police (Could be an expansion) ((Both can still have all the normal units but will have there own special resources)), boat Station, armoury (where the bomb squad and CTSFO will be resourced from)
    Training curses: CTSFO (must be ARV trained first), boat training, public order training, taser training, TPAC training (for the traffic car)
    Vehicles: CTSFO, public order, prisoner transport van, negotiator, Command car, marine policing unit, wildlife crime, Airport Police IRV, British Transport Police IRV, bomb squad, taser unit, traffic car
    Missions: Unattended luggage (both in Tran station and airport POI) active shooter, Shots fired, firearm recovery, gun shot injuries, hostage situation, bank robbery, suspicious person, attempted brake in, attempted brake in with a weapon, ANPR activation, carless driving, dangerous driving, run away from vehicle (de-camp), no insurance.

    buildings: Training school,
    Training: HEMS training (Both for the car and air), doctors training, HART training,
    Vehicles: HEMS car and helicopter, Doctors car, Hazardous Area Response Team (HART)

    Any questions on how long anything should take or what vehicles should go to what missions then please feel free to ask.