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    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

    As you would all be aware there has been little action within the forums for quite some time.
    I think we should try and kick start the thread again. Get some action happening as the voices of the community are needed to help improve the game. We are the ones that play the most and find the bugs a lot of the time, or think of some amazing things that could be added. But nothing will happen so we need to bring some life back and get the suggestions pumping, report the bugs we find and just overall interact more as a community.

    I know there is a lot in progress on the AU server, I am working on the Warringah-Pittwater Headquarters doing my rural stations and 2 of the vehicles I will need are a crew van and bus. I was wondering when they would possibly be added into the game?

    My brigade has a 16 which is mostly for our Cpt to respond as a OIC. But we can use it as a PC but every district will have an abundance of PC's and buses

    If these CA we burm through so fast actually listened to the members that play the game they are supposed to be helping improve, who in a lot of circumstances are serving or have served instead of telling us the units we have used in service dont exist, stuff might get done.

    Yet another reason I no longer bother posting here

    I think we have a very bright horizon approaching hopefully

    Once again one has only done the very basic of searches but if one was to actually go into the pages given the full picture becomes clear . There is a grand total of 2 locations within South Australia, 2 in the NT and so on. Trust me we had this very in depth discussion with all this evidence with the developers when they wanted to plagiarise the US lifeguard content. We cannot draw boundaries around these areas, so the compromise was the MSAR instead.

    And on a side note frankly im getting a little sick of the nitpicking and half truths to suit a particular narrative. Its no wonder you guys burn through your Content Advisors, then when they quit you complain because you get no content. We spend a lot of time and effort to bring you good quality and accurate content with a quantity of missions that goes with it. We have taken on board your suggestions, we finally got the SES fixed somewhat, you got an specialist training academy instead of the courses being buried and taking up space in fire academies, an individual SES vehicle tab again unburying SES from within fire resources and we've given you a soft release to allow you to train and populate personnel in preparation for the release more complex and in depth missions ( all of which have been suggested in the past) but we never get any feedback on what we're doing right.

      • I myself have training and qualifications from Royal Life Saving Australia which is a nationally accredited service in Australia and I have competed at fire coemptions with from SA who have done Life Saving. The image You provided for SA only mentioned Contracted posts within those areas.

 Link to Surf life saving Clubs and Locations for SA on the Actual Surf Life Saving Site which I found after searching one thing so don't sit there Katnip and say his Searching was basic when I found something that is so easily obtained by simply searching for Surf Life Saving SA.

    I voiced my opinion on this before and I will say it again. I am opposed to any part of the game that simulate a firefighter injury or firefighter down (same with police) I am part of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) and I do not condone making a game out of firefighter injuries (or police for that matter). While FF down is not a fatal thing, it makes a game out of hurting firefighters. We lose over 100 FF a year to LODD and injure thousands more. It is not a game.. Just my opinion

    I fully understand that mate and I agree it can be a very confronting and distressing thing. But we have missions such as shooters, fire truck accident, ambulance accident and police officer down. I know the devs and everyone involved do not condone nor try and glorify the injuries and deaths of our fellow emergency responders as many are in the emergency services like you and myself. But if we do think about it a lot of the missions can cause theoretical harm right. It is something that can't be avoided but we can together as a community work to help suggest the mission better or adjust the name or premise of it

    I would say that you are going to be pushing the brown stuff up hill with a fork trying to push ya logistics trucks through,It is about Majority, not loud Minority It also a computer game not real life,

    Not asking to have it rushed through. Things take time and we are getting some amazing content at the moment. But to sit here and be told lies is not on. I am not going to sit here with false information being spread. If they don't want to add it that is fine, but excuses that don't make sense are ridiculous.

    Some other logistics vehicles that were sent to Echuca /Moama during the floods this year

    Yep. They exist. And after 1 message from a CFS member I was able to find out that majority of brigades in the CFS and all District offices have logistics vehicles so this only 2 brigade have them comment is so un true. But what would we know as members of these various emergency services in the country.

    What you need to understand is its impossible to put indeterminate vehicles into the game. We constantly have people suggesting vehicles that only apply to NSW and seeing this is an Australian based platform not purely a NSW based one, we wont see these types of vehicles. That's why there is no police rescue and the likes. Even with the latest content you will note we had to find a nondescript name because every state calls theirs something different, i had to interview people in different states to get an idea of how their organisations worked ( again because they're all different) and try to combine it into something somewhat realistic for all states. That's also why there wont be lifeguard component as such because some states dont have them at all and some programs are run by the local council and so on.

