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    I used to have the ability to have missions moved to the bottom of my list when I dispatched units to them so new missions would always be on top. I updated my computer and had issues and I cannot find how to do this anymore? Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advanced.

    First sorry if this is a double up. I couldn't see it already.

    Could we look at the possibility of Ambulances already on (Low priority) jobs showing up in dispatch still for higher acuity jobs.

    Eg. If I send an ambulance to a Category A or B patient and a C, D or E then comes in it would be good to be able to re task an ambulance that's closer but on a Cat A or B call. Then you re task the A or B job.

    Don't know if its possible or easy to implement but it would certainly add to the realism and reflect real life practices.