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    To make you feel better, all of you were wrong. It is simply when I select the mission, the mission comes up and THERE I select the reaponse distance I had accidentally hit 200 somewhere along the way. And it had nothing to do with alliance missions. Thanks for the responses tho :) problem solved.

    I am very strict about putting buildings in their real-life location, and I have been doing this since I got my profile many months ago. I started with small town fire department, only five stations with no mobile command, no hazmat, no tenders, and 1 ladder and 1 rescue. I do, however, have another very large fire department a little over 200 miles away, with all of these units. I did it like this knowing I could send units from my big department to the small one. But now for whatever reason I cannot dispatch units more than 200 miles away. Why? Any help appreciated :(