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    Name/Type of Mission: Motor Vehicle Contest

    Units Required:
    13 Police Vehicles
    3 K-9
    2 Police Helicopters
    Police Helicopter Request Probability: 80
    4 Firetrucks
    2 Heavy Rescue
    Heavy Rescue Request Probability: 90
    2 Battalion Chief

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: Min: 0 Max: 7 Transport Probability: 40%

    Prisoners: Min: 5 Max: 9

    Credit Reward: 16,500

    Hey, i need help! Im trying to upload a custom vehicle image that is animated but MC keeps refusing it. The one with Emergency lights is a GIF and the one without emergency lights is a PNG. I tried resizing, optimizing, Renaming, can somebody please tell me why it is refusing???

    NamePolice Van
    Purpose-Provide more police officers with one police vehicle
    How many personnel required-0-6
    Building expansionN/a
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots2

    Hey, this isn't a complaint but its kinda like me just talking about stuff in MC.
    While I've been playing this game for like a month now and I'm in love with this game. This is one of the best games I've ever played. Normally when I get a Mobile game I play it for one day and get bored, but I cant get enough of this one. Alright, back to the topic. What I noticed when I started playing this game. One my first ever MC account, I started with police, it took forever to get money. Then I tried Medical, what I didnt realize was you needed a hospital, so that didnt go so well. One my Main account I bought FD. I made so much more money. Now I made a test account and I bought FD as well. I bought two FD's Upgraded them, got a Platform Truck, and a Heavy Rescue on top of the Engines. But I was hardly making money. So to new players, this is what I recommend you doing.
    With your 170.000 Credits I recommend you:
    - Get in a big alliance
    - Buy 3 FD's
    - Upgrade 1 FD and Get One Platform Truck
    - Save some money, expand your FD's
    -Then when you have lots of FD's get a Hospital, then an Ambulance station
    - Look at all the possible missions, and expand your services accordingly
    - Buy a FD academy before its too late! Before you have the required amount of FD's for a vehicle that needs educations get a school.
    - Play MissionChief
    Thats what I think the most important parts of playing MC is.

    I just got another Idea.
    I know with dispatch centers you can make your own coverage area but what if you extended that?
    You are able to move a box that shows what your coverage area is, and being able to make it bigger and smaller
    You want a county-wide setup
    But there is a town that has no stations,
    Now that is now included in the coverage area.
    (If you're playing realistically)

    Hey, this isn't really an improvement that needs to be made but rather a suggestion for new calls. You have any ideas? Post them!

    (the first couple aren't really call ideas)

    1. A chance that a team member may be hurt.
    - I can see where people wouldn't like this but this is just a way I would like to play
    - Like basically on a Mission A team member could be hurt and can't preform duties, or becomes slower
    - Then an Ambulance or Supervisor needs to come and help the injured member
    - Then the team member would be out for a couple hours or so

    2. Patrol Routes
    - I've set up patrol routes for all of my police vehicles and ambulances but I haven't found a solid functional use
    - I was thinking that PD when patrolling can spot traffic violations and earn money from ticketing
    - EX. A Police Vehicle is patrolling and spots a traffic violation, preforms traffic stop and is held back for 3 minutes and at the end you earn 200 credits
    - Also when ambulances are patrolling they can spot road accidents and respond and could need to call for backup
    - (also i think Battalion Chiefs should be able to patrol too)

    3. An improvement to vehicle pursuits
    - What if the vehicle pursuits drove around a station or a dispatch coverage area
    - What if a patrolling officer tried to stop a car and they started to run?
    - What if other units had to catch up to help stop the pursuit?
    - What if there was a chance you could lose them?

    4. Members
    - EX. A PD call appears you send one PD with one member to address the issue what if they could resolve the call but MUCH MUCH Slower?
    - What if they could get injured

    As I'm writing this I didn't have much ideas for new missions so anybody reading this should reply and leave suggestions!
    Agree? Disagree? Lets Talk Too!

    Hey, I have been playing this game for almost a month, and I have a few questions. This post adds on to my last post.
    My understanding of dispatch centers is that when you assign buildings to them, the calls they get should be "lower level." Correct me if I'm wrong.
    So, if you read my last post you would know I am in an Alliance, and because I'm in an alliance making multiple set ups can help you a lot. I have 3 setups. One in Canada, one in NYC, and one in Chicago. Just today, I removed my dispatch center from Canada, and moved it to Chicago so that I dont have to deal with high level calls, because Im removing that setup. I just checked as Im writing this and my Assigned Buildings are correct and there is only 3 buildings. So I should get lowered calls in Chicago. Right? But then this huge factory fire appears. It says I needs I need at least 6 FD's, and 2 Ambulance stations to complete it. But then I only have 3 FD's in Chicago. I checked to make sure and I do have all the FD's and Ambulance Stations but not anywhere near Chicago. I would delete this right now but people in Chicago have some education and I don't want to lose them.
    Can anybody tell me why I am getting such big calls in my smallest setup that is tied to a dispatch center?

    Hey, I'm a MC player that plays with an alliance. Basically this means I have multiple setups, on in New York, one in Chicago, and one in Canada. Having multiple setups in this alliance enables you to make a lot of money. Basically, I have a setup in Chicago, where my dispatch center is. I hook up all my FDs and PD to the dispatch center. But i'm getting calls in Canada that requires a police station.
    But my dispatch center is in Chicago. Also the PD in Chicago is the only PD I have.
    So what I want to know is if there is a way to "individualize" stations. Basically, a setting in every station where you can make it not recognized by mission generation so that you'll only get calls that require a police presence in that area and also make the calls low level.
    Old New Another example of New
    Area Canada Canada Chicago
    Types of Stations FD/ Ambulance FD/ Ambulance PD / FD
    Call generated PD / FD / Ambulance FD / Ambulance PD / FD