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    I totally agree with this! If that’s too complicated, having patients released an hour from when they were admitted would be a lot easier than one patient every hour.

    This could be down to your connection or the game having some server issues. Is it still happening and if so what’s your username

    My username is tboltsiren2. I noticed that the map does work okay on my computer (which is on the same WiFi as my phone) but it happens on my phone and iPad whenever I zoom in. I’ve tried a few different WiFi connections, as well as data and my connection is fine. This is a fairly new issue as well.
    Thanks for the help!

    First of all, I’d like to thank the team and the devs for listening to us! The game has really improved since I started playing last year.

    Now that we have the highly-requested pumper tanker in the game, I’d like to suggest a new combination unit: the Heavy Rescue/HazMat. I really would like to see this in the game, because a lot of departments have “special hazards” trucks that double as a rescue and a haz.

    Of course, crew members on this unit would need HazMat training, and the truck would cost more than a regular Haz unit or rescue. Like the other combination trucks, it should require at least a Captain rank to be purchased with credits.

    What are your opinions on adding this unit to the game?

    I pitched this idea a while back and it received fairly good feedback, so with the new devs I thought i'd throw it out again and see what anyone thinks. For people who operate based on realism, the ability to choose whether the vehicle going to the call or transporting a patient/prisoner drives with lights and sirens, or just simply drives to the call/destination. Many places around the world, certain calls (many of which we have in MC) do not warrant an emergency response. And though this would not effect the game play-ability in any way, I feel it would add another step of dispatcher realism. A simple box when dispatching units, and/or an option when the unit is clicked on to be able to change if the unit goes to the current assignment in emergency mode or not. The default would stay the same, so anyone who doesn't which to use the feature wouldn't be effected in any way. I feel it would be possible as well, because the game already sends ambulances to transfers in non-emergency mode; and other units to scheduled events in non-emergency mode.

    This is a great idea! While it may not be a game-changing update, you’re certainly right when it comes to the realism part and would make the game even more fun for realistic players like me! For example, minor medical calls like “nosebleed” would only require a “cold” response, without lights and sirens. It would be cool seeing my units being dispatched cold to non life threatening calls like that.

    I noticed there’s an option for both a “wildland fire vehicle” and “wildland fire engine” in the ARR. What’s the difference? If I want to create an ARR task force of 5 brush trucks of any type, which do I use?

    1. Police Supervisors: required at larger missions such as shootings.

    2. Police Command: just like mobile command but for PD. Required at major incidents, such as active shooters, aircraft hijacks, etc. requires training.

    3. A lot of smaller towns don’t have police departments, and instead rely on state police to patrol the area. Because of that, during fire incidents that require police to block the road, the fire departments will use “fire police” units instead of sending actual cops. My idea is that fire police units can be kept at fire stations, and can be used in place of patrol cars on fire calls that require police, eg. residential fires.

    I have a lot of buildings and hospitals, but it still annoys me when earthquake missions pop up as frequently as they do. Not only that, but they almost always get upgraded to a major earthquake. Every time I see one that’s not major I send the same ARR for major earthquakes since I know it’s just going to upgrade anyway.

    Around here I’ve seen many departments use their type 3’s to tow trailers, and adding this to the game would be a great realistic touch. I know this has been brought up before but mobile air and hazmat trailers would also be a great idea!

    Trailers are not in the works but is definitely something that has been considered and a plan for implementation has been drawn up. We dont want to put too much pressure on the devs though as there is still the remaining stuff for wildfire.

    Oh okay, my mistake. I thought I read somewhere that they’re in the works, but I could have read that they’re being considered and I misinterpreted that. Thanks!