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    Or be able to draw the lines and add stations to the district. Like a city often specific stations don't cover a certain area, they send the closest to the call. So you don't have to outline the whole district for 20 fire stations which would be very annoying. Even outlining a district for 3 stations would be annoying.

    The problem with requiring a helicopter is they aren't used in certain places. Namely cities where they have no place to land and transport via ground is quicker. A major reason we need to be able to transfer patients from ambulance to helicopter if needed.

    It has been discussed. I did figure out a way to allow water rescue but not with boats on the water, having specific points of interest that water rescues would occur accessible from the road for water rescue trucks and boats kept in fire stations. So far they haven't acted on that suggestion but they have many things on their list to work on.

    They are all gone from around here. Rochester had foam units in some stations but in the restructure they vanished. Now only the airport has foam plus the suburbs around have foam in 20-30gal cells on their Pumpers and/or Quints. To make foam in the game they would really need to allow us to put specifications on the truck like pump size, water carried, and foam. Then we wouldn't have foam units in places that don't waste money on a designated truck. As it is we have to have designated mobile air units that are not common in many places and tankers are required depending on the call and not water source availability.

    A suburb of Rochester NY operates 3 on Pumpers (only 3 career staffed), and 2 on their Quint. Therefore you get 8 from one station and 3 from the other career station, plus if the volunteer stations go you have a possibility of a lot of people coming. And the response I gave were general response regulations encompassing several city departments that have the assets. I gave city response regulations because the game currently can't be done accurately in a rural setting due to not being able to add hydrants.
    No bashing volunteers on my post. We are trained to the same standards as careers and do the same stuff. We risk our lives for others and their property for free. That deserves respect not some city boy calling us names. Professional is an attitude not a pay check.

    Ambulances only stabilize, package and transport in NY. Giving oxygen to people with smoke inhalation or that have inhaled CO2 are the only "treatment" and those still are supposed to be taken to a hospital. People can refuse as that's their right.

    Why weren't the Tankers hauling water the 3 miles? That's what Tankers are built for is too carry water from a fill site and dump it at a scene. Pumping water over 3 miles is just a bad idea with the friction loss, much better to go with short lays and haul water like we do. Most Pumpers and Pumper Tankers in my county carry 1000' of 4" but you normally don't see that being used all at once at a fire. Usually a couple hundred feet is taken off to run from the supply Pumpers to the attack. At a barn fire you will see 1-2 Aerials flowing water, Pumpers/Pumper Tankers pumping water to them (there is 2 of the Pumpers), 1 at each of 2 fill-sites (Mini Pumpers if there are ones close enough), That leave 6-8 to provide manpower and hand lines plus supply water from the port-a-ponds to the scene. Departments here are not allowed to just let things burn, we have to at least try to extinguish it.

    Here, only houses are called structure fires when dispatched. Barn Fires, Garage Fires, Commercial Fires are all separate because the 2nd Alarm is different depending on structure type. My examples were the 2nd and 3rd largest cities in NY which the 3rd has a staffing a 4 per Engine and 5 per Truck, the 2nd largest I believe is 4 and 3. Out here in the rural counties all structure fires are 2nd Alarms at all times of day because all departments are 100% Volunteer and you are lucky to get 6 people on a weekday. Therefore a 2nd Alarm structure fire gets 4-6 departments sen with around 12 apparatus. The alarms vary greatly just in this region of NY.

    I saw one on Facebook once. A mid-mount 65' with a tandem axle and carrying 1000gal of water. Not common but it's been done. Mini Pumpers are initial attack in places, one department locally only has a Mini Pumper for fire attack. Mini Pumpers are also smaller in size than a Pumper, a Pick-up chassis instead of a Pierce Saber or KME Predator chassis. The local Mini Pumper is a F-550/KME 1500/300 just delivered in November or December can't remember which. I seriously doubt any department would buy a full sized Pumper with only a 250gpm pump, they might as well call it a Brush Truck. Anything smaller than 1000/500 and the manufacturer would classify it as a Mini Pumper.

    New York State Department of Health forbids treating an releasing at any level. Unless the patient doesn't want to be transported and signs off everyone must be transported to the hospital.

    Tankers in the US aren't used in cities, and this game is based on the US. Tankers haul water to the scene so they actually shouldn't be required until we have the ability to put water sources on the map. And the game should decide how many Tankers based on the water sources and distance from sources available.

    Ok, your minimum specs are a little bizarre. 300gal is the most common tank size for Quintsbut many are 100-300gal. A minimum 300gal Pumper tank and 250gpm pump? Maybe for 1915 but not for today, Pumpers have 1000gpm minimum and 500gal water, and no minimum for foam.
    Here is what would make more sense.
    Pumper: 1000-2500gpm pump. 500-1800gal water tank, any size foam cell/tank.
    Mini Pumper/Brush Truck: 25-1500gpm pump, 100-450gal water tank, any size foam cell/tank.
    Quint: 1000-2500gpm pump, 100-1000gal water tank, any size foam cell/tank, 65-137' ladder.
    Aerial Ladder: 65-137' ladder.
    Tanker: 0-750gpm pump, 1000-8000gal tank, any size foam cell/tank.
    Upgrades to any apparatus: Extrication tools, light tower, cascade system, hazmat equipment, command center, water rescue equipment.
    Plus the Pumper Tanker should be added that functions as either a Pumper or a Tanker at a scene. 1000-2500gpm and 1000-5000gal plus the any size foam tank.

    Here they use trailers that hold the equipment to deal with triage, etc. Or have it in a Light Rescue or SUV. Some fire departments have a bus they use for transport of firefighters to parades or functions a ways away that could be used to shelter the people with minor injuries. Critical injuries are all handled by ambulances.

    Gas Leak is considered Natural Gas here in the US, that's what I always thought it meant in the game. Recycling Center Fire would need more aerials, those places have a lot of cardboard and machinery, the one that burned in Boston they showed a picture of about 16 aerials fighting that thing. Barn Fire, yeah um Tankers are used where water sources are not at the scene, 2 Tankers can't supply 10-12 Pumpers, it's just not possible. If you are going to have Tankers in there it would be more like 6 Pumpers and 10 Tankers.

    The problem here is I believe you are all thinking fires in houses never get beyond a certain point. However this is not true, even cities have structure fires having an entire house involved, in some cases multiple houses. Room fires are the beginning of a structure fire but a full blown structure fire is when the fire spreads beyond one room. Roof fires, still can't even comprehend that even being real, maybe change roof fire to attic fire so the name makes a little more sense and is believable. And add a good old fashioned structure fire that every dept on Earth goes to every year and several respond to several times per year.

    A structure fire is a house though. It's not a business or a industry. Just a house. Typical assignment for a city is 3-4 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Heavy Rescue, and 1 Battalion Chief for the 1st Alarm. Adding 3 Engines, 1 Ladder, and 1 Battalion Chief for the 2nd. Plus city departments that have the Air Truck instead of a cascade system on-board another truck have that go on the 1st or 2nd Alarm. More units go for each alarm.

    Okay, I was looking through the list of missions and came across that the most common type of fire isn't listed. Why isn't there a structure fire? This makes no sense, never once have I heard of or gone to a roof fire ever but that is a mission. I have been to multiple structure fires and there are thousands every day. Why was this call overlooked?

    Fly cars could only complete like fallen person where transport isn't always required. In real life fallen people usually are older people that just need help getting up. After all treatment at scene is not permitted by the Department of Health.