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    Honestly I’m not sure. I’ll allow it to be posted in either the US or UK forum on here as you don’t have a forum.
    In terms of player counts etc, I doubt any version other than the original 3 will get a forum, some of the biggest versions don’t have one.

    So just to confirm - you will be ok with me posting an alliance recruitment thing in the US recruitment page? Just checking before I do in case you've changed your mind

    So TarcFan, Caolan753 and VICFire, to summarise whats been said in this thread (please tell me if i have misunderstood anything):

    The devs do not give a flip about Australia because it doesn't make them enough money, you forum admins won't create an Australian subforum because the devs don't want to encourage versions that don't make them enough money and if we keep "derailing" threads you'll start issuing warnings?

    Out of curiosity, what threads have I de-railed? Or were you talking about DemonicJ? I haven't de-railed any threads that I know of, I have dropped comments asking about Australian versions but that is hardly de-railing anything.

    How do you suggest we make change? I get we can't talk about AU here but that leaves people on the Australian version without a place to suggest things to the devs. I'm willing to be that they send our suggestions straight to the bin because they give us all that same copy paste response to the in-game message thing, they don't even put in enough effort to include our usernames in their messages.

    I get Missionchief is a for profit company and as such will naturally focus on ways to boost profit but making 25 versions then turning and around and essentially saying "not enough dollar signs there" and going to other versions. Like, what the flip? If they are that bad at this whole game company thing then let users volunteer to fix it! I would personally learn an entire coding language if it meant i could fix this game, i'd colunteer my time to help myself and others have more fun on other versions.

    I am sorry if this is ranty and I know forum mods / admins don't have much of a say in the game but please, at least give us a Discord server where we can suggest things, even if the devs check it once a month that is better than nothing.

    We as the UK advisor team go out of our way designing missions which have realistic requirements to the UK (based off actual responses to incidents).These requirements would not work for other versions and I can tell you now players would not be happy if we started implementing requirements like US etc. Too many aerials.

    The code we write is the code that’s put in the game, that’s why there have been errors to the missions when they have been added, because I have made a typo. The devs spend little time working on missions for the UK game.

    With respect, we (both the UK and US) have no say over content in the Australian version of the game. By you two keep posting about the Australian version, it is derailing topics relating to the other versions. If this continues I will start issuing warnings. I suggest if you have feedback about the Australian version, you submit it via the app or the Facebook where it can reach the correct location. They may not have an Australian forum but there is an Australian version of the advisor/content teams who will have been provided with the facilities to write their own missions, if that isn’t being done, that’s not the team here’s fault.

    Is there a way to sign up to do the same thing on the aus version? I understand that the devs don't really care about any version other than the DE one but I do so I'd love to help.

    I believe what DemonicJ meant is that every country has different units that do different things and missions may be called something else. For example here in Australia we call "flip flops" "thongs" so if there was a mission called "flip flop factory fire" the devs should change that to "thong factory fire". In Australia we have lots of units that other countries don't have and vice versa so if they give us say a German unit just translated into English that isn't going to work.

    Yes! Admins, please!

    The forum team here do not deal with the development of the Australian version so I'm out of the loop on what's happening with the development over there.

    If you don't mind me asking - where can I recruit members for my australian alliance? Can I post on the us or uk alliance recruiting section?

    The mobile version is terrible, I'm sorry but there's no nicer way to say it.

    The mobile version is terribly slow and sometimes doesn't even work at all and you have to refresh if multiple times to get it working. It insists on refreshing anytime you do anything which would be fine if it didn't literally break the game. If I want to refresh it, I will refresh it. If I leave the app for 5 seconds and I don't want to spend 20 seconds making it work again.

    The desktop version is better but has many issues as well.

    Spot on there Wings - I dont believe there has been a comment on this forum that is more correct than that!!
    There are lots of little things that could be added to the game to enhance it etc but as we have seen the devs struggle to get a simple copy and paste mission out every week, let alone get proper updates out. For example, the US missionchief is far lagging behind the German game, for example, MCUS doesn't have prime movers with pods, different types of hazmat, or advanced medical vehicles like the German game does, and MCUK is a long way behind MCUS, without rescue ambulances, quints etc.

    And MCAU is far behind the uk version.

    It seems that all the versions of the game are hosted on a single server in the us, I propose that you guys get servers In each country.

    So for example get a server in Australia for MCAU, a server in the UK for MCUK. This would reduce the ping and also provide a backup in case one server is down because now it can just come from a different server.

    Also is there a way to donate to the game aside from buying coins? No offence but with the amount of issues this game has it really looks like you guys need them.

    ugh, I love this game but the devs make it really hard to enjoy some times :(

    I have asked several times. Should be here, no extra resources necessary. Too hard. Maybe I shoud say its Malicious not to have one?? Last time that word was used they backflipped & changed a mission because 1 person didnt like. Now we have at least two people asking for an Aus version on the forum, should happen twixe as fast. lol

    add some of the people in my alliance too. The forum seems to be a pretty good place to recruit people but how do you recruit people if there's no way to recruit people? I would say it's malicious not to have one.