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    GP Is not the closest thing to BAISICS. The HEMS requirement was changed to a critical care requirement that allows the play to send either the helicopter or a car. If you train the occupant of a car in CC, it will meet the requirement and accompany and ambulance with a critical patient to hospital

    I completely glossed over it costing that much. Was supposed to be the same as fires when added. Shows I haven’t bought one for my setup yet haha. I’ll see what I can do

    On the topic of not getting players overwhelmed with critical care. How come the firearm ATtacks (both) and the Building collapse have 100% CC rate so every single paitent needs it even if transport isnt even necessary. I know this probably isnt your fault but it seems a bit extreme for every paitent to need it.

    It’s because the system in game doesn’t allow for individual patients having a CC requirement. It’s all or nothing. It’s something that I’d like to get changed but it’s the way it is. Statistically speaking gun shot wounds and injuries sustained in a structural collapse are much more likely to require CC and a CC response would usually be assigned as standard.

    As has been said, ambulance is currently the only service that has a full bronze, silver and gold command structure.

    OTL Bronze

    Officer Silver

    Command Unit Gold

    Ultimately Gold would only go to the scene of the largest of major incidents and most Gold work is done inside the major incident room back at control.

    Ambulance command units don’t auto transport Currently but if players wanted to see this I could ask. It would mean that I would probably have to bump up the price of the unit though.

    Several ambulance services no longer have a major command vehicle which is why it’s more of an additional unit rather than giving it a higher purpose.

    If we made every job into a panic button call, you can imagine how many will spawn in game. Often it’s the case where there are too many panic button calls already. Unfortunately we have no way of stopping this apart from limiting the calls it can spawn from.

    As for critical care, it’s similar to the point where we don’t want players to be overwhelmed with calls requiring a higher level of care as HEMS is an expensive thing in game and is limited (yes we now have BASICS but I am going off HEMS for this)

    No a huge amount.

    So these were developed primarily for the US game so that you could have wildland specific stations. Because it’s an optional feature they decided to roll it out to multiple versions.

    It allows the player to designate a station with a specific speciality meaning that only missions with requirements for that speciality (think public order missions) will only spawn around that specific station.

    As to why it’s new buildings only, I don’t have an answer for that

    yeah all fine and dandy but how about new fire and ambo missions before a rollout like this..and since you just did it how about change it from 1 day to 7 days let some of us play so we can actually afford to purchase with coins gonna take me playing 24/7 for days straight just to get 4-5 mil racked for the new missions and tasks!!!

    New missions added every Monday

    I’d like to remind players of the UK version that just because the US game has had a lifeguard update, doesn’t mean this is in the works for the UK version or that it’s the next planned expansion. As I have said before, we want our content to be right and not regurgitated from other versions.

    I would like to see the Sheriff's office remain as is with the ability to build a Sheriff's Office that doubles as a jail with more cells that is not done by the alliance and is run by the sheriff. Across the US the Sheriff in a lot of jurisdictions runs or manages the jail so this would be perfect. A patrol supervisor for regular police stations would be great as well, but right now since you can name patrol cars, I just give them a title instead of a number. I have a significant amount of sheriff deputies so I don't want to lose them.

    This is supposed to be for just suggesting ideas but i thought id respond to yours on the issue of Sheriffs. Unfortunately it has been repeatedly asked for sheriffs to count as police and then add in a police supervisor as the current sheriff was added by the devs as a supervisor type unit rather than a sheriff. This idea has been and will most likely keep being brought to their attention but it wouldn't be part of these updates as its an issue that needs sorting out in its own regard

    Our experiences may differ, I appreciate that I only see injury RTCs, but I can't think of any that I've been to - across a range of counties, urban to very remote - where traffic haven't attended (even if they're late!).

    It definitely varies from place to place, Often around here its local units dealing with things even on the busiest of roads. When writing the new missions i do include traffic car quite often, however i always make it so it is only required if the player has them.

    They are on the fast road version of the caravan mission As well as

    Bridge strike

    Vehicle driving towards traffic

    Car jacking

    Large fuel leak from vehicle fast road

    And quite a few others. I would call that forgotten. I agree there should be a traffic car variant of coach rollover and major RTC but that’s two missions.

    A lot of the time, traffic aren’t available to attend traffic based jobs and are committed elsewhere, not the fault of the devs or us, but the fault of a lack of traffic units in general.

    The trainings may end up getting changed however as VICFire said we may not include the lowest level of officer as its already assumed you have them on a machine already. As a general rule of thumb it would be SM+ so that would be L2,3 and 4. L1 is you CM/WM. Command vehicles dont have to be crewed by CM/WM officers IRL but by someone trained in Command support which the current course name maybe changed to.

    Because of the above, we will only focus on officers cars rather than officers on machines, if i bigger system is implemented as planned then the combo of an engine + officer wouldn't be much help anyway as there would be so many different types to combo.

    We also want to add in additional command roles such as Hazardous materials advisor etc.

    Thank you for all the suggestions. Please keep them coming. Suggestions will be filtered into 4 main categories, UK, US, AU, MC (Whole) and then will be split down more. Id like to not focus as much on changing names and things like that as this is more about quality of life updates that effect overall gameplay rather than specific units.