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    Ah ok, I don’t know much about EEAST. I have a similar BRC vehicle and would use it as a welfare vehicle, simply because Mass Cas Eqp is more SORT which is a resource charities tend not to have. But upto you

    I use to be part of the Red Cross and well that emergency equipment is most likely a kettle and that's it. It will have a few response kits which would be mostly first aid kits nothing else really. Maybe a stretcher and a ancient scoop board that is that old it could feature on the Antiques Roadshow.

    Always found the big vans and units like this absolutely useless really. When I was there I could have my unit (typically a land rover or the small mini bus) packed with all the kit I'd need and some extras. Always was more prepared and in order than these response vehicles that rarely moved unless it was being dragged off for a major event like T in the Park.

    New year, New dawn.

    If you are looking for an alliance that is focused on development and ensuring we are a family friendly place then look no further.

    UK Emergency Response has been planning ahead for 2022, we have a all inclusive alliance building plan that will see over 60 hospitals and prisons built each month and will also see 60 schools built a month.

    We will continue our European development, as we lift restrictions on where building can be in Europe. So if you are in Europe and need an alliance that will support you come join us.

    Our rules are simple, keep chat family friendly (9pm to 7am GMT can be a bit more relaxed on this), no offensive calls started (no terrorist events or real life events) and pay at least 2% tax. Oh and don't come in and begin acting the fool and become abusive when people ask you to stop.

    Anyway if you are wanting a new home for 2022 then head over and join UK Emergency Response.

    And from all of us here and UK Emergency Response we would like to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2022.

    Not exactly end of the world is it?

    We have got a load of seasonal ones that appeared this week for New Year. They are more than enough and really make up for the lack of a Monday Mission.

    I can send up to 80 units before my game freezes and fails, maybe it's player-side?

    I can send 80 ish to my own calls but on staging areas (unless they are my own) it's usually 20 to 30. Doubt it's an issue my end as it is going to the generic error message from the game. I've had plenty errors and faults that come up and do not throw out any feedback from the game just get a message from browser about the error.

    This seriously needs looked at as if we send over 20 to 30 units to a staging area at once we get an error and the units fail to send.

    Also this can happen on shared calls and our own calls although for your own calls the number of units is a lot higher.

    Can this be looked at and improved in the New Year. It's not majorly urgent just more of a inconvenience.

    HEMS is the biggest pain in the game just now and the most expensive.

    I have them but for now all they are uses as is a critical care unit. I've switched them all off as if there on it's a headache as almost every call needs at least one.

    People shouldn't feel the need to give them holidays on suggestions. The guy was trying to give his ideas and ask questions and in no way invalidated the update we received.

    So just keep going to them with a suggestion that was clearly already been taken up and a update given previously.

    The forum and dev team deserve a break and well people should consider and respect that.

    We will get further updates next year and police will likely be the main one sorted out then. There is absolutely no rush for this to be done and really could have been left out the conversation about the foam update.

    Could you not give the team a bit of a break really?

    It is announced that Police will be seen to at some point most likely 2022.

    As to foam update great to see it available in small stations now makes it 1000x easier for me to organise.

    Mind you double credits made me enough for over half my set up and I'm now skint lol.

    Could HVP use POI's? Such as lake, river and new ones such as hydrant points? I understand it would take a bit of work but if players have a lake or hydrant POI then certain missions requiring HVP could generate nearby, meaning it's less of a gimmicky appliance and players will have more of an incentive to train and buy them, other than the possible flood missions.

    Don't like the idea of restricting calls that use the HVP to places that only have a large body of water.

    They can be set up to deliver water to a scene and that can be miles between water source and scene.

    Right, but you have multiple, different PODs and 1 PM for them.

    What if you want to send an MDU/MDR (meaning: hazmat) POD, then a HVP?

    You'll reassign the personnel? Not very fluent gamewise.

    This is the exact problem I will have unless I train in all 3 needed for the pods.

    It's just annoying really. I certainly do not want to have to continually reassign staff which would be more annoying.

    Couldn't a more fluid system have been done that would make it easier.

    A great update and one that is needed but doesn't seem well executed.

    Honestly I’m not sure, I did just tell them this pod should have this education and then they implemented it the way they did so maybe it’s the only possible way with how they have done it.

    Thanks fornthe reply.

    Greatful for the addition but just feel the education side is a bit messed up. Yeah correct courses ect for the pods (we'll excuse that there are pods missing certain ones as that would screw us even more). I can manage by training PM crews in everything it's just a pain really. Would have been better just to have PM crew drop off pod at scene to be used by the trained staff there, but hey it will do as is. We can work around it.

    Great to have this update, it will be great to role out.

    Just on the pod system, education and assigned staff.

    Just now I'm having to assign trained staff to the PM and not the pod. This although not disastrous is a bit of a pain as going to most likely triple train staff for the PMs as they will need Hazmat, Mobile Command and HVP if you make full use of the PM and pod system. My understanding of the pods are they are delivered to a scene for use by trained crews there and the delivery crew are unlikely to be trained in enhanced roles, especially as the PMs drop the pods off and often return to base to collect other pods that are needed or often taken of scene to free up space so the crew are not going to be there really. They literally just deliver and pick up pods.

    So wouldn't it be better to bin the trained staff requirements or change it to make it an additional education for the pod system alone?

    Or is it a game mechanics issue that prevents this and for it to work it needs to be this way?

    when would this fire update likely be added, given that it's been popping up on other servers.

    I get there is a need to make it UK specific but will the devs actually bother to listen to this or will they just forge ahead and release what other servers have.

    Will it make use of the AARF training course too?

    Noticed the new role of Alliance Staff has been added.

    This is great but could we have it so that any player with it is highlighted in chat, that's all I feel would be needed from it.

    Although great to see this being implemented. We really need a way for old alliances to be secured.

    I get this can be difficult for some as their owners/founders have moved on or stopped playing.

    Patrol routes are not limited to just police units. Fire and EMS can be assign patrol routes as well.

    Yes but just now setting patrol routes is a massive waste of time as they are utterly pointless.

    This idea is a good one to actually make them a practical feature but seriously doubt that it would be possible.