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    Updates are in the process of being worked on. I’m just waiting for the content advisors to finish their respective sections before submitting it up to the devs.

    To be fair, it’s very rare that HEMS would ever be the only thing on scene. It might beat the land ambulance there, but the lane crew would get there eventually.

    I’d love to say this will be changed but this has been an ongoing battle since launch of the UK game. We may have to look at this from a different angle as a team

    This is quite an old problem with the UK game. Those messages were copied over from the US game whereas the UK game has taken the approach of try to add in all the specialist units as you go to give you the widest variety of missions. We could definitely look at increasing it though

    The game definitely needs a way to determine call types. Personally I don’t think this method is flexible enough to count for the wide variety of different types of environment you will find (town, large town, very large town, city, very large city, mega city such as London), but it’s not a bad idea. My main concern would be if added this way it won’t be a free extension even if we ask for it.

    All the ARR’s do need to be looked at as you are quite right that some of them just don’t work as well as they should

    I’ve heard enough about the stand down bug. The aim of the fix was to get the units that were required to complete a mission to stay on the mission whilst the player uses the auto standown to send away unneeded ambulances. The way above you have commented about what you put on the thread originally makes it sound like we went out of our way to make a change that only you requested which was not the case in the slightest, we never said it would be implemented in the exact way you specifically asked for it, and you aren’t the only person across all three games to bring it up.

    In an ideal world only ambulances would be stood down, but after (and I am not over exaggerating) spending hours trying to get this sorted over the last two years at least, this is a win and we are going to leave it at that for a while and focus on more important content. This is exactly what we mean by players never seem to be happy with anything we do.

    EMS Standown should be fixed now and I am going through the QOL pack with the devs to see what will work and what won’t. SAR will be the next update

    I will be pushing for the whole of the SAR Framework so all should end up being added (mine and cave rescue excluded at this time due to them being few and far between). I will argue this with them if they put up resistance

    Hi tacrfan

    Does that mean that they are not looking at coastguard anymore.

    Coastguard is part of the UK SAR framework alongside Mountain Rescue, Lowland Rescue and Cave Rescue.

    To give an update, things are looking slightly more positive. I hope to properly work something out with the devs next week. But for this weekend it’s time to chill out