    So whilst i understand your quest for realism, expecting vehicles to be added purely for NSW's sake just isnt able to happen. We can't draw a big red line around the state and say these vehicles are only available here and nowhere else. So the suggestion above is a valid one to enable you to achieve what you want to, if you chose to.

    Not once have I stated this is exclusively for NSW. I am using NSW information to describe it. I have confirmed through members of fire services that Pumpers do carry Hazmat gear in numerous states yet the argument still remains only NSW does it. This argument that only NSW has it or only a few states have it stupid. No where does it say you must build what is been given. If we are sitting here and playing it like this then why was Wildland added in the US. Not every dept and state does it so why add it. Or why is Ambulance Rescue in the game. If you don't want to add just say it, not given a stupid excuse.

    He is correct in what he is saying. It will add a new class of vehicle since he is customizing it. However, since none of those units are required, he is basically sending another unit with the name change.. for Instance, if he names a battalion chief vehicle support 1, he can send it, but there is no category requiring that on a call, so it will just be credited as a battalion chief.

    Except it isn't. It is not what I have suggested at all. I have suggested a entirely new vehicle to do its own job. changing a unit name that is doing a completely different job is not what I have suggested at all. I have suggested this for AU and in AU IRL Logistical vehicles have their own purpose which I have stated above.

    Simply re label your Batallion chief's vehicles to logistics and set them to own class turnout set a custom button label called logistics, and set them for large event turnouts.

    Except logistic vehicles are not that. They are there own thing which do there own job. Support vehicles are a IC vehicle not logistics support

    Going over recent major fires with in NSW and surrounds lately and I have been seeing a lot of these fires having Logistical support vehicles being responded to them. Like any service in the world logistics make or break a service and emergency services are no different.

    Logistical support units for fire would act similar to the riot equipment transport unit. It will transport extra miscellaneous equipment needed for fires and other major events. It will add to the realism for the game and logistical supports are not 1 state orientated as they exist for all states and territories. Another use for the future is vehicle repair or removal. I've been seeing and hearing about the possibilities of vehicles either needing service/repairs or replacement in the future. You can make a mechanical logistical support vehicle to do that as a mission to add to things you can do within the game. I have seen these in work on fire grounds myself and had them service the trucks I were on at said incidents and it would be a great opportunity for the game.

    I believe the topic of Hazmat pumpers has come up before but I am not 100% sure. I have asked around to firefighters from all states and territories within in Australia and I can safely confirm QLD, NSW, VIC, WA and SA carry Hazmat gear from a basic lvl to specific pumpers carrying more specialized gear. It simply adds something else to do within in the game and allows for players building in Rural areas where services won't commit dedicated hazmats to use hazmat pumpers. The next town over from me has a Hazmat Tanker which is responded to all hazmat jobs within a 2 hour radius.

    I can understand if hazmat pumpers are a no but I think the logistical support would be a fantastic addition to the game.

    Furniture Store Fire (Furniture store POI)
    x2 Pumps
    x1 Aerial
    1000 credits

    Furniture Store Fire 3rd Alarm (Furniture store POI)
    x8 Pumps
    x2 Aerials
    x1 Rescue
    x1 Basu
    x2 Support
    x2 Police

    x2 Patients
    4000 Credits

    Furniture Store Fire 5th Alarm (Furniture store POI)
    x12 Pumps
    x2 Rescues
    x4 Aerials
    x1 Haz
    x1 Bulk Water
    x2 Basu
    x1 MCV
    x1 Support
    x6 Police

    x4 Patients
    8000 credits

    Crane Fire
    x8 Pumps
    x4 Aerials
    x3 Rescues
    x4 Support
    x1 MCV
    x1 Haz
    x10 police
    x1 Ambo Supervisor

    15 patients
    9000 credits

    Chemical Spill (Warehouse POI)
    x6 Pumps

    x1 Rescue
    x2 Hazmats
    x1 Basu
    x2 Support

    x4 Patients

    3000 credits

    Care Yard Fire (Car Yard POI)
    x4 Pumps
    x1 Bulk Water
    x1 Support

    1500 credits

    Car Yard Fire 4th Alarm (Car Yard POI)
    x12 Pumps

    x2 Bulk Waters
    x1 Rescue
    x3 Aerials
    x2 Support
    x1 basu
    x1 MCV

    x1 Haz

    7000 credits

    I have used similar unit response for these missions to the fire rescue NSW alarms. I understand if the credits for the missions aren't the best as my thoughts to game economy are two different things.