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    Well... It's been a while... so lest return festive!

    Some various Christmas themed appliances to add a little festive cheer to your fleet! Enjoy.

    the boats would be RNLI though as HMCG don't use any sea vessels as far as I know.

    So my time is coming to a halt on the graphics front as I grace England with my presence for a month or so, but before I go I give you a few unique Gaphics

    HMCG Ford Connect

    HMCG Pickup + Trailer (not 100% mine{I added the boats and trailer)

    HMCG Pickup 2 + Trailer (not 100% mine{I added the boats and trailer)

    Police Scotland Peugeot 308

    Scottish Ambulance Neonatal Transport

    Name Coastguard Response Team
    Service Coastguard
    Purpose- Water rescue
    Cost- 7,000
    How many personel requried- 1 person
    Training- Swift Water Rescue
    Building expansion Water Rescue | Coastguard building
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots - 0

    Hello tonight I bare many gifts. I have been working hard on various graphics I hope you will all enjoy. Stay safe!

    VW Crafter PTS (Scottish Ambulance Service)

    VW Crafter PTS (Erskine Hospital Charity)

    Peugeot Boxer PTS (ERS Medical)

    Fiat Doblo PTS (ERS Medical)

    Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance (Scottish Fire and Rescue, Scottish Ambulance Service Co-Responder{FICTIONAL})

    Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance (English variant of the Co-Responder{FICTIONAL})

    Tonight we have a few quick additions

    Volkswagen Crafter (Scottish Ambulance Service)

    Peugeot Boxer PTS (Scottish Ambulance Service)

    South Central PTS

    St Andrews First Aid MFAP's (Mobile First Aid Posts)