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    If you're willing to go through that much effort instead of scrolling through the day view and month view then you could easily just open up mission chief, look up what people have contributed and type it into the spreadsheet?

    I don't think MC is at the stage where it will support excel etc and personally I don't think it's needed.

    I already go through it daily and record manually what each player contributed. What I'm asking for isn't something massively complicated.

    THAT is dedication for you!

    If we can't have missions spawning properly yet, it's definitely not something that would be worth looking into in my opinion for the DEVs, as I don't believe that many people would look this deep into the figures to work stuff out about their alliance.

    I enjoy working out figures and various statistics I'm actually trying to develop a full set of spreadsheets for the game so I can see each stations setup and how much it cost as well as bringing together the information to display statistics for my set up.

    I keep a log every Thursday (don't ask why that day) of user earnings in our alliance to see whether or not a player is active. It also gives an indication into our busiest or quietest weeks. For an alliance with only a few dozen members, it's not very difficult to manage.

    This is basically why I'm doing it to see what we earn and when we earn most and get an average daily income.

    just want to ask if there would be anyway to provide a easy way to get the daily contributions to download as a spreadsheet. Doesn't need to be daily but could cover a 7 day period.

    Reason I'm asking is I have been manually extracting data so I can produce statistical and financial information for my alliance.

    good ideas, we already have basic call progression so surely this could be added.

    Also it would be good to add advanced paramedics and even dr response with hems.

    HART/SORT would also be a great addition especially with the partial building collapse calls and that.


    And it could generate missions like the stations do but maybe on a small scale?

    just build a small station then.

    All for standby points that allow each service at them.
    Or have a system where you can set it like a patrol

    as this is the UK version could we not change the rank titles over to the UK ones?

    Leading Firefighter
    Sub Officer
    Station Officer

    And so on
    Oh if you do it please avoid the Watch manager and station manager system

    This would be great for some.

    I am trying to replicate the scottish set up. Now this is fine in places like Glasgow and Edinburgh where you have many stations covering the city.

    I have started in my home town/city Stirling where policing is very dynamic in the way its covered (in my case I'm keeping satellite police stations) but Stirling Police Station coveres a huge area, think last time I checked it coveres 30 miles out for some places. Yes this is helped by small satellite offices now in the days of Police Scotland. Back before that these offices were stations bit that's a whole other conversation.

    Allowing us to adjust radius or even coverage areas would be great.

    the android app has been playing up a lot the past few days from poor loading times to just not loading at all.

    The app opens fine but just doesn't seem to load or connect to the game.

    It's been a major pain tonight as been working on a storm with my alliance and been struggling to access game to send units on calls.

    Also when it does load it seems very buggy with some missions taking a while to load or we just get a blank screen.

    Just wanting to know a bit more about the station level upgrade.

    I know we get new vehicle spaces at each level but what I want to know is.

    Does the station coverage area increases we increase level