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    Do you guys have plans for an fire update

    I Believe there are plans for another fire update in the future, but it will come after the big Police Update; which will come after the next EMS update. - none of which have any kind of timeframe set as far as I can make out from other posts.

    Speaking of whilst it's not technically not a police vehicle will we see bobbies on the beat added eventually?

    I personally don't see a need for this, since any incidents they would deal with would require a vehicle to attend anyway to take prisoners away.

    So basically like how you have select X ammount of RRV's for the ARR, it will dispatch X ammount of trained personnel?

    Essentially yes.

    Although I would guess if it was a double crewed ambulance it wald have to send/be counted as 2.

    I know this, however as I said in my original post, I don't like having them all in the same custom category - since that is the category which is shown dispatch centre/alarm window - plus i also use custom categories do define different types of types of each vehicle (HEMS RRV vs Ambulance service Trust RRV etc.)

    Leading on from this, could it be possible to make say an event police van/operational support unit, that counts as like 2 (or more) police cars for use at planned events such as concerts? since right now having to use up 7 police units at a single concert (for an hour) feels excessive when IRL (from what I've experienced) it's usually just teams officers on foot operating from a van or two, with possibly a car for wider patrols.

    IK it'll have to wait until they start thinking about police updates, but it'd be something nice to have on the ideas list :).


    I'd like to suggest adding a filter for a crew's (or assigned crew's) specific training. the main use of this would be for critical care staff, where you can just have a critical care ARR button and it sends the nearest unit with a CC trained crew member onboard/assigned to it.

    I know you can assign your own custom vehicle categories for a similar effect but I'd prefer an ambulance, RRV, GP etc. to not all be grouped into the one catogory.

    This could come in useful in the future as well if more types of training are added - since not all CC staff may be trained with all other types of training (if you get what I mean).

    I'd be interested to see your opinions in this idea,


    Ahh, Great Thank You! I Like the time-critical call idea look forward to it coming out in the next year or 2 then

    I'm not sure if they act as Critical Care, I just thought if a Critical Care trained staff member were in it surely, they'd be able to use their skills?


    I just wondered whether there is a difference between using a Rapid Response Vehicle or using a Community First Responder from a home response location, considering an RRV is 4,000 (/20 coins) while a CFR is 2,500 (/12 coins)??? Especially since a CFR can be crewed with critical care staff

    IK this is an old post, however, as I'm sure some of you are aware, this bug still exists. not sure if it happens all the time bui i definatly noticed it today.

    I wrote this post in a bit of a daze this morning in response to a chat myself and some people in my alliance talking about small stations being >300,000 credits for some people, I completely forgot that the station only has one slot to start with (thinking is automatically came with 6) thus the wording of my original post.😑

    hi all,

    I'd like to suggest the introduction of extra-small fire stations. These would be ably to hold 1-2 fire appliances.

    I suggest this because accross the UK the majority of on-call fire stations only have 1 maybe 2 appliances and it seems a waste of space - for those players playing hyper-realistic (like myself) who only use the IRL units per station - To use a current small fire station for these stations since there's always 4-5 bays left going to waste per station.

    Hi there,

    A member of our alliance suggested the idea of Trio-stations (a station where all 3 services can be based/dispatched from). I know it is rather niche however there's already the ambulance expansion to fire stations, and a number of local authorities have begun moving towards these hubs for all 3- (or in some cases 4-) services being based out of a unified station.

    The inclusion of this in came would help increase the realism and reduce the need for placing the 3 separate stations in the same place.

    hi, I've had a number of new players complain of missions that require units that they do not have (and dont have enough stations to require) are spawning.
    For example, one of our members has 3 police stations but is getting missions requiring dog units - even though you are not required to buy a dog unit until after 6 police stations.

    Hello, In my set up I have seperate dispatch centres for police, fire and ambulance (as occurs in real life), just wondering if there are missions which will now not spawn bc there's no other services allocated to the dispatch centre (if that makes sense).

    Also wondered whether merely having a dispatch centre (with no stations assigned to it) brings the benefits of additional missions compared to assigning stations to a DC.


    You can send any vehicle including an ambulance to receive credits for the mission. So in your case, sending an ambulance to any mission would get the transport or the missions value. But, if there are initial transports and you make the ambulance go to a hospital before the mission ends you won’t get the missions payout.
    Hope it all makes sense, I am happy to help.

    Are you certain this is the case for all servers? I've seen a number of differences in the way the game works depending on which one you're using
    (We're on the UK server )

    Hi Everyone,

    Myself and other admins in my alliance noticed people in our alliance send ambulances to missions where they are not required or all patients have already been transported, but they don't send any other resources. We thought that people only receive the credits by sending police or fire to the missions and the ambulances only get the credits if they treat patients and/or transport. We just wanted to know if this is correct? So we can inform our members and not waste resources unnecessarily.