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    Hopefully they implement this in the new set up.

    I'm filling my hospitals in a few hours and then filling the alliance ones near me.

    The rest of the day I am scrambling for beds.

    I'm working on a wee side project for the game and need a bit help.

    From the FAQ the Station Cost Formula should be

    100000+(200000×log2×(total station-22))

    I have tried this formula out and getting nowhere near what the cost is or should be.

    Now either I'm doing something wrong (most likely) or the formula is slightly off.

    I'm wanting to break the formula down too so I can easily apply it to small and large stations.

    I have tried to get it to work in Google Sheets as that's what I'm using for this side project so if someone could help or advise it would be great.

    Have you set all ARV to the custom class of unit and then edited the AARR for each call that needs them to have the custom unit added.

    You need to set the ARV box to 0

    Then set the number of units needed in the custom box.

    So it doesn't do rescue, so it's not a proper CARP unit then.

    It's just an Arial Pump Ladder.

    That's a big difference between name and function.

    They are used a lot near me here in Scotland and they do have some rescue capabilities that's.

    Ok been working on my fire service and trying to get best value

    Just noticed a weird issue.

    I have invested in CARP at a new area I have set up basically all stations there have CARP as the main engine and a rescue pump as the second.

    Now just had a animal rescue call which is a rescue call and the RP and RSU could deal with them no issue. I sent my CARP to cover call as it is supposed to be able to cover rescue too but it couldn't cover the call and needed a RP to clear.

    Surely as it is a Combined Arial and Rescue Pump it should serve to cover a basic rescue call.

    These are great to have but one draw back is they come with no staff and your unable to transfer any from other clinics.

    Couldn't transfers be added between clinics just like fire stations, police stations and ambulance stations

    Dude, I don't think you understand, the more you poach members, the more people are going to hate you. Right now, people are hating you.

    I suggest not poaching unless you want backlash.

    Something that they don't seem to understand.

    The simplest solution for this is stop bugging others and play the game.

    It's not exactly difficult to do.

    As much as I wanted HEMS feel it's been rushed out to keep people quiet. Staffing is wrong for a start. Also no training needed. It would have been better for a medical training centre to be added.

    Also fact is you can send a hems to any hospital. That's something that doesn't happen.

    That was you could train advanced paramedics, HART/SORT and even docs plus aviation staff.

    Plus it's not listed in AARR either.

    Anyway it's going to be well used once I build more and build on the Scottish islands as I will be trying to replicate Scotstar.

    So let me get this right I'm getting a public telling off for replying to a post. My reply doesn't contain any foul language or any insulting language. My post is entirely peaceful just disagree with what was suggested.

    I have not broken any rules what so ever with my replies or yet again this player is playing the victim here and getting away with it.

    Yet a player can launch a foul and abusive attack and nothing gets done.

    Isn't this forum for discussing things about the game, am I not allowed to reply to the topics I have a view on? Just because its started by a player who is know to have issues with others and they take offense at people disagreeing with them.