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    That is what I’m thinking as well. With 911-Dispatch there was an account reset option. Of course that game wasn’t nearly as broad I’m terms of options as this game so rank didn’t apply. I have so much invested in the account that I want to keep records of (awards, total points accumulated, rank), but I’m really starting to get bored with my map being full and would just like some different scenery.

    I wonder if deleting houses, equipment, and personnel would achieve what I’m wishing to do. It would be tedious, but if I could go back to zero stations and that in turn resets the building costs I could essentially pick up and move my experience and aforementioned records to another part of the country only losing what I’ve built and not what I’ve earned.

    Might be worth trying this just to prove or disprove my theory to share with others. Worst case scenario is I’d have to start over again. But wow, that would suck!

    I totally feel that about the progress made and would be sad to lose them all!

    Yep! It would be harder for someone (in terms of time) that have built hundreds of stations xD I do know that when I finish Missouri, I plan on doing another state so I'm just not in one state but also in a different region as well. It'll take a long time with the prices but I think I can do it lol

    It totally would!

    I'm not sure that accounts can be reset but I don't think it can be reset unfortunately (unless someone otherwise says so). I do know that they can be deleted so that people can create a new account.

    Well actually it has been changed a few months ago. The number of fire stations was much much lower than what it was a year ago for limits. I don't remember what they all were but I was so happy when the limit for at least the fire was raised to 5000 as that'll allow me to do maybe 2 states or 3 states.

    This would be awesome as to what Faolan said. The bigger or well funded agencies might have individual trucks to pull trailers but from the research I've done, that's usually brush or command units for the small agencies

    Hello, I just tried to login on the browser game because for some reason I got logged out. It's not letting me log back into the game and it's not leaving me any warnings or messages, just directs me back to the main game page. Has anyone else had this issue and how can it be resolved?



    Ah gotcha. I've been trying to update all the departments/districts in Missouri to be as accurate as possible for all the apparatuses on the fire wiki fandom and in my personal notes as well.


    I was wondering if there are Missouri players? If so, what area are you all in? I'm hoping to find others that have as close to accurate information about departments/districts in the state.

    Hello, I was wondering why bridge collapse missions need boats?
    Since most bridges that I've put the PoI for is over roads or where there's no water or no significant body of water that would involve boats. Just a thought.

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    Just reaching out on here to see if I can find any other Missouri players from Missouri. If there is, I would love to chat with you and share information on stations/apparatuses in the state.