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    I'd love to see some more water rescue missions. Feels like we've had the units in the game forever but even with the large amount of stations I have a mission requiring them has only come up once or twice in my memory.

    Yes, I love this idea. I build a realistic setup and am running into that issue as I try to expand my EMS coverage. Would be lovely to post AMR where they are actually stationed in the real world.

    Hello all. As it is currently in the game, when you request the response of a firetruck a Quint will respond if it is closer because it has the capabilities. But sometimes that ties up a platform truck on a mission that does not require one. My idea is simple, add a section in the vehicle options menu that allows the user to select if the Quint will be read by the Alarm and Response Regulations as a Platform Truck or as a Firetruck. I use both Platform Trucks and Quints so it would be nice for the player to be able to manage them in such a way.

    Emergency Services Management is a alliance founded by friends recently who want to have a good time playing Mission Chief. Some of us are building services to reflect the way they are built in real life, and some of us are not. Here you have the true freedom to play the game you wish it to be played, just checkout our rules! We would love to expand this alliance and meet new people who enjoy playing the game just as much as we do. As of now we have people playing in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nebraska, and more.

    So what do we offer for our alliance members?

    -Large Scale Events that you can create yourself
    -Free training for any personnel you need
    -Freedom of placement
    -A say in how our alliance is built
    -Experienced users willing to lend a helping hand
    -A relaxed environment to play
    -Alliance discord server for members to hangout and chat

    We look forward to expanding our list of areas covered and meeting new people. Feel free to put in an application and one of our lovely admins will have you accepted in a flash. Whether you're new to Mission Chief or an experienced dispatching veteran, everyone is welcome within this alliance.

    This is a small thing my friend and I thought about while chatting in Discord. Traditionally in the United States when a road accident happens, you would see the response of a Heavy Rescue and not a fire engine. It would be nice if this call was updated to realistically resemble that.

    Why not just let them finish the training? Why are they the wrong people?

    Because I sent personnel from the wrong station accidentally. It would be much easier to cancel the training for these specific people instead of waiting for it to finish and then using 8 of my transfers for the week to get these people in the station they need to be.

    I feel as though a useful addition would be having the ability to cancel the training for people you've sent accidentally so that you can then send the right people. To my understanding right now the only fix is to cancel the entire course and resend all of the trainees but this can become a bit chaotic in an alliance situation where you have multiple players sending people to one course.

    The addition of a Police version of Mobile Command would be very helpful as in my area they are used just as much if not more than those owned by Fire Departments. Would be nice if they served the same function as well, so if a mission requires it you can send either or.