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    Alctw10 Hey I'm not sure if you know this but in the game if a mission doesn't specify a % for critical care and the patient is a cat 1 it is default 100. So with the cardiac arrest it should always have a critical care chance in the game as it always has a c1 call grade (unless a c2 call grade was added).

    My complaint with the Building Collapse and Firearms Attack is the chance is 100% so all 15ish patients ALL need critical care which can be difficult and annoying

    Cardiac arrest call always has a c1 call and in the code it is coded that c1 calls always require critical care unless the mission specifies otherwise so that is false but some calls I do agree need a review of % critical care like firearms attack and building collapse.

    weird.....because I would say that 3 out of 5 of the wildfire missions I have received have required the command unit. Most of the time two of them. I would like to see it so that if you have a regular command unit and train it to the Wildland Command level that it would count as a wildland command as well AS LONG AS YOU HAD THE COMMAND EXTENSION FOR THAT STATION

    Not sure why you felt the needs to shout at the end however with your point it would be possible. Simarly to how the HazMat Staff works the game doesn't care how you get them there along as its there OR they can specify certain units like SWAT staff having to be in SWAT Vehicles. So possibly required X Wildland Command Staff? It is certainly possible to remove the elw3 (how wildland MCC is in mission code) requirement form missions. However it wouldn't be possible for the game to detect a command extension at that station with staff as far as I know.

    So... I have a Dam Threatens to Break mission that's impossible to do since it's asking for non-US units. The attached pictures show what it's asking for and what the listed requirements are. It did not ask for this until after I sent all the initial required units.

    Classic devs porting a German mission and not checking it. And someone tell me why it needs a wild land MCC but no wild land units. Should just be a MCV.

    Any update on this cause its been happening for months and is crazy to me that they haven't fixed this. As HART being sent as RRVs was fixed within days why has it taken months for absolutely no progress in the ARRs? This alone has stopped me playing MCUK for months due to silly things like this. This should be somewhat of a priority to have corrected as it impacts gameplay severely. Cause whats happening in my gameplay is Public Order units are getting stuck on missions that they don't need to attend causing not enough PSUs for calls, then the PSU units need IRVs to come and transport causing wasted units and waiting times because often I may not notice for hours as I am finishing other missions.

    Edit: sorry if it seems ranty but I stand by what I said

    By sounds of it AU update has been rushed

    Honestly, the VMR was rushed. Additional content for SES however wasn't. I feel like they should of separated the vmr update to really get in deep with VMR.

    I can look into this and hopefully give you an answer by Tomorrow but to my knowledge Hotshot Crews will only work in regular ground Firefighting Units. Engines, Ladders, Rescues, Commands, Wildland Units, Crew Carriers Etc.

    I think it might work on any vehicle as the code doesn't specify what vehicle is needed whereas smoke jumpers requires the smoke jumper plane could be wrong though.

    Thank you EMS-Chief for all you have done for this game. I appricate you sticking out till the end with the SES and I will say it is lovely! We will forever be greatful for your contrabutions!

    I probably have more tabs than I need, but I broke down everything so I can toggle back and forth. I was trying to put all the "new stuff" in a tab I created called "smokejumpers/hot shots/crew carriers. But the crew carriers still show up under wildland

    You probablys still have it selected as wildland unit simpy click the x next to the crew carrier in wildland and add in crew carrier into your custom tab

    Thanks for that info/direction. I did that and now they all show up but only in the wildland tab, despite the fact, I broke it down to a tab for planes, and one for hotshot/smoke jumpers, crew carriers and tankers... is that because it is the Beta?

    The tabs are made in the code if you have tabs you want me to change don't hesitate to ask. Tanker Trailer and Tanker Semi Trailer are Wildland although I can move them to Water Tanker if you wish . Lead Planes and Smoke Jumpers are in Fire Avaition

    edit: changes made