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    With the addition of rope rescue teams. Could it be a good idea to give old missions like the "stuck climber" mission a new variant requiring a rope rescue team to be deployed?

    Yeah this will most likely happen, although HART are already a requirement

    SAR part 2 will be focusing on land based search and rescue. Mountain rescue will not be included due to not having enough experience to implement realistically amongst the team. In the future we hope to change this.

    We also hope to have the bugs with the coastguard helicopter fixed so it’s working as intended and if so add a second helicopter

    I think it does. I would like to try and get this seen to in the future where not all patients need critical care on scene. At the moment it’s not possible.

    Alctw10 For your info

    To break down your post.

    1: I have asked about this previously and the devs are going to look into it.

    2: This is possibly an option in a later fire update.

    3: This is the plan, we just wanted to add boat trailers in to give a basic level in the search and rescue update. In the future there will be a more comprehensive fire water rescue update with multiple types of vehicle

    After having quite a long informal and in person meeting with the devs at the weekend, they don’t wish to have a military game.

    Their stance on adding military to MissionChief is fine if it is providing capabilities to the civilian services in game, but not for combat operations.

    I recommend emailing this suggestion to the development company, however i know that they aren’t overly interested in that genre.

    The above is already on the list. It just wasn’t included in the SAR update due to the size of the update already. Fire will receive its own technical rescue update in the future

    This was requested by myself on day 1 of the UK game. The devs didn’t want it as they felt the forums weren’t necessary and wanted to get rid of them, which we of course fought against. We kept the forums, but we won’t be getting a link

    Probably not in SAR part 2. The reason fire water rescue has been included is to get the basic requirement established, however the water rescue is going to be more geared towards Lowland and CG.

    We will have a technical rescue update for fire later down the line which will include a lot of different water rescue vehicles for fire. It is on my list to allow several other vehicles tow the boat trailer including L4P and Swap Body vehicles

    HEMS needs a rethink really, they are used quite a bit in some places now where response time for a land resource is longer.

    I still want to see it being changed so that they can handle clinic to hospital transports as this would allow those playing with rural clinics to simulate these transfers.

    We may have more luck allowing them to do clinic to hospital transfers than changing how they respond to refuel calls. I know in Scotland this would be useful for the islands etc

    All the bugs below have been submitted over the devs. Was supposed to be submitted yesterday but I’ve been busy

    The FAQ mentioned that the fire boat trailer is available at fire stations with the water rescue expansion. This should be changed to it’s correct name of technical rescue expansion.

    When the lifeboat returns to the station to drop off a patient for an ambulance (haven’t tried with the helicopter yet) it generates a new patient hand over mission. Players are reporting that this mission doesn’t show up on the map

    Players would like the time to completing missions missions halved as they are taking quite a long time.

    The mission evacuation for cruis liner major has too few casualties for the max. It should have been a lot more than 16

    The coastguard helicopter is only transporting 1 casualty at a time

    Only one coastguard helicopter is purchasable in game rather than a small and a large

    Flare call requires critical care but doesn’t let you send critical care

    The maximum crew of the hovercraft transporter needs to be changed to 3

    Players would like the graphics for the trailer units to work the same way as prime movers

    On the map filter. Lifeboat station hides or shows both lifeboat and coastguard stations. There should be two options for each type of station

    Players would like to see the smallest spawn area size reduced down to a 1km radius, and also have the ability to generate multiple spawn areas for each building

    Players would like to see ALB’s count as ILB’s on all missions

    Home response locations don’t show up in lifeboat collage

    Rescue boat assist coast guard mud rescue mission should require 2 mud rescue units and 1 decontamination trailer, currently it’s the other way around.

    When sending lifeboats and helicopters away from a mission with patients, players have to re assign these units to the mission to complete the mission even if there are no longer patients there. Can this be changes so either these units get automatically reassigned to the mission, or they are no longer needed at the mission.

    Lifeboat flood rescue trailer should need the lifeboat 4x4 to tow it, currently it doesn’t need a tow vehicle