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    Unless you completed it instantly it takes 24 hours for the upgrade to complete. Also, when I upgraded one of my police stations I had the same thing happened. I had to log out, close browser and log back in to fix it. I am sure someone will say that I am wrong, but I can only relay to you how I fixed the problem I experienced.

    I had this issue and the steps I had to do to fix it are the same

    I checked on all (three) of my Coastguard buildings it isnt there. Not there on lifeguard one too so not sure what happened, maybe danny read it wrong?

    Hi playing the game this morning noticed coastguard rope rescue extension has gone is there a problem or has it been taken off.

    Never was one the game requires rope trained staff prior to the mission spawning hence why it wasnt needed,

    For this issue, I manually dispatch the assets on either side of the river/water to stop this from happening. So when I note the trucks will cross bodies of water I cancel them and despatch the closest assets on the right side. It appears the game sees ferry lanes/shipping lanes as roads. I also find trucks can cross mountain ranges with no roads simply by using perceived walking tracks.

    Its open street maps doing that. Ferry ones do make sense but isnt practical imo. Considering how it routes the game I wouldn't feel safe using it irl.

    And patrol boats follow roads

    Thats a seprate bug.

    You've also probably never seen a dispatch centre have to authorise every transport and tell them where to go. However, that's what we do when processing a transport request (remember, you're technically playing the role of a 911 dispatcher). The transport system isn't "realistic" clearly, so a vehicle/person to automate this part of the game and automatically transport prisoners is just a feature for better efficiency and improved gameplay for us!

    The only thing a officer will do is likely tell dispatch where they are going w/o the authorisation. So I completely agree with you. On a somewhat related note the "sheriff unit" needs to be changed to police supervisor or somthing.

    Maybe you worded it wrong, but Kent has no Major Trauma Centres. The nearest ones are the 4 in London, or one in Brighton. Some hospitals may be able to deal with trauma but MTCs have their own classification.

    Sorry what I meant is that those 3 hospitals are the region's major hospitals/largest and busiest hospital.

    Okay so in kent we have 3 Major Trauma Centers: William Harvey Hospital (ashford), Queen Elizebeth Queen Mother Hospital (Thanet) and Medway Martime Hospital (Medway) - I send most specialist paitents to one of these 3 hospitals - have all extensions (which can cause delays on ambulances but I love that). Then the A&E Hospitals all have General Internal & General Surgery - a few have extra ones.
    All non-A&E NHS Hospitals are Clinics with the exception of Kent & Canterbury Hospital Which IRL isnt a A&E but does take in Ambulances its a kinda odd one and sort of inbetween. But does have treatment capabilities - I have this as a hospital with the same specializations as A&E in order to provide better coverage as it is sort of inbetween and all other local NHS hospitals are minor injuries (clinics)

    Bed Counts:
    Major Trauma - 40 (since they increased the max)
    A&E (inc Canterbury) - 30
    Minor Injury Units - 10 (clinics)

    and possibility a code to allow ARFF to be used as either a tanker or foam unit

    Personally i think it should just be allowed to replace a foam unit as it carrys enough foam and in most cases more foam then the foam tankers.

    But the ARRF replacing a fire truck could work like how the Rescue Can replace Engine or Ladder Can Replace Engine why not ARFF can replace engine at specfic calls

    Where does it say that?

    I have never been told that and I've never implemented it.

    Simple testing determined this if I have a cardiac arrest has no % critical care attached it always need a critical care crew. Same on the unwell person in lift no critical care attached but when it is a c1 it does need critical care but when c2 it doesn't. This only happens in missions where there is no written % critical care code. If a mission always has a c1 code but has a 50%chance the 50% chance overrides it

    If you want me to test more missions I'll be happy but the code is there I believe it works similar to how previously the careline activation when had a c4 code has a 30%transport chance regardless of mission but this works the other way around as far as I know.