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    Water calls are rare to begin with. Waiting for a specific water call to happen will take awhile. I’m also still waiting for my first tanker ship fire but others in my alliance have had them.

    Seems to be a server-related issue. Members in my alliance started having issues yesterday too. If we get any information we'll share it, big if though.

    Fire Station105
    Ambulance Station62
    Police Station22
    Medical Helicopter Station0
    Police Aviation

    Type 1 fire engine128
    ALS Ambulance98
    Patrol car68
    Platform truck39
    Battalion chief unit21
    Heavy rescue vehicle9
    K-9 Unit8
    Rescue Engine7
    Mobile air7
    Water Tanker5
    Utility unit4
    Boat Trailer4
    ARFF Crash Tender4
    Police helicopter3
    SWAT Armoured Vehicle3
    Large Fireboat2
    Mass Casualty Unit2
    Large Rescue Boat2
    EMS Chief1

    This is my LA setup. City units are in the table above.

    LA County

    Fire Station117
    Ambulance Station13
    Police Station3
    Medical Helicopter Station0
    Police Aviation1

    Type 1 fire engine99
    Heavy rescue vehicle40
    ALS Ambulance25
    Battalion chief unit17
    Water Tanker10
    Type 2 fire engine9
    Rescue Engine7
    Patrol car6
    Mobile air2
    Utility unit2
    EMS Chief2
    Platform truck2
    Mass Casualty Unit2
    Police helicopter1

    It does happen often, and even though most PD calls can end up like that in real life, it rarely happens. We could look into adding a "Unit Requesting Backup" call instead, which could be one extra patrol car from what was previously needed.

    You said it has an odor in your original post. This is the first responder world, not the the chemistry world, and the properties of natural gas are not changed by the addition of Mercaptan. It's just as flammable.

    Wildland is on the list but not a priority. I will inform you that crew carriers and dozers are a part of that update.

    CO alarm typically would not sound for other chemicals because the detector only reads CO. Only if another chemical was giving off CO as a biproduct would it trigger a CO alarm

    Im actually in the works of making a whole bunch of Hazmat titled missions, that can all upgrade to various types of hazards.

    Cascade refill seems straightforward enough. I'll add it to the list

    A good chart highlighting the differences can be found on the Wildland fire engine Wikipedia page. Most likely we'll be adding a "Type 6 engine" to function for small brush truck when we shift our focus back to fire. The differences between the rest of the wildland engine types are minimal; we do not need to represent all of them.

    While I do like the idea, since only the mobile versions have access to Google/Apple maps and therefore traffic, I don't think it could be implemented anytime soon. I don't believe OpenStreetMaps has a traffic utility either

    In the alliance forum there is an option to make a new topic viewable by admins and co-admins only. If you are referring to admins only, you must have trust issues.

    Screenshots can be taken of the chat, so there is not a dire need for a transcript download. However, I've added it to our list.

    Rescue Quint will not be getting put in anytime soon because one unit to fulfill all three basic roles is a unfair, regardless of it being your department standard.

    2. Rescue trucks. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's essentially a utility truck renamed. It's not a large heavy rescue like mentioned with FDNY but it's something a small town would use. I know from personal experience, we had a pickup truck with extrication equipment for cars that went out in the field. That's essentially what you're suggesting.

    I believe he is referring to Rescue-(Ladder)trucks.

    You should definitely build a second hospital. The way I have always thought is that 6 hospitals with 10 beds each is way better than 2 hospitals, possibly even 3 hospitals with 30 beds each.

    Over a 6 hour gameplay, 6 little hospitals will clear 36 patients.
    The 3 big hospitals will clear 18.

    The larger capacity is a temporary fix for a flaw in an EMS system. More hospitals is how you fix the flaw.

    I operate 8 hospitals, 6 with 10 beds. 2 with 15. the 2 hospitals with 15 are also my specialty hospitals (Trauma centers, cardiac and neuro surgery)

    It would be nice if everyone could be trusted to use it correctly, and not use other players' credits to reward their friends.

    We could look into the possibility of a SWAT Helicopter which performs the duties of both SWAT and a Police Helicopter. but that won't be anytime soon and would be a reward unit with a rank requirement.

    A good idea for expanding the schools. What I do now is change the name of the staff member and add the rank into the name.