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    I just came up with a solution. Have a POI that is a boat launch, and boats not kept at docks could just be dispatched to the closest boat launch near the water rescue and then the boat would go through the water from there, or have the water rescues appear just at the boat launches. A water rescue unit or water rescue equipped truck could respond to the nearest water access point.

    You do realize that the only difference between a Ladder and Tiller is the steering? I have seen Ladders up to 137' tall, I have never found a Tiller anything more than 100 foot. Just buy the Platform and imagine it's a Tiller or a Ladder like everyone else does.

    They are quite common not only on fire departments but also if you go into Virginia and North Carolina you will find them on the Rescue Squads down there. Locally there are a few, namely Squads on combination departments around Rochester NY, like Brighton, Pittsford, Ridge Road, and Barnard. Not all are Paramedic level, in fact most fire depts around here don't provide the Paramedic level except for Barnard which does the non-transport with one Ford F-350/ALF ALS Squad and 3 ALS Fly Cars. However you are incorrect in saying all firefighters in the US have to be EMTs, it's not true.

    I like this, as for my area, even the area I am doing in the game chief's vehicles aren't parked inside. Most in this area aren't even at the fire hall unless they just happen to be there for some reason. I will have to add a bay that doesn't belong to have a chief or the chiefs for the depts that don't have one at the hall. Volunteers that have chief's cars it's a take home vehicle.

    It depends on your proximity to a hospital what is flown and what isn't in the US. Like in the cities they don't land a chopper and fly them because they have hospitals a few minutes away at most. Out in the mountains of PA, VA, MD, etc or in the Rockies that's not the case.

    Click on a truck, click the edit, at the bottom it says Photo without emergency lights and below that is Photo with emergency lights. That is where you can upload photos of the trucks. Plus you can do the same to stations. However it covers the entire map or half of it.

    I have several photos of both. But for some reason every time I try to put a photo in the forum it says it's too large. I could provide photos of at least 5 trucks and have information on about 100+ more. These include 2 Heavy Rescues w/command center, 2 Heavy Rescue/HazMat/Command Trucks, and multiple Heavy Rescue/HazMat Trucks.

    And I have never heard of burning ground cover. Here if a property owner wants a house demolished or has a big pile of trees and such they want gone they often will offer to have the fire dept burn it. With a house the dept conducts smoke drills inside first, then sets it and lets it burn in a controlled state hence controlled burn. In the case of the pile of wood, etc they just light it and burn it making sure it doesn't get out of control. Those are controlled burns here.

    Light units are becoming extremely rare in the US because most trucks here have plenty of scene lights. Many have a 4500W or better light tower which only one can light up a scene brighter than day in most cases. The same is true of Command and HazMat trucks as most are combined together or with other types of apparatus. Most of the rest of the stuff you mentioned is considered overkill here, or provided as needed by the highway dept. Except in the case of the movable bridge, those are military only and would only be found at a US Army Corp of Engineers base.

    Fly cars are used for 2 things. One is first response to provide treatment until an ambulance from another district comes (many depts use a Pumper, Rescue, Ladder, etc in this role). The other is to transport a paramedic to a non-paramedic ambulance to provide higher level care to a patient. The county I am building in uses them in both these roles. The county I live in they are only used for getting paramedics where they are needed.

    In the US the fire depts are the ones handling water rescue. We only have national agencies for major disaster response like Katrina and 9/11. All technical rescue is handled by the fire dept/s

    In rereading the comments it's obvious we are all talking about 2 completely different things, in the US a controlled burn is where a property owner calls upon the fire department to burn a large pile of debris or a building. It is used as a training opportunity. Many of you appear to be talking about wildfires and methods used to contain them known as backburns.