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    I like the idea but I am thinking it would be better as an option that the player can turn on and off in settings as some might not want a fully realistic game and some might

    Hi, I am interested to know what other people's setups are like in this game (how many stations etc).

    I have

    • 24 Fire station (with at least 2 type 1 engines at each)
    • 3 ambulance station (4 ambulances at each)
    • 1 Hospital
    • 1 Fire school

    I like my setup and think I have good coverage of my area but I would like to know what yours is like.

    Welcome to the forum. A lot of these are redundant, a simple browse through the forum will see that there are topics with the same calls suggested. That isn't a bad thing though. Redundancy is how the devs know we want things added. I think everyone of us has had the phase when we start playing to suggest all of these calls. Building collapse is actually in the game already, you may need additional stations to receive it.

    Is it in the game? i have not had the call and i have 16 stations

    I was thinking of some new missions for fire and i came up with these ideas. I was also thinking of new vehicles that could be added, i am from the UK so these might not be correct with US units.

    Mission Ideas

    • Light Aircraft Crash: 4 Type 1 engines, 1 Command unit, 1 Heavy rescue, 1 Battalion Chief (Randomly generated between 1 and 4 casualties)
    • People trapped in Lift (Elevator): 1 Type 1 engine or 1 Type 2 engine
    • Structural Collapse: 4 Type 1 engines, 1 Command unit, 2 Heavy rescue, 1 Platform truck, 1 Battalion chief (Randomly generated between 0 and 6 casualties)
    • (Alliance mission) Large Aircraft Crash: 12 Type 1 Engines, 1 Command unit, 3 Battalion Chief, 3 Heavy Rescue (Randomly generated between 20 and 30 casualties)
    • (Alliance mission) Refinery Fire: 20-25 Type 1 engines, 3 Platform trucks, 3 Battalion chief, 3 Heavy rescue, 2-3 Hazmat, 1-2 Command units, 2 Hose layer/Water Tanker, 2 Mobile air (Randomly generated between 0 and 7 casualties)

    Vehicle Ideas


    • Ambulance Commander vehicle
    • Ambulance RRV
    • Ambulance HART Team
    • Motorcycle RRV
    • HEMS Ground Response Vehicle (Vehicle is based at Helimed station)


    • USAR Search Dog unit
    • Air Tanker
    • Identification and monitoring vehicle
    • Swift Water Rescue Unit
    • Hose Layer unit ( as current hose layer has become a water tanker and in the uk most brigades have both )


    • Armed Response Unit (Swat Team)
    • Bomb Disposal
    • Public Order Van
    • Dog Unit
    • Police Motorcycle

    These are my ideas, if you like them please let me know and i would love to see your idea no matter where in the world you are from.