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    Not a surprise really, the devs do not and have never really cared about the UK version.

    We have reported numerous issues with features not working as they should and other bugs. Still most have not been resolved. This has been in going for a long time.

    New content releases that the content team on this forum make are always altered and added in a way that it is often makes the new content not as great as proposed there are often issues with how the content works.

    They are saying about control room services only. I'm sure other versions of the game already include second tier services that would not be dispatched directly to emergency calls.

    What could be a nice idea is a vote, like a head admin role.

    1 person has this role.
    If 60 days passes while they are offline they can be removed.

    But they have to be voted in by the admins.

    It is probably the only way it could be done really.

    Just don't expect it to happen.

    Any update on getting the owner role for alliances pre october 2021?

    They won't have any record of "ownership" its not as bad for both UKCES or UKER we know ownership even after it has changed we can likely prove that to them. However others I believe ownership became a bit of a revolving door situation.

    Still a solution is needed.

    Quite simply the call just feels like repetition as already have a Seizure call, yep prolonged seizures are different and I get that but just feel that its poor for what we could have.

    Would make more sense to group small calls together and have 3 or 4 released together.

    Similar to how calls that are of the same style come in a group.

    I just feel it is a poor call.

    maybe keep this thread as the weekly update discussion one.

    This week the mission is rubbish but so be it.

    The alliance prison update. It's welcomed but do not feel it was needed (unless there is a plan to increase prisoners on calls). It's a bit poor that each cell now costs 50,000 (after 10 built) it should have been kept to the 25,000 like the others.

    Now it highlights even more though how improved alliance building tools are needed as a way to see what buildings are used the most would really help as we could target the expansion.

    Personally feel that this is a poor choice of upgrade and currently is not a problem area unlike hospitals we really need the beds increased have done for a long time with some calls having 2 hospitals full and still needing more beds.

    Every single ambulance tasking - broken ankle through to cardiac arrest - has the potential to require critical care. Would the game support a mechanic where each individual patient has a probability of requiring HEMS (or ground based critical care) from 0.1% for a non-injury fall through to, say, 5% for cardiac arrest? FWIW, I can honestly say there isn't a single category of call that I haven't gone to.

    Similarly, every job has the potential to be a Panic Button Activation. Could this be ported across to ambulance missions (perhaps with a slightly lower frequency!) requiring perhaps 1 OTL, 5 police cars, 1 DSU.

    Yep CC can be sent to some calls that seem like they are not needed but is done for reasons like pain management etc.

    Plus panic button should be added to medical side as stated. I use to work events alongside ambulance crews and few times we had to activate it as some nutter decided he was going to start lashing out.

    I get a ton of calls, could just be my planning errors but most my calls are big and require much extra support units sometimes sending a unit back to back calls having something to cover that station and send to a call to start would be helpful especially so I don’t have to wait 20 minutes. My issue tends to be I get a call, all units from one station is out, no other is closer then 15 minutes those units are already scheduled to go straight to another call, a third or maybe fourth call comes in to that area still no units available, do I really want to wait what could be + or - 15 minutes about where from start I could have had someone down there. But hay you also have great points.

    Before I started sorting out police it was my worst performing service with waits of around 20 mins for a unit to cover. Now for most of them it's under 10 mins only issue there just now is public order trained officers. They can push some calls to 20 to 30 mins just now.

    Fire although an absolute mess compared to police now (it was my best performing service) is now my least performing service and calls for it can and still do hit 20 mins but this is rare actually can fix it by pulling the offending stations from main back to northern expansion dispatch as only switched them over last week.

    Main aim is have all services getting a response to their calls in under 7 mins and having a full response on scene for non-expanded calls in 10 mins. Reckon I could actually get it down below this quite significantly in the main area I play but going up West coast and the island's I doubt that will be possible still aim for under 15 mins though.

    Like other patrols they are useless in game and it really needs reworked fully.

    I don't think foot patrols would work too well but could be simulated by an rework of patrol system.

    Standby also helps if your wide spread out like I am and don’t have much coverage in a certain area, I personally would take advantage of it all the time not sure about others, so sure it might be pointless for you but some I wouldn’t be, just like patrols are pointless to some but helps others.

    I cover a majority of Scotland where standby is used a lot but in game have no need for it.

    It would only be used if it was made workable to arrange back-filling stations by stand by units in a automatic manner. However given most of my calls are cleared in under 10 minutes I fail to see how having a unit from another station 20 mins away helps by time it arrives it will be stood down. Especially now as I almost have all calls being covered with a full response in under 10 minutes too.

    Yes I have departed fully from realistic unit locations now as that became unworkable very quickly for me due to fact some stations are very remote, yes I am managing my setup using dispatch areas to manage calls but that is not helping now.

    Yep add the feature but it needs to be made worth developing and made in a way where it is usable and doesn't need too much work to sort it out.

    I thought of this, told my alliance educator, he didn’t seem to approve and just said it would make the game to easy and you could just set up staging instead. He also said that the personal in that apparatus wouldn’t transfer if we did it so we would need extra people at that staton, or it would count as part of that 10 weekly people allowed to be transferred but if they can make it work like talked about above that would be wonderful.

    Your alliance educator is explaining it in a poor way.

    First we can not put units on "stand-by" just now, personally I do not see how it will add to the game without becoming yet another feature like patrols which are absolutely useless. It's an added carry on just to move them about.

    Other thing mentioning transfer of units between stations you can do this and yep staff don't go with it but if you are staffing your stations well to have extra staff it shouldn't be a problem and you shouldn't need to transfer any staff. So if they are advising this I think they are misleading you in best staff management.

    As to staging areas, these add only good for running storms or S60s even then once you get to a certain size you will find you use staging areas a lot less. Not sure why they would suggest this as an option for putting units to a station on stand-by as it's useless for this given stand-by is to provide cover to an area where a unit has already been sent to a major incident.

    Lifeguard update on American version looks great looking forward to see what they bring out to British version when they do.

    Great job devs.

    It looks good and could use parts on UK version.

    Be good to know some of the plans they have for it so we can work out what we need to do.

    I suggest in the game that when a fire station is sent on a mission and the station is empty of an operational vehicle, an operational vehicle can be deployed from the nearest station to the station to clear that area. Cover.

    If possible, tell the game developer to do so in future updates

    Basically you are asking for vehicles to be sent on stand by at stations where their units are on larger calls.

    This has been suggested before and is being looked at but don't think it will happen as don't think it will be practical bit like patrol routes.

    Given the relative proportions of jobs that require it, isn't 'critical care' in MC more akin to paramedic than real CC?

    The way it works yes, and is how I have set it up. Every ambulance I have has at least one critical care trained staff on it.

    I do not use the fire ambulance extension as feel it's a waste of fire spaces (not that I use them all yet) and doubt I ever will as find that with playing realistic locations I can cover ambulances better with larger ambulance stations, just now most have minimum 5 ambulances and my busier area they have 10 per station plus then a few clinics are used too.

    In addition to making alliance education easier to manage (in fact all education)

    It would be great to have some sort of statistic displaying usage of courses and how quickly they are being filled

    Did we forget these were in the game?

    Can they be added to bridge strike, overturned caravan, multi-vehicle major incidents, HGV rollover, coach rollover and all the other traffic based dramas that they're currently not required for pls?

    One of our forgotten units.

    Such a waste really.