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    What does a hospital department do? It looks like patients could be treated without their designated department.

    You get slightly more credits if you send to a hospital with the required department currently only General Internal, General Surgery and Trumatology are the only ones used in the normal calls.

    You can select the others in custom alliance calls.

    It would be nice to see an option where it says life time earnings, number of units accross each dispatch centers and number of missions completed.

    Who agrees?

    Yes, however if I can get a way to work the API data into google sheets, i have a full set of sheets ready to display this.

    Just now all my Google sheet data is manual input, not bad now as I completed the stuff I have built now I just add to it.

    That API data though would make it so much easier. Just need to work out a way to run it.

    You shouldn't need to do that.

    If you add calls to the AARR make sure you are doing the create new aarr and not the group one.

    Also do not fill in the station option as left blank it still works and works across all stations.

    Or if you have a Dispatch Centre you just need to select that and not the individual stations

    The UK version is accurate so would like to know how it's not accurate.

    As stated Scotland run pumps at 9 staff.

    Also all units in game can be found throughout the UK.

    Scotland has all of them but with different names.

    you can set police and ambulances to patrol an area.

    It has no benefit really other than the possibility they may be closer to a call.

    Personally just now it's a waste of time setting them up

    Given that we are due a major medical update could dime one make up a few Scottish Ambulance Service SORT vehicles.

    These include a whole load of vehicles.

    If anyone is able to do them can itnjust be the flat side on icons and smallish.

    First is their Landrover Defender

    Next is their Mercedes Sprinter vans, all lwb variant

    The Iveco pod carrier

    The VW response vehicle

    This is only a few they also have similar units to ICCU and even huge equipment carriers. Also a few small standard car type.

    Locally to me the EDs each have over 30 beds average clearing time dependent on their condition but unless it is major trauma or emergency surgery patients can be in for well in excess of an hour.

    The hospitals manage the beds by making use of CAUs or MAUs or SAUs (assessment units) but these do not technically discharge from emergency care dept it is more a way to de clock the patient so that the department doesn't breach government targets. Discharging from the ED only happens when the patient either goes home, goes to a ward or transferred to another hospital for specialist care.

    Given how assessment units are used in some places it wouldn't be unrealistic for an ED to have 60 beds avaliable to them at anyone time.

    Dispatch centres are good for splitting up different play areas so would work well for counties

    You can build 1 dispatch for every 25 stations.

    For working as counties you need to set the dispatch stations up to set a separate dispatch area and link all stations in that area to the dispatch for it.

    AARR is Alarm and Response Regulations (think it's the same in the US version) it is basically a quick way to send the units required to each call. It reduces it to one click really.

    I'm not great at explaining aarr so I will leave the full details to some one else

    I'm playing with this sort of idea just now on uk version as I am running trials of covering the Scottish islands.

    I've successfully set my AARR by using custom vehicle classifications for island vehicles and set them only to dispatch as custom class.

    This stops the island vehicles going to the main land. Now in theory I'd expect you to be able to do similar with counties but you would need to sort out almost every vehicle to custom classification.

    My island experiment is successful just now but I'm only running fire, police and medical on one island and on a second island I'm just running medical but will be expanding that later this week to have fire and police, where I may need to reclasify units to be island specific not just classed as islands as that covers all.

    The big issue I can see especially for me is call limitation as it is not practical to build a dispatch centre on each island so may need to get creative but with just covering 2 counties this shouldn't be too much of an issue for you.

    Not worth a topic of it's own but would certainly make things easier to manage multiple hospital sites tax.

    I'm more thinking for alliances as it's where I've noticed an issue, to change tax on hospitals (and prisons) each one needs to be done individually.

    Couldn't there be an option to edit tax for allocations added?

    Adding more classrooms means you can run more than 1 course from that academy.

    You can have a maximum of 4 classrooms per Academy and each can run one course or you can set them to run the same course over all the rooms you have and that way train more staff

    OK, just finishing off my calls since double credits was started and having a look at the stats.

    I'm sure I've not got credits for some calls, mostly patient or prisoner transfers.

    First not even 50 HEMS patient transports have been recorded, I'd say this is missing 40 or so as my hems
    Prisoners i is 192, this is definitely short, was expecting closer to 300.

    My current set up covers Central Scotland, 40 fire stations, 37 police station, 13 ambulance stations, 7 hospitals, 6 clinics, 1 police aviation, 2 hems stations.

    Another idea on the same topic is that it would be great to have an extra option in the alliance menu to hide alliance owned buildings on the map.
    There is already a toggle option there to show/hide player owned buildings in the alliance it would be good just to add the same thing for alliance owned buildings.
    We have 65+ alliance owned buildings (mainly hospitals) in our alliance in just a few states and it makes the map look very cluttered.

    Have to agree, my alliance has over 100 buildings in UK and Ireland and that is likely going to double soon as I add prisons.

    It would be good to be able to show each set on their own. So can turn prisons on and off and same with hospitals and academies.

    For now though I'll be happy with custom icons