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    How many hospitals do you have and what level are they and how many ambulance stations (and fire ambulance extensions) do you have

    I think maybe than make this a new sounding call it could maybe be renamed into medium wildfire, large wildfire, medium field fire and large fires fire etc

    The routing of vehicles relies on the mapping software and uses the road network to plot the call on the map. It requires roads and locations to populate jobs. It works the same way satellite navigation software works.

    Helicopters ignore the routing but still require a call to be generated, thus requiring an actual address.

    ah ok, so is that why on my New York account I get lots of calls in the Hudson on the shipping lanes because the game sees them as a road

    Police cars would be used for crowd and traffic control. I agree that a mobile air should be added, although since we dont have an ambus a fly car should also be a requirement.

    i was thinking in a rural setting, maybe it could be a POI and there is a rural and city version of the call and two different POIs, the rural one wouldn't have police as there would be no need for crowd control, city one would

    Would it be possible to code the game so that The vehicles don't recognise the blue colour of the water and that means they won't drive on it but a boat can

    Hello, I am an Admin in the alliance 999 First Responders alliance.

    About the Alliance:

    We are primarily a UK based alliance however from today we are opening up internationally. The way we operate is people who want to joined are asked to pick an area that has not been claimed and where they would like to go (there is a list of claimed areas on the front page of the alliance), This tends to be done by counties in the UK and city's and countys outside of the UK. We plan on having a storm for members every 2 weeks due to it alternating areas in the world, staging areas for these are set up at least 9 hours before the storm. We are a friendly community whos main interest is Emergency and we are the 11 most earning alliance in the world. We have a few rules but these are to give our members the most fun during there time in the alliance, The rules are listed below:


    There are several rules so please check out our rules page before applying


    Claimed Areas in the UK

    Norfolk and Suffolk
    London (LFB,LAS,MET)
    Wiltshire and Dorset
    Greater Manchester
    North Wales
    County Durham and Darlington
    Mid Wales
    Herefordshire and Worcestershire
    Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Eastern Delivery Area
    Central Scotland
    West Sussex
    East Sussex

    Areas Claimed in North America:
    New York City
    Baltimore County/City
    Los Angeles
    San Diego

    Other Areas Claimed in the World:

    Map of current stations (as of 28/12/2016)

    Link to the Alliance

    Thanks for reading this post about our alliance, if you are interested in joining feel free to apply and one of our members will message you with more information

    When setting up a course you need to set the start time to atleast 1 hour, that will allow other members to join the course

    Personally I think all that in a game like this is not necessary, If you wanted a larger forestry fire fighting truck just get a type 1, give it a new picture and rename it. If you want a small brush truck it's the same procedure. I think there are much more important vehicles to add for all three current services than a new kind of vehicle that in this game will do what two vehicles already do

    Would it be possible to make some changes to the HEMS units in game, I think these changes would make the game better as i have wanted to do at least one of these at all of my HEMS bases (I have 4 and plan on getting another 3 soon)

    The changes i would like to see are:

    • Increase the number of crew on a helicopter from 1 to 3
    • Be able to purchase multiple helicopters from one base (500K for the Expansion) (300K for the Helicopter)
    • Be able to have RRV's (Flycars) at HEMS bases (Its more of a UK thing) (Expansion 10K/50K/100K) (Car 4K)

    I like it as long as it doesnt take over the game, if i get one station and then it requires a tec unit for fire calls im going to have to invest over 5 Mil in this just to cover my area

    With the alliance I am in we have a mass of people based in the Philly/Camden area and I have lost count with how many hospitals are over there. We have most of them maxed out with thirty beds. A few of them get filled up constantly but the thing is successful for us with hospitals is we have a solid network of them. Instead of just sending all of your patients to just your hospital try spreading em out. Take the opportunity to send a few out to some farther hospitals that don't get patients very often. It's a lot like actual prehospital set ups. As a mass-casualty transport officer I had to determine which hospitals would get which patients. A big thing was I couldn't over load one hospital with all the patients due to the fact that they still had to operate with their own patients. Another thing is if you have 50+ fire and EMS stations I'm sure you can afford to purchase another hospital or two.

    I have quite a few hospitals and I do try to spread them out but unfortunately my friend who shares the hospital sends them just to the nearest and doesn't spread them out, it's also the only hospital in about a 50+ miles

    I would say for the UK the closest thing is the BTP Incident response units that are in London (police fire engines) but I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to police so correct me if I'm wrong. For the us I would say like NYPD ESU or LAPD swat rescue.

    BTP truck