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    Who We Are:

    We are an alliance of friends. We would like to expand this alliance to become the best of the best. We will always help each other out and complete every call. We accept new and experienced players because everyone helps in this alliance. Everyone should enjoy their time here!

    What System We Are:

    Mission Chief

    What We Strive For:

    Overall, the alliance works to better us all as a whole, but we also strive for the individuality of the players to enjoy their time and have something to relax and spend time with others when they wish. We are also currently recruiting experienced members to become a part of the alliance administration team and assist with the day-to-day operations.


    1. Advertising is allowed only to RECRUIT others to this alliance!

    2. Respect others.

    3. Roleplaying is allowed in-game and in our community, but don't annoy others.

    4. Do not ask for promotions. Management will promote members as we see fit.

    5. Do not take the game too seriously. Have Fun!

    6. Listen to Staff: if they say stop, just stop.

    7. Violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may result in warn/mute/kick/ban appropriately.

    Guidelines / Procedures:

    1. Request Alliance Buildings on the Alliance Building Request forum page.\

    2. Nobody should ever ask for your password. Never give it out to anyone, admins and co-admins included.

    3. We prefer if you share medium or large calls. These help new and even old players earn credits faster.

    4. Claiming of areas or locations is not allowed. Anyone is allowed to build wherever they would like.

    5. Stations do not necessarily have to exist in the real world, and apparatus can have made-up names. (keep it within reason)

    6. Alliance fund contribution will be set depending on in-game rank as follows:

    - Firefighter: 0-2%

    - Senior Firefighter: 2-3%

    - Fire Apparatus Operator: 4-6%

    - Lieutenant: 7-9%

    - Captain+: 10%


    Command Personnel:


    Alliance Administration:

    Cleverless - Founder / Operations Chief

    SemperDeadly - Administration Chief

    Alliance Co-Administration:

    Omaha - Treasurer

    TBD - Overseer of Structural Operations

    TBD - Chief of Emergency Services


    TBD - Recruitment / Retention Officer

    TBD - Medical Transportation Officer

    TBD - Training Officer


    Discord Invite:

    Click Here


    You will likely never see a, "Rescue Pumper" as it would be 3 vehicles in one. Yes it might be amazing to have it realistic however, the game developers will not allow this as it eliminates the need for the single purpose units.

    I am wondering do you just have one dispatch center for stations spread over a hundred miles or do you break it down by say counties or real fire districts? I am covering about 300 by 200 miles or 29 counties and I put a dispatch center in each county. But I am starting to wonder if I should just put them under 1 centrally located dispatch center.


    I have just moved onto my 2nd county in PA and I would like to inform you that whatever apparatus is designated to your dispatch center, determines what calls you get. That means if you have a Swift Water Rescue unit for example at a station under Dispatch Center 1, then the stations under Dispatch Center 2 shouldn't receive any calls regarding Swift Water Rescue.

    That is how the game is supposed to register the dispatch center's, and of course, the game doesn't always work but they're trying.

    Dispatch Centers are mainly used to keep tabs on the statistics and calls regarding your area of coverage.

    Don't hesitate to reply with any questions, comments, or concerns.


    Am I thinking of creating a swoft water task force within my department what apparatus do we have for this


    At this time, there are only 2 units pertaining to Swift Water Rescue. These units are the Boat Trailer (Requiring a utility vehicle to haul it) and the Heavy Rescue with Boat. There are no other, "Swift Water Rescue" type units in the game other than that.



    I absolutely love this idea!! I think the naming however would be difficult, simply because not each department would run constables and some of us have no idea what exactly a constable is.

    The general idea is awesome, but I think maybe we just make a simplified thing such as
    • Firefighter / Police Officer / EMT / Paramedic
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Assistant Chief
    • Deputy Chief
    • Chief
    or something along the lines of that ^

    Would just make a simplified overall system and would be cool to assign Lt’s to each truck that’s in charge of the apparatus and then the rest just normal employees.

    Anybody else have any good input? Overall I’d love to see this implemented but might be a very long time until we see this.


    So yes some calls can be ran with units not responding without lights or siren. The calls which do this are only the planned events which varies across the game but can range from smoke alarm checks to football events. These events send the unit but don't show any lights and travel at just like a unit going back to a station.


    Thankyou for letting us know about that. What we are mainly trying to push for it an option to respond to ANY call Code 3 or Code 1. It’ll be Code 3 by default for those that don’t wanna play it out realistically and it doesn’t effect their gameplay.


    Thanks for responding quickly, look, I don't know if it's me but that option doesn't appear.
    I have the game in Spanish


    Yeah I honestly don’t know why it’s like that.

    Im not at my computer for a while but I will try to remember and get back to you once I’m home.

    Anymore questions, comments or concerns feel free to let me know!



    Welcome to mission chief firstly!

    In regards to your conflict, for now you can buy a platform (or Quint if that’s what it is and you are a Captain or above), you can place it in one of your current stations, then once you expand, you can just move that apparatus to its appropriate location.

    In regards to your alliance request, you can check out the alliance I am in where we play realistically and will always help you out with whatever you need, especially if you’re nearby one of us and we will send units to you. You can check us out with the link in my signature!

    Anymore questions, comments or concerns feel free to let me know!


    How can I upload my texture pack to the game? I don't know the procedure to publicly upload my mod.For Example:
    Dodge Charger Chilean Police (Carabineros de Chile)


    You have to go to the graphics pack selection, the choose vehicles and create your own. Then you find the slot that you wanna play your graphic in such as your police car or type 1 engine, etc.

