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    I think it would be a good idea to add some more Large Scale Alliance Mission options, and for that matter events as well.
    For example you could add:
    - Gunman With Mass Casualties
    - Terrorist Attack
    And many more!!

    Also, for things current such as the Mass Pileup, you could add the unit requirement of Police as in reality, police would attend for traffic control and investigating the cause.

    I understand that. I am simply saying, in the U.S. I've never heard of such thing. Here, if the helo isn't able to fly then they are just transported by an ambulance. Emergency Services across the globe operate completely different. It's a learning opportunity for all of us to learn how each operate.

    Yea. The reason they have the chopper crews respond in a car if they cannot respond in the chopper, is the Doctors and Medics on the chopper have higher levels of qualifications so can give stronger medications.

    Ah, I gotcha now. I don't know of such unit in the U.S like that. The FD establishes the LZ, therefore there isn't a need for someone to check the site, because the FD has secured it.

    They dont secure the LZ.
    These cars are simply the helicopter crew being put to use when the helicopter cannot fly. Exactly like a fly-car.

    Ok, i didnt find anything that could tell me, what is "THW"? Maybe a stupid q for some of you, but here in Norway we are not familiar with THW :P

    THW I think is a German term (sorry if I am wrong). But, playing previous games of Sebastian. They normally store your Cranes, Excavators, etc.

    I too have no understanding of what THW is, although as EFD has said, on 911 emergency it contains cranes etc.
    In New Zealand we just use contractors that are on 24/7 call for work when we need units like this.

    I think it would be awesome to be able to add a Temporary Cover Location for each vehicle.
    For example, if i had a large call, such as a structural collapse, I would like to be able to say move at least one appliance from another station to the affected area to cover it, in case there are any more calls received. When setting a unit for cover, you should also have an option to have it automatically return to its original station when either

    • The vehicle it is covering becomes Status 1 (Clear and Available)
    • Or the vehicle it is covering becomes Status 2 (Available In Quarters)

    Any ideas/opinions?

    Hi Guys,
    I have noticed that fly cars are not finishing any calls at all, nor treating patients. They are just saying "Ambulance Required For This Call' Straight Away, and i have tried it on at least 20 medical calls. It seems that at this time that the script allows them to respond to calls, but doesn't understand what the vehicle is supposed to do upon arrival.

    The reason that I said about a reserve building is my county has a workshop that is not near the HQ and this is where they keep the reserve appliances, I think maybe the better option would be to have an option to disable calls around this building so if you have an appliance store in the middle of nowhere you can disable calls around it. The problem I see with not disabling calls around your building if it's in the middle of nowhere is if you get calls such as the industrial fire it could take a long time to get appliances to it, to get an appliance to an incident where my workshop/vehicle store would be from my nearest real life station takes 15 minutes and that is only a type 1 engine (I have tested this during a storm)

    Then you could have an option on appliances to share the appliance with your alliance members and then whatever call they dispatch them too you would also get credits as it's you vehicle.

    Are you sure that these reserve appliances have crews though?? Im not sure how familiar you are with how the Fire Services are setup around the world, if your a fan of the emergency services or an actual firefighter yourself (as I am).
    We have Reserve (We call them relief) appliances in the main city of our region, (Taranaki). These relief appliances are NOT crewed at any time, and are only used to replace other appliances when they are out of action/having maintenance performed on them.

    When an appliance, say for example 481, is due for a service, A mechanic or other Fire Service staff member will drive the relief appliance down to 481's station. They will drop the relief appliance off at that station, and then return to the workshop with 481. At this point the relief appliance becomes Acting 481 because it is no longer in a relief role. The true 481 is returned to its home station when it is serviced and fit for duty, and the relief appliance is returned to the workshop until it is needed again.

    In my opinion if a reserve appliance actually is crewed, then it is no longer a reserve appliance, rather a normal appliance.

    Does anyone agree with me? If you have any questions let me know, as i fear my explanation is not 100% clear to someone who doesn't already know the system.