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    Not sure if anyone else is noticing how slow game seems to be.

    Slow spawn rates slow load times, chat lagging and even lag when dispatching units.

    Noticed that the original German version is getting a server upgrade soon. Surely it would be worth upgrading all the servers to make everything better for everyone.

    I really do feel for those premium players and others who buy coins as they are essentially investing in the game and seeing little in return from the developers

    The alliance I am part of had finds switched off for a period of time.

    We restored them earlier today but have noticed that for all the days funds were off we have had players paying into the alliance.

    Some paid 30k plus

    In the alliance I am in we have noticed that payments for people hosting courses are not adding up.

    One member has run several courses recently there was 70 places in total available bit he has only received payments for 21 of those places.

    Could this be looked at

    please don't return distance to the low one.

    If anything provide the option to choose.

    It's working well just now.

    I get some may be out of your area but unfortunately you will not be able to govern this. Surely you can accept that the game can not be 100% realistic

    Not something to complain about as spawn radius needed increased so that's good.

    As for calls spawning in the sea or on water in general they are actually spawning on ferry routes. Yep bit weird but think it may be for future missions to use them for water type calls.

    Sounds great mate, we badly need an overhaul of the medical side hope it is quickly rolled out

    The devs have released a few app updates and moved servers recently. I think their focus has been to try and get the game stabilised and reliable.

    There are still a few issues with the game around missions spawning so think they will be ironing these out.

    Hopefully they do this and are working on a big update to add more to the game like improve medical side. This is still very basic compared to police and fire.

    Aliances already build and manage their own hospitals so don't see why they should pay for upgrades to members hospitals.

    That is where members should plan and use their own funds for these upgrades, if you have it open to the alliance charge them for it.

    What would be a good feature is to have income details for the hospitals so we can keep track how much each generates and even mark that income only to be used for improving that building

    If you're willing to go through that much effort instead of scrolling through the day view and month view then you could easily just open up mission chief, look up what people have contributed and type it into the spreadsheet?

    I don't think MC is at the stage where it will support excel etc and personally I don't think it's needed.

    I already go through it daily and record manually what each player contributed. What I'm asking for isn't something massively complicated.

    THAT is dedication for you!

    If we can't have missions spawning properly yet, it's definitely not something that would be worth looking into in my opinion for the DEVs, as I don't believe that many people would look this deep into the figures to work stuff out about their alliance.

    I enjoy working out figures and various statistics I'm actually trying to develop a full set of spreadsheets for the game so I can see each stations setup and how much it cost as well as bringing together the information to display statistics for my set up.

    I keep a log every Thursday (don't ask why that day) of user earnings in our alliance to see whether or not a player is active. It also gives an indication into our busiest or quietest weeks. For an alliance with only a few dozen members, it's not very difficult to manage.

    This is basically why I'm doing it to see what we earn and when we earn most and get an average daily income.

    just want to ask if there would be anyway to provide a easy way to get the daily contributions to download as a spreadsheet. Doesn't need to be daily but could cover a 7 day period.

    Reason I'm asking is I have been manually extracting data so I can produce statistical and financial information for my alliance.