    Once you have done that, it’ll ask you to upload an image of it without lights and then an APNG or whatever you have for it with your lights activated.

    Very basic explanation but if you need further help lemme know.



    For your suggestion regarding the Code 1 or Code 3 responses, it has been brought up already. The fact you continued to bring it up allows the devs to really see that the community wants it implemented in game. Our idea was mainly all calls are Code 3 and if you want it a Code 1 call, you’d just select the drop down box and select Code 1. That way those players who don’t wanna RP it out and just go Code 3 all the time, have the default setting of Code 3.

    Secondly, your suggestion regarding the different tones and sirens is absolutely awesome! I haven’t thought about that and I think it’s awesome to hear about someone bringing that up. Definately a plus 1 from me on that and I really hope we can get that in so I can use my county’s dispatch tones for any call that comes through. GREAT suggestion!

    Lastly, I believe they are already trying to fix it, or it was already fixed. We just have to await the update with it and see how things turn out for us. There’s a LOT of things they’re working on constantly but I know the alliance buildings is a main one for them ontop of the Brush stuff they’re trying to do.

    Wrapping up your post, I think all 3 are great suggestions and I upvoted your post! Thanks for the awesome suggestions man!


    Greetings all,

    Read this post and I see this is post somehow made itself onto the US version? Im just confused, especially the part where we don't have 2x credits like the original post stated.

    Anybody able to un-confuse me?


    You actually can use the utility for tree in roadway calls, and it does actually act as a heavy rescue- also if you do any water rescue expansions on a station- and buy a boat- it can pull the boat


    My apology as I was unaware those mission allowed them. My perspective though is to just get calls like that more often. I don't enjoy seeing utility units in my stations and just not being called, as well as the water rescue expansion calls need to generate more for us to use them too.

    As it currently stands, Utility's are near useless besides hauling trailers for a once in a while water rescue mission.



    On the more serious note of my complaints, I would like to bring up the subject of Utility Unit’s.

    I feel like there should be more calls involving utility units because mine never run calls and are just a piece of apparatus occupying the space in my station.

    Can I make a suggestion for some calls? Minor Accident (Would just use a utility unit to broom debris and throw some speedy dry down), traffic control (Use the smaller apparatus to assist local PD in controlling traffic or something so they aren’t tied up all day, Tree on Roadway (You dont need to send a big fire engine to simply use a chainsaw so I think we should swap that out for a utility unit call).

    I just wanna see people’s utility units more active. I know they’re used for trailers and all but still some General single apparatus calls for them would be cool to watch them respond with it.



    I am having a HUGE problem with the game itself. I seem to have gotten everything setup and going good now but I’ve ran into an issue. The dang game is too addicting and I just cannot stop playing it.

    If anybody is experiencing the same issue, please let me know.


    You can go to each dispatch centre and click 'Edit', you'll then be given a tick box which says "Create your own coverage area." If you select this for each one, it will stop you producing those large calls in areas that can't handle them. In the meantime, the calls will disappear within 48 hours of spawning.


    In reference to the disappearing of calls, if I’m correct it’s actually 24, not 48.


    apologies if this is redundant, but it would be nice to be able to establish station response boundaries. That way the first units brought up for dispatch would be the closest within that stations boundary, then cascade to closest by distance for available units.


    Is it not already set to the closest unit to the scene..?


    We just found it weird.

    The members in that alliance are members who we either kicked for inactivity or other reasons.
    There then join make an alliance and copy are rules and command structure, even down to the titles people hold.


    What others in this forum have posted, its just showing that yall have a good, solid setup that is proven to work and they want to be an alliance like yours. You're the founders of your own miracles and should'nt be upset if others take your work here because you know that you made it all and put all the hard work in and you are seeing it elsewhere now. You made a good move, don't let it feel like it should run your alliance down dude.



    Although it may be a pain seeing another alliance copying your rules and all, I don't think there is a necessity to conduct any punishment towards the alliance.

    Yes you might have spent hours on rules or maybe even seconds for some. However it is just a bunch of words that cause no actual harm to you or your alliance besides hurt your feelings. I think you should just let it go, maybe at the most message the owners if you REALLY are super butthurt about it and ask if they could please not copy your rules and change them completely.

    I just honestly think getting hurt over a bunch of words that aren't being disrespectful to anyone, is just something we shouldn't care much about here. If it was stealing graphics packs or something more important, then yes 100% go for it, but its just a bunch of words put together.


    There should be a way to turn on or off dispatch centers. One may choose to play one area and not the other in the same account.

    Also when one is expanding into another area and a new dispatch center is created for that area, they may not have all the required units built for the new area yet , like HazMat, MCV, BCs, rescues, water tenders, etc They player can chose to turn off the new area and continue to gain credits with the original area until the new area can be put into service with the required units.


    I support this suggestion, and I think for those who like doing different locations that are not nearby their previous ones is a great asset. I think what should happen is you are only allowed 1 Dispatch Center to be set to "Out Of Service" in which ANY station that is attached to that dispatch center is placed on an "Out Of Service" status.

    With that being said, there must be a requirement of 1 dispatch center online to do so. I also think we should have it set so you can only do this at a certain rank, or a certain amount of stations attached to the dispatch center.

    Great suggestion and I support it all the way!