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    Hi tacrfan

    Does that mean that they are not looking at coastguard anymore.

    Coastguard is part of the UK SAR framework alongside Mountain Rescue, Lowland Rescue and Cave Rescue.

    To give an update, things are looking slightly more positive. I hope to properly work something out with the devs next week. But for this weekend it’s time to chill out

    I have agreed with the devs to focus on Search and Rescue next and put airports on the back burner. I will fight for this to be as true to UK SAR as I possibly can

    I don't understand MR/SAR/Highways not being allowed as as far as I am aware the American coastguard is techically a military service whereas SAR and MR are litreally emergency services

    If they go down the route of the main services because of being dispatched by a control room, then SAR and MR won’t be added. They technically aren’t emergency services. They support the emergency services but aren’t one themselves. They will be called out by the duty POLSA calling them, not by a control room. Which is why I told the devs, are you sure you want to go down that route, because if so, police and ambulance are pretty much done and fire is not far off.

    I have a question for players on the forum (not that it matters clearly).

    Would you like to see a more in depth airport expansion with ops, security, airside safety where things such as protestors, airport ramp safety checks, runway check missions etc can all spawn giving a lot more depth and variety, or would you like airports with just crash trucks and that’s it?

    Hello all, as you all know I try and be as upfront and honest with you regarding the game as I can be. Unfortunately things are in my view deteriorating in the communication and willingness to listen to the content we put forwards. My first thing to be honest with you all about is I am starting to get to the end of my tether with this and I am seriously considering stopping. The hours put in are not being reflected in the content being produced.

    I was recently told that content should only be of the emergency services dispatched through a control room. This has ruled out SAR, MR, Highways etc if they go ahead with this which I have tried to tell them. They feel that these as I called them tier 2 services aren’t emergency so don’t fit the game.

    This was all in response to them being airports forward to be added to the game. It’s no secret that we on the UK team feel airports had no real depth when added to the US game and didn’t want a repeat in the UK version. So we had planned to add airside safety, ops, and security alongside airport fire to almost make airports stand-alone to a degree.

    When I tried to explain that players want additional services such as tow trucks and the like that support the emergency services, and that I could do a poll to see if players like the airport, I was told that the forums only represent a minority of players which I think is so disrespectful to everyone who suggests things on here, clearly Facebook players are more valued than you are.

    Combine all of this with the lack of movement on both the ambulance standown bug, and the QOL pack which I am repeatedly pushing. I am starting to get the feeling that myself, and my teams voluntary services are not viewed favourably in the eyes of the devs anymore.

    I feel personally that I have let the community down on this,


    Please feel free to suggest some.

    I have shared the idea with the devs, however, as always I want to be open and honest with the community good and bad, I personally don’t think this is a good idea and it doesn’t have my support. That doesn’t mean I haven’t shared the idea with them.

    The carriers in game should transport 1 person in theory, however this could cause complications on missions requiring public order officers.

    Also, although it’s called PSU carrier, it’s actually a protected carrier and these are used quite regularly, especially for nighttime economy roles etc

    I’ll ask but it’s hardly a priority issue. I’m still trying to find out why there seems to be no progress on the QOL pack and the auto standown feature to which I’m being told very little

    The reason a cage van hasn’t been added yet is because it’s not a priority vehicle. As with ambulance, we are at a stage with police now where we have a lot of vehicles that would be nice to have but not necessary, so we would definitely look at a pack for these at a later date

    The reason for the missions is simply because the police advisor is currently busy IRL and I don’t have enough experience at least with general police calls to make them, but yes I’d like to see more

    An optional training would be the best, however I don’t see the point in this as we can’t add a requirement for X amount of taser officers as it wouldn’t work for those who don’t have a taser and they might be the units IRL that would deal.

    Also, would we have a credit bonus for sending taser officers? The Met have over 6,000 officers trained with taser, where as critical care you may have 50 in a county max although I see your point with a system in a similar way to that of critical care.

    Having worked IRL with 4 different police forces, the vast majority of officers I’ve encountered have had taser, those who haven’t have tended to be specials or newer officers.

    I’m not ruling it out entirely, but these are the reasons I am against it, I welcome people to suggest ways to overcome the points below, and come up with a system that works and is fair to all players, not just them in their alliance/setup.

    A: I’m playing devils advocate

    B: To add trainings that start micromanaging trainings which are pretty much core is dangerous, where does it stop and what stops the devs from seeing this as a way to sell more coins by making people train staff in minor things thus filling up courses and schools.

    C: How is it fair to players who have thousands of staff that would need training, as I say this is way more widespread than a training such as command support.

    D: On the counter, how do we make it fair to players who have trained a lot of their staff to make it worthwhile.

    E: What benefits will this actually have in game other than allowing players to have taser cars, something which I don’t believe is something that is done anymore (I may be wrong here) unlike back when taser was first introduced as seen in traffic cops.

    F: and to add to the above point, could the player not just assign a current police car or ARV to do the same using custom dispatch categories. As I say, you can’t have taser replace dogs as a dog is way more than just a way of subduing someone who is kicking off.