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    This is a great idea. I agree that it should be an optional setting and have the ability to assign them like graphics for each building. I will keep an eye on this idea.

    Is there a way to get in contact with the devs to push this idea to them?

    I work in a hospital for a living and I was thinking that being able to purchase medical inpatient areas. that come with 5-10 more beds. Another idea would be to add that every additional expansion you do to the hospital it provides additional beds for patients. The reason im bringing this up is because my city of 100,000 people, we only have 1 big hospital. The Alliance I am apart of all like to play realistic as possible.

    I'm sure that im not the only person to bring this up and im sure I wont be the last!

    I really wish we could get the devs to reconise this, I have spent around 1 mill on hospitals.... And they're all full

    No mate not as yet. Probably worth checking out the forum before posting your ideas so you dont get jumped on too hard. About 10 topics under this one is another about hospitals. Its a slow forum, so topics stay on the first page for a bit.Granted hard to scroll on a phone if thats what you are using.

    Thanks for the reply, and what I've found is the forums are just confusing

    Hello, I am reconmending we upgrad hospitals to be able to hold more than 30 people max, I think closer to 100 would be a lot better, is there a way to do this? Am I to dumb do know? Please let me know!:)

    Where at in Nevada, I play from there and am a resident!

    Hello all, I have recently had a small problem. I am a very slow player at the game, but I have built 6 forestry expansions and have now realised I am not ready for that, I have set them to "not ready for action" but I was wondering if there was a way to delete them completly, I don't want a refund, just want them gone!

    I think all of us was/are here :D

    What you usually do when you lost interest in playing MC? ?(


    I often take around a week break, go play some Minecraft, GTA V, Roblox stuff like then, after that week I come back and am right back in the mood to get back to work!

    Hello all I think it would be nice if the game devs could script a thing alike the Graphic packs and Vehicle Graphics, but for sounds, so instead of the base game sounds we could set our own custom sounds so we had legit station tones.