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    Since this morning there has been an issue with AARR dispatching police cars.

    It simply is just not working, saying there are no vehicles, I have done the load more vehicles and still continues.

    This is being reported by all players in my alliance

    You don’t need to campaign as it’s something I’m going to get put in the game. I’ve always thought the UK game needed more event days. Honestly I have spoken to the devs about this in the past and it’s something I need to write a list for them on. I just haven’t had time and have been way to busy.

    Please (and this goes to everyone here) if there is an event you would like to see covered, let us know and if appropriate we will try to get it in

    I would be happy to come up with a list for you.

    Can also work on missions for them too if it helps.

    Here at UK Emergency Response we pride ourselves in being a all inclusive alliance on with members from across the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland.

    We also have alliance members from some European countries including France, Germany and Sweden to name a few.

    Yesterday was St. George's day, St. George is the Patron Saint of England, here at UK Emergency Response we feel that St. George's Day should be celebrated in the game in a similar way that St. Patrick's Day was celebrated on March 17.

    Similarly, it is disappointing that St. David's Day on 1 March was missed too, St. David is the Patron Saint of Wales also it was disappointing to see that St. Andrew's Day on 30 November was not celebrated in game in 2022. St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland.

    It is very disheartening and disrespectful to see that only one Patron Saint seems to be getting celebrated in the game each year and that is St. Patrick. The four Patron Saints days celebrated in the UK should be celebrated equally on the UK version of the game. Each nation is proud of its identity and their Patron Saints, it is only fair that each of the four nations of the UK has their Patron Saints Day celebrated.

    UK Emergency Response would like to recommend that in future the developers offer the following for each Patron Saints day for the UK version as well as considering providing a similar events on the other versions of Mission Chief where there are countries that celebrate their Patron Saint or have other national celebrations.

    24 hours Double Credits

    7 days of special calls related to each day

    A special coin sale

    We would be willing to work with the content creators to make up some basic calls for the events. These could be:

    Haggis Hunt (for St. Andrews)

    Unicorn on the loose (for St. Andrew's)

    Dragon spotted (could be used for both St. George's and St. David's)

    Daffodil theft (St. David's)

    Morris Dancing (St. George's)

    Punch and Judy cause a riot (St. George's)

    There are several other possibilities of missions that can be used during these events.

    UK Emergency Response are looking for all players and alliances to join us in our campaign to ensure that all four Patron Saints Days are celebrated in game.

    Quite a simple one.

    I've just spent last night moving lots of vehicles out of my airport stations to make way for the new content.

    This took a while to do and would be improved if we had the search bar on the vehicle move screen to search for a station.

    Ok I know how auto transports work for the Ambulance Officer and that is fairly customisable which is great.

    Slowly been working on the inspectors for police and someone has asked what the transport rules are for them.

    Do they transport to the players closest free cell automatically or is it to the closest free cell of alliance member or alliance prison?

    Large will cover Code B-F in game, Medium A-C, Small A-B. Glasgow would be Code F (which has always confused me as their fire service doesn’t really have enough resources to handle an A380, but here we are haha) Edinburgh would be an E as far as I’m aware. Although if it handles 748 then it’s F

    Yeah, Glasgow gets a daily visit of an Emirates A380 not sure how they get it from a safety point.

    Edinburgh can handle some of the smaller 747 fleet and similar sized, it probably could handle the 748 and A380 as will have the space.

    Prestwick is also handles the 747 but can handle larger.

    The lot of them don't have the proper fire cover really.

    I'll just make the lot of them large but will also add small and medium to them.

    Inverness and Aberdeen will get small and medium and liekly most others will get small only.....some of our remote airports fire service is literally a old Landrover.

    There is a known bug where Cat D missions are spawning as medium and a medium airport wouldn’t have the equipment to handle one so we are getting that changed.

    You should be able to simulate them fairly well and cat A and B would cover those small fields.

    I take it this is all via POI system.

    If so I take it for the likes of Glasgow and Edinburgh I'm going to need to place all 3 levels of POI as they do cover stuff from small single props right up to the A380 at Glasgow and sure Edinburgh can handle up to the 747s although rarely does these days if at all.

    Actually like how this update has been deployed.

    It is a lot easier to implement than first realised.

    I already have several Airport Fire Stations built and they were kitted out like all other stations.

    Now though I am using these stations to fill up some new stations this empties out the airport stations ready for converting over.

    For police I'm liekly going to just add the expansion, disable public order in them and remove public order units to make space for a more dedicated police set up.

    My only thing is simulating airports of differing sizes, not fully looked at that yet as will be wanting to add the small island airports in as well as the larger ones at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Prestwick.

    I have one for my main area which is mainland Scotland. Then I have a one for expanding to cover the northern part of the mainland area as that needs to be more controlled.

    I then have centres ready for island groups. Shetland is the current one that has anything added to it, but others will soon have CG at least on them.