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    Check your POIs and make sure that you meet the requirements of the mission as I know for a fact that the mission is working as I have have had around 40 over the last few days and I see them all the time on the alliance missions.

    We had the necessary POI set for the job, and multiple people in the alliance met the requirements. Only 1 person in our alliance received the job and that was on the last day of the Easter event. I had the job multiple times in the AU version but it just didn't seem to spawn for us in the US version of the game

    I've noticed over the last 2 weeks that I can go 2 or 3 days without any Large Boat jobs, then i'll get 3 or 4 in a day. It seems very sporadic

    If I had to guess, so many people are playing due to the 2x credits event that it is slowing down the servers. It sucks because I'm sure we all want to earn as much credits as possible, but the servers are not designed for this much players at once. I'm assuming after the 2x event is over, the game will return to normal. Everyone being stuck at home due to COVID-19 probably is not helping either.

    The AU system showed a marked improvement once the 2x ended about 11am, it's been getting better throughout the day

    Within the App, there is a ‘Contact Us’ option to send a message to the developers. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist on the web version as far as I’m aware, one of the mods on the forum can probably confirm that one.

    I can't see a 'Contact Us' option in the app. I did find a button in the help system (top right of screen, looks like a chat symbol) and tapping that opens a screen labelled 'Conversation'. Is this the elusive contact option you mention?
    Not being a smartarse, it just seems that they don't make it easy to contact them to submit genuine bug reports!

    I suggest you report this through the App help channels so the game developers see your complaints rather than venting in here. We’re all suffering from the same problems but we have no control over things and I’m not aware the developers use the forum that much.

    Where is this App help channel you speak of? I've been right through the US & AU versions and can find no way to contact the Devs through an in-game link. The only way I know of is via their Facebook page (which they don't acknowledge) or by making enough noise here! A simple Bug Report page would be a useful feature if it exists!

    SHPlay need to pull their fingers out and fix their servers, I'm having to send the same units 3 or 4 times to the one job at the moment on the US version, and it's starting to get more prominent on other versions as well.

    Not sure where this should go, but noticed today when I logged in that a Compensation Week button has appeared but starts on day 3. Has anyone else missed the first 2 days?

    Once you buy the Utility & Boat trailer you will have a Swift Water boat ready for action, assuming you have the staff trained to use it. It's a pity you can't put a Heavy Rescue + Boat in the Docks to save on bays