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    I’d really like to see a heavy rescue/hazmat combo. A lot of departments around here have “special hazards” units, which are just that. Another thing I’d like to see is hazmat trailers, which I heard are in the works.

    I have had a play around with my dispatch centre and once i had finished my vehicles stopped moving on my pc screen. They still move on my phone, and i have the same settings back to how they where before i messed around with it.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to why they have stopped.

    Thankyou :)

    That happens to me sometimes, a quick refresh of the browser or a quick restart of the app works for me.

    I had that issue with my ARFF units. Asked the developers. They said that once you get a lot of vehicles an orange bar will appear that says load missing vehicles. It doesn’t do it all the time but clicking that fixes the problem.

    I think that was my issue. Thanks!

    Can you post some pictures of the training page, building and vehicles please. Or alternatively could you post links to those vehicles

    I don’t seem to be having the issue anymore, but if it happens again I’ll be sure to take screenshots. Thanks!

    I have an ARR set up that calls all 4 of my SWAT vehicles. Sometimes when I try to dispatch them with the ARR it says that one of my units is not available. I have double checked all of my stations to make sure my units are fully staffed with the assigned trained personnel, and they are. I have no problem dispatching them manually; it only doesn’t work in the ARR.

    I agree. I’m also wondering why a mobile air is needed for a large earthquake. Maybe it’s because earthquakes have been known to cause fires sometimes?

    This was a mistake. They should have been under the same POI however it was spelt slightly differently when the mission was submitted up to Sebastian so he added an entire new POI

    Ooohhh alright. That makes sense. I kind of figured it was something like that, but I didn’t kneel for sure. Thanks!

    The app has been crashing every few minutes which is new for me. When I try to open it, it crashes right away until I restart my phone, then it works for a few minutes and starts crashing again. :(

    Is anyone else having this issue right now?

    I am having 2 issues:

    1. Sometimes when I dispatch units, there is a message saying that there are not enough personnel, even though there are. Restarting the app fixes this.

    2. I sent 9 of my airport personnel for ARFF training, and I used coins to speed up the process. They no longer show up in the fire academy (which makes sense since I used my coins to end the training session), but when I try to assign them to a vehicle it says they’re still in training and are not available. I am not able to dispatch the unit I have assigned them to because of this. I deleted and re-installed the app and the problem has not gone away. This is an issue because I used my coins...

    I understand there are many server issues right now and the devs are not to blame. I just hope these issues get resolved soon.