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    I am trying to get ultimate realism out of this game. I have two monitors so I have the map on the left screen, missions, radio and buildings on my right screen. I think we should be allowed to turn off buildings and missions off the screen so only vehicles are on the screen. This would add a little bit more realism and of course it would be optional so not all players have to do it.

    Another thing: maybe we could have the option to hide specific alliance buildings on the map (ones built with alliance funds) so maybe you click on the building and there is a box saying if you want to hide it or not.

    These are just a few suggestions hope you take them into consideration.

    Fire & Rescue Helipcopter
    Service: Fire
    Purpose: To deal with major fires and incidents.
    Cost: 300,000
    Personnel: Max 4
    Expansion: Possibly a Helipad expansion for a fire station or have its own station
    No patients or prisoners would be